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Youngster finds relief from Lennox-Gastaut syndrome with CBD

Ronnie Gough developed a chronic, complex and life-threatening type of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut syndrome at an early age. Ronnie wasn’t born with the condition, but his mother spotted peculiar movements soon after, which led to the diagnosis. Lennox-Gastaut patients experience a range of dangerous seizures, such as atonic seizures. Lennox-Gastaut syndrome is incurable and after it became clear that Ronnie would need treatment throughout life, his family sought out safe and efficacious medicines that would let him enjoy life to the full.

Ronnie’s symptoms were particularly severe, and he would commonly suffer from 40 seizures daily. His atonic seizures (aka drop seizures) also contributed to other injuries, which the Goughs did their best to manage by padding Ronnie’s bedroom.

His family often commented that Ronnie would be in his “own world” – feelings of disconnect are common among epilepsy patients, as their condition can stop them from fully interacting with others. Ronnie experienced weight loss in addition to his physical injuries.

A series of adjustments were made to Ronnie’s lifestyle in effort to cut down on his seizures and therefore reduce his exposure to other injuries. Thee changes were beneficial, but failed to completely clear up the boy’s seizures.

That’s when the Goughs stumbled across CBD oil, through UK-based company Savage Cabbage. The CBD oil Ronnie uses is made with extracts of Charlotte’s Web, a famous CBD-rich strain of cannabis. The treatment has had a stunning effect on Ronnie – he was first treated with CBD oil around one year ago and has been seizure free since.

Ronnie can now function like a normal child without the threat of constant seizures. Increased energy levels have brought out Ronnie’s personality, he has put on weight and can now enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. In effect, CBD hasn’t just benefitted Ronnie, it’s improved the lives of the Goughs in general.

Ronnie’s story is one of several which touts the eye-opening medicinal effects of cannabidiol (CBD) oil. Debbie Wilson was left with trauma-induced epilepsy after being hit by a truck as a pedestrian in Florida in 1989. Debbie was also left with a plethora of seizures that only CBD oil seemed to help.

For more than 20 years, Debbie used pharmaceutical drugs to manage her epilepsy, which created as many problems as it solved, including a high intake of painkillers and intestinal complications. Twenty-one years after the accident, Debbie started using CBD hemp oil to treat her epilepsy and noticed improvements with immediate effect.

She notes that the cannabinoid treatment has had a stabilizing effect, allowing her to go several weeks without suffering a seizure. It’s remarkable that with all the science that has gone into making pharmaceutical drugs, the answer to Debbie’s epilepsy comes from a plant which has grown for thousands of years.

The stories of Ronnie Gough, Debbie Wilson and others should give hope to all epilepsy patients – CBD oil, derived from hemp or cannabis, appears to be managing the condition better than any other treatment.

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