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Why you should invest in a CBD Vape Kit

After hearing about the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), the therapeutic cannabinoid that is very helpful for the endocannabinoid system, a lot of people want to jump straight in and sample it for themselves. Vaporizing is the preferred consumption method of many of these new CBD users, but with all the devices and e-liquids out there, getting started is often cause for confusion.

This is why buying a CBD Vape Kit is a sensible idea. Not only will you get an excellent mighty vaporizer and a compatible CBD-infused e-juice, but also included in most packages are a collection of accessories that you never knew you needed, but serve to enhance your experience.

Benefits of vaporizing CBD

Our main focus in this article is on the starter kits themselves, but let’s quickly cover some benefits of CBD. This non-psychoactive cannabinoid is the complete opposite of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The possible pain relief, improved mental health and reduced inflammation which can come through endocannabinoid system regulation is delivered without intoxication.

Vaporizing is a way to get these therapeutic properties as quickly as possible. Your endocannabinoid system is boosted almost straight away. This is exactly what’s needed when dealing with physical and mental pain.


Your CBD vape pen kit will typically come with either a Vaporizer Chief pen or a slightly larger portable device. These are refillable, which is great in the long run as you get to try different flavors and potencies. As you work out what you want from CBD, you’ll appreciate this flexibility. Some devices, such as the Vape Bright Thrive, are only designed to work with specific cartridges. The upside of this is that the cartridges emit the same amount of CBD with each draw, allowing unrivalled dosing accuracy for vaping.

Nearly all devices nowadays come with a USB charging port and lead. This is to make recharging easy and accessible wherever you are. With USB charging, you can power up via your laptop, games console, portable power bank and more. So if you need a hit at a moment’s notice, you’ll never be left dry.

Vape juice

All of the CBD starter kits sold at come with e-liquids that are made using high-grade industrial hemp, which meets legal specifications. Some e-juices will contain full-spectrum CBD, whereas others consist of CBD-isolate. Many consider the former to be more effective, as it allows the ‘entourage effect’ to take place. However, CBD users who are reliant on very strong doses often like to stick with CBD-isolate, as this ensures that there is absolutely no THC in their body, easing drug test concerns.

A CBD hemp vape complete starter kit will come with a fairly low-strength CBD vape juice. As these kits are tailored for new users, this gives them the opportunity to see how CBD makes them feel, while keeping costs down. Even though there’s no way of overdosing on CBD and the cannabinoid can be tolerated in high amounts (see people who use concentrates), a new user may find a strong dose makes them sleepy. Hence, it’s better to incrementally increase the dose so that every experience you have is pleasurable.

When purchasing a CBD oil vape pen starter kit, you can rest assured that you’re getting pure and safe CBD, which doesn’t contain residual solvents or heavy metals. The top CBD companies take their hemp extracts using the supercritical CO2 extraction process, and going the extra mile certainly pays off with product quality.

Other features and accessories

The Veedverks starter kit contains a delightful cigar box with magnetic closure for storage, as well as some cool stickers. Veedverks also introduce CBD users to the therapeutic qualities of multiple terpene profiles, showcasing the benefits of indica, sativa and hybrid e-juices. Indicas are more conducive to a body buzz, while sativas are more energizing and cerebral. As you would expect, a hybrid fits somewhere in the middle.

The CBD Genesis starter kit comes with spare parts and a vape band to show off your love for vaping CBD.

The Juul is one of the vape industry’s most popular devices, and with the kit you’ll get a selection of Juul pods of various flavors.

Final thoughts

Vape starter kits are a must-buy if you are keen to get up and running with CBD, and just want to make a single purchase!

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