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Why CBD Vape Juice is the Best CBD for You (2020 Review)

Do you need rapid CBD relief? Do you want a safer alternative than smoking? Do you want a tasty and relaxing CBD experience? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then CBD vape juice may be the perfect type of CBD for you. 

Vaping has never been more popular in the United States or around the world. Introduced first as a healthier substitute to tobacco smoking, vaping has since had a seismic impact on the CBD market. Many top brands manufacture e-liquids, including CBD Genesis, Koi CBD, CBDistillery, Hempzilla and CBD For the People. 

We have a massive selection of premium CBD e-liquids at We’ll be exploring our best-sellers in detail in this CBD vape juice review. We’ll also explore the differences between the various forms of CBD e-liquids available, cover some possible benefits, and answer several key questions. 

We hope this guide will become your new CBD vape juice bible! Feel free to use the Table of Contents below to navigate this post, and don’t miss our special CBD vape juice coupon code! 

Is vaping safe? 

Before we start discussing CBD and our vape juice collection, we know there’s probably one big question on your mind: “Is vaping safe?” 

If you have read much about vaping in the media recently, you’re probably pretty concerned. There have been some scary stories of people getting serious illnesses and even dying from vaping. But what’s actually going on?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted a study in late 2019, and have found vitamin E acetate the culprit – all 29 lung fluid samples contained this ingredient. Illegal manufacturers appear to have been adding vitamin E acetate into vape cartridges as a carrier oil and sweetener, which is then getting stuck in the lungs and causing respiratory problems. 

Vitamin E acetate is legal, but was never intended for vaping, and legit vape companies don’t use it. But this incident highlights the dangers of fake and bootlegged e-liquids, and just emphasizes how important it is to buy good quality products. 

This is sometimes difficult in an unregulated market like CBD, but third-party lab tests help screen out the good brands from the fakes. You should only ever buy CBD products from companies that conform with independent testing requirements, which are becoming standard across the industry. 

As for the health effects of vaping, it’s not completely safe, but a lot less risky than smoking. We’ll be going into more detail about that later in the guide! 

CBD explained 

CBD is just about everywhere nowadays – in the news media, in your local health and wellness stores, and probably all over your social media feeds. But what exactly is it? Here’s a quick recap if the CBD hype has passed you by! 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many special compounds from cannabis plants known as cannabinoids, and produces no psychoactive effects. CBD levels are outnumbered by psychoactive THC in many cannabis strains, with industrial hemp the crucial exception. The high CBD to THC ratio makes hemp an ideal source of CBD. 

CBD products are effective in the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which are composed of endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors. CBD has a profound effect on the system, although a subtle one which researchers are still just scratching the surface with. Studies show that CBD works to regulate ECS activity, without directly binding to receptors. This novel approach explains why CBD won’t get you “high”. 

Hemp products were legalized in the US in the early 2010s, creating a gap in the market for CBD supplements such as e-liquids. An updated version of the Farm Bill in 2018 confirmed the legal status of hemp-based CBD products with less than 0.3% THC. 

CBD-isolate vape juice 

These popular e-liquids contain a pure CBD extract, with not a hint of THC in sight. Since they have just CBD, isolate vape juices don’t offer the benefits of secondary cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids. However, a slightly reduced therapeutic value is generally a small price to pay for total drug test security – tests only screen for THC. 

In addition, some CBD users are happier with a THC-free product for personal reasons, or because they are concerned a small amount of THC will reduce the beneficial effects. For example, the science suggests THC worsens anxiety symptoms. 

CBD-isolate e-liquids are a little cheaper than other vape juices as a result, and don’t have the strong hempy flavor of full-spectrum products. However, some brands make CBD vape juices with terpenes, to recreate the authentic taste and brings extra benefits without adding any THC. 

Broad-spectrum CBD vape juice 

These CBD e-liquids are THC-free, but come with a full array of secondary cannabinoids, and usually terpenes and flavonoids, too. CBD is the primary non-psychoactive cannabinoid in hemp, but cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC), cannabinol (CBN), cannabidivarin (CBDV) and more are all touted as having impressive uses. 

Broad-spectrum vape juices are an excellent way of maxing out hemp’s benefits, while keeping a product completely non-psychoactive. Because of the more complex extraction method, broad-spectrum e-liquids are a bit more expensive than CBD-isolate vape juices. 

Full-spectrum CBD vape juice 

Full-spectrum e-liquids leave no expense scared, and give you absolutely everything from the hemp plant. That’s a hefty quantity of CBD, a full set of secondary cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, and a dash of THC. Full-spectrum vape juices are completely legal, and considered the most effective CBD products for most users. 

When all these hemp compounds interact with each other, the unique ‘entourage effect’ can occur. This remarkable synergistic effect makes CBD more potent and helpful than when taken on its own. Full-spectrum advocates argue hemp and cannabis should be left in its natural form, and not meddled with, using the entourage effect to make their case. 

Depending on the terpenes present, full-spectrum e-liquids may be stimulating, relaxing or balanced in their effects. These e-juices carry a higher price tag than other CBD vape juices, and because of the THC presence, cannot guarantee a clean drug test. That said, a fail is still highly improbable, unless you’re dosing heavily and regularly. 

CBD vape juice additives

Additives or boosters are highly-potent CBD e-liquids designed for mixing with regular non-CBD vape juices. Such e-liquids are normally flavorless so to not affect the flavor of your e-liquid mix. Additives work well with both nicotine and standard e-liquids, and are technically compatible with CBD e-liquids, too. Although if you want more strength, it’s easier to just buy a more potent CBD vape juice! 

Does CBD e-liquid make you high?

No, CBD e-liquid does not make you high, whether you’re taking a CBD-isolate, broad-spectrum or full-spectrum product. The cannabis “high” comes from THC, and is actually reduced by CBD. 

You may be wondering if it’s possible to get high from full-spectrum products since these have a little THC. But with such a low THC content (less than 0.3%) and the rich amount of CBD, you simply won’t get intoxicated, even with a huge dose. The authorities knew what they were doing when they set the THC limit at 0.3%! 

How does vaping CBD make you feel?

Everyone has a unique experience with vaping CBD, with effects also dependent on how much you take. But let’s generalize a little. Small doses are commonly reported as energizing, with users noting benefits to concentration levels and alertness. In contrast, higher doses are much more calming and relaxing for the mind and body. These polarizing effects are possible because CBD is a biphasic substance. 

CBD’s effects from vaping are more potent than from most other CBD products. The cannabinoids reach the bloodstream extremely quickly, hence why the effects are so rapid. Sativa-dominant vape juices are stimulating, indica-dominant vape juices are soothing, while hybrids work a treat when you want the best of both. 

Not to mention, the very act of taking 10 minutes out of your day to chill out and vape is calming in itself. In a similar way to how smokers can find smoking relaxing, vaping is great for taking the edge off things, especially when you’re feeling stressed!  

Can you use CBD in a normal vape?

Yes, providing you have a standard e-liquid. Most CBD vape juices contain a CBD extract, and either one or a combination of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). These classic carrier oils are also found in nicotine e-liquids. 

Just confirm that your device is suitable for your intended e-liquid before making a purchase! All vape juices featured at come with a full ingredients list!  

4 reasons to use CBD vape juice 

The CBD industry is nothing if not extensive! But when you can choose from hemp flower, capsules, edibles, concentrates, creams, syrups, drinks and more, why should you opt for vape juices? CBD e-liquids are not for everybody, and different products have different advantages and downsides. But here are four reasons to go for e-liquids. 

Quick relief

Imagine you’re out and about, and become overwhelmed by a bout of sudden, throbbing pain. You’re in absolute agony and your movement becomes impaired. You need relief, and you need it fast. You pull out your vaporizer, take a few draws on your favorite CBD vape juice, and within a couple of minutes, that agonising pain dissolves, leaving you free to continue your day. 

This near-instant relief is a vital benefit of CBD vaping that no other product delivers (except for smoking hemp). Inhalation is the quickest way to get CBD into your body. Tissues in the lungs absorb the CBD directly into your bloodstream, preserving potency by skipping the first-pass metabolism. Vaping ensures CBD’s effects peak in just a few minutes, and produce relief for around three hours. And with the convenience of vaping, you can always top up when needed!

Less harmful than smoking 

We noted that smoking also gives you a speedy CBD experience. And if you are a happy smoker, check out our awesome range of CBD flower products – our range is growing all the time. 

But for the more health conscious, who don’t want smoke in their lungs, vaping stands alone as a way of getting a comparable experience, sans the negative health effects. The major difference between vaping and smoking is that the former doesn’t burn the substance, meaning you won’t breathe a ton of cancer-causing carcinogens into your lungs. Nor will you clog up your lungs with tar. 

Perhaps you’re a sceptic, or aren’t convinced that vaping is safer than smoking. We’re certainly still learning about the health effects of vaping, particularly in the long-term. But the evidence base for this bold claim is building all the time. Take this Public Health England study from 2015 for example, which found vaping reduces smoking harms by as much as 95%! 

As a means of harm reduction, vaping serves its purpose. But if you still don’t want to vape, we suggest CBD tincture oils, for an experience that’s almost as efficient with no health downsides whatsoever! 

Works as an e-liquid and tincture 

Vaping is fairly discreet, especially in comparison to smoking. However, vaping isn’t possible everywhere, such as in certain public spaces. So, what can you do when you need your hit of CBD but can’t take your vape out for a quick puff? It’s simple: use your vape juice as a tincture. 

In all CBD e-liquid products, the CBD is already in its active form, having been converted during the extraction process. This means you can enjoy the benefits of CBD e-liquid without having to heat it again. Therefore, taking a CBD-infused vape juice under the tongue would produce an experience comparable to consuming a standard CBD tincture.

This lowkey consumption method is nice to have up your sleeve at work, when with friends, or even when flying. Sometimes, you just can’t wait for your CBD – and with versatile e-liquids, you don’t have to! 

Massive product variety 

We’ve already discussed CBD-isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD vape juices – and that still only scratches the surface. Vapers are spoilt for choice with e-liquids, and can choose from several famous CBD-rich strains. Some brands have even introduced high-potency e-liquids combining CBD and other cannabinoids.

The hemp plant’s astonishing complexity lends itself to more innovation in the coming years. As the CBD market continues to expand, expect companies to conjure up more unique creations in a bid to get an edge over their rivals.                

Comprehensive CBD vape juice review 

As our website name suggests, CBD vape juices are our speciality! We’re always keeping on top of our CBD vape juice collection, to ensure we bring you the best of the best. When looking for a CBD e-liquid to stock, we seek out brands that have transparent manufacturing practices. 

Submitting products for independent assessment from a third-party lab is an essential requirement. Because CBD products are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the responsibility falls on CBD companies to show that their products are what they say are, and most importantly, that they are safe for consumption. As of early 2020, the only way to get this assurance is through third-party lab tests. 

This section covers six of the best CBD vape juices for sale on our store. More products can be found on the store itself, along with full descriptions for each product. Now, let’s get stuck in. 

CBD Genesis E-Liquids 

CBD vape juiceOur own brand CBD Genesis E-Liquids are wildly popular with our customers, and are among the best-selling CBD products in the entire store! CBD Genesis vape juices contain an organic, full-spectrum hemp extract for maximum therapeutic value, mixed into a vegetable glycerin carrier oil for a sweet finish. All our e-liquids are nicotine-free and do not contain vitamin E acetate. 

We stock CBD Genesis E-Liquid in six strengths: 100mg, 350mg, 550mg, 1000mg, 1500mg and 2000mg. All vape juices come in 30ml bottles with a dropper that holds up to 1ml of e-liquid. The most potent e-liquids are perfect if you aren’t getting enough relief from standard CBD products. Meanwhile, the low-strength options are ideal for first-timers, and if you want the wakefulness and concentration boosts CBD has to offer. 

This product works as a vape juice, vape additive and as a tincture oil. A favorite for many years, if you want a reliable full-spectrum e-liquid to get your feet wet with vaping, our CBD Genesis range is the ideal place to start. For all lab reports, head over to the product page and click on the ‘Lab Tests’ tab.  

Koi CBD Vape Juice 

Now an established player in the CBD scene, Koi CBD makes a range of e-liquids in various potencies and flavors. These vape juices contain CBD-isolate extract and a mixture of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, for sweetness and enhanced vapor production. All products meet our lab-testing requirements, and are free from pesticides and vitamin E acetate.

Just starting out with CBD vaping? The 100mg e-liquids are a great choice. But if you have more experience, the 250mg, 500mg and CBD vape juice 1000mg products may be more to your liking. We stock five flavored vape juices from Koi CBD, as well as a ‘White’ flavorless vape additive. These include Watermelon, Green Apple Sour, Strawberry Milkshake and Vanilla Caramel Custard. Koi CBD e-liquids consist of a natural and artificial flavoring blend. 

Hemplucid Vape/Drip

hemplucid vapeHemplucid has its sights set on becoming an industry leader, always going the extra mile to develop unique and higher quality CBD products. And these lofty ambitions have certainly paid off with the Hemplucid Vape/Drip, an e-liquid and tincture oil that delivers an authentic hemp experience. 

Hemplucid uses a special full-spectrum extract, taken from hemp plants that are bred to contain higher levels of CBDV, CBG, CBC and other secondary cannabinoids. Alongside a full palate of terpenes and flavonoids, and Hemplucid have arguably the best CBD vape juice available today. 

But the benefits don’t end there. Before being added to the e-liquid, the hemp extract is dewaxed, ultra-refined and binded to vegetable glycerin for higher bioavailability. And, of course, the Hemplucid Vape/Drip is fully organic, pesticide and solvent-free, has less than 0.3% THC and no vitamin E acetate.  

The Hemplucid Vape/Drip comes in 30ml bottles and four potencies: 150mg, 300mg, 500mg and a punchy 1500mg. The terpenes and flavonoids promote a natural, earthy hemp taste, and the amped-up cannabinoid profile helps bring out the ‘entourage effect’. Hemplucid leaves no stone unturned in making premium CBD products. If you want an effective and consistent full-spectrum vape juice, this is a brilliant pick. 

Flavored CBD E-Liquid by Genesis

Want more flavor from your CBD experience? Our CBD Genesis Flavored CBD E-Liquids are not to be missed. These chubby 100ml bottles hold 1000mg of CBD-isolate, a blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, and a mixture of natural and artificial flavorings. We don’t use any nicotine or vitamin E acetate in our e-liquids, so there’s no risk of addiction or vaping illness. 

We currently stock these vape juices in two flavors: Strawberry Apple and Blue Raspberry Candy. As we’ve used a CBD-isolate extract, there’s no strong hempy flavor affecting the taste, and not even a dash of THC, so you’ll be just fine on drug tests. For more information, check out the product page for this e-liquid and the accompanying lab reports. 

Free the LeafFree the Leaf CBD E-Liquid

‘Free the Leaf’ is a line of vaping products from the well-respected Green Roads CBD brand. Since entering the industry a few years ago, Green Roads have been laser-focused on making top-shelf CBD products, created to pharmacist standard. This attention to detail and quality priority has paid dividends, and now Green Roads is moving into vaping, too! 

Free the Leaf CBD E-Liquid contains CO2 extracted hemp, and an infusion of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, and essentially, no vitamin E acetate. Green Roads sells these vape juices in 30ml bottles, in strengths of 200mg and 400mg. Choose between Watermelon Mint, Tropical Mango, and Strawberries & Cream. For pure and fruity vape sessions, Free the Leaf E-Liquids have you covered. 

Hempzilla Vape JuiceHempzilla CBD Vape Juice 

Hempzilla products are one of the most recent additions to our store, and we’re big fans of how they go about making CBD. Vaping is just one of many areas Hempzilla is involved with, and their e-liquids contain a proprietary CBD blend and all-natural flavorings. 

Hempzilla doesn’t use any nicotine, THC or vitamin E acetate in its vape juices, and uses hemp grown and sourced from Colorado, under the state’s Department of Agriculture Program. So you know you’re getting quality! Hempzilla vape juices also come with a six-month no separation guarantee. 

We already have a broad selection of Hempzilla vape juices for sale. The five flavors available are Berry Wild, Loop Milk, Strawberry Gelato, Tango Mango and Watermelon Ice – all of these come in strengths of 150mg, 300mg and 600mg. 

Can CBD improve your health?

CBD’s health effects have come under plenty of scrutiny in recent times, as these products have grown in popularity. But with the internet how it is today, and misinformation and fake news rife, it’s not easy to decipher true from false, and fact from fiction. Some will tell you that CBD is a cure for everything, while others will tell you it doesn’t do anything. But what does the research really say about CBD?

First off, it’s important to remember that CBD products have not acquired FDA regulation, and are not marketed as medication. The only exception is Epidiolex, a pure CBD spray from GW Pharmaceuticals prescribed for rare epileptic conditions. Our CBD products are simply supplements, and we make no explicit health claims about any CBD vape juices available on this site. 

However, many people are buying CBD and self-medicating with products. Studies show wide-ranging promise for CBD, in terms of physical and mental health. As we delve into this research, remember that if you need medical assistance, you should always contact a doctor. This article is written for educational and entertainment purposes only. 

How CBD vaping may enhance physical well-being 

Vaping strikes as the most effective way of using CBD to combat pain, because of the quickly-felt effects. But research is inconclusive on whether CBD actually works for pain. That hasn’t stopped millions of people from around the USA buying CBD for pain relief, as indicated by data from the polling giant Gallup

Considering that many report getting brilliant results with CBD for pain, it’s definitely worth trying vaping products. But due to the lack of evidence, it’s not yet clear whether CBD really reduces pain, or if there’s just a big placebo effect. That said, we know that CBD interacts in the endocannabinoid system and with vanilloid receptors, both of which influence pain regulation.

We have more evidence that CBD may be helpful for inflammatory conditions, and perhaps even autoimmune diseases. Studies into how the ECS works have revealed a fascinating link between this system and the body’s immune system. Research suggests CB2 receptors are targeted by cannabinoids and endocannabinoids to regulate inflammation by sending immunomodulatory signals. 

Sounds complicated? Let’s break it down. If CBD helps control inflammation, this could help decrease the severity of arthritis, inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBD) and possibly even allergies. Regulating inflammation also bodes well for the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. 

The next steps for researchers are to look at CBD’s effects on these conditions directly, and understand the mechanisms in which CBD works. Vaping is an attractive method of alleviating inflammation flare-ups, thanks to the superfast onset of effects. 

How CBD vaping may boost mental health 

One thing is certain: doctors are desperate for new tools to tackle anxiety, depression and other pressing mental health issues. Current medication may be effective for some, but don’t work for anybody and often cause nasty side effects. Already, ECS research is highlighting that there is another system in the body that influences our psychological well-being. 

CBD’s chemical interactions are subtle, but boosting levels of the endocannabinoid anandamide is key to many of its purported effects. Anandamide has antidepressant qualities, which come through activating CB1 receptors in the brain. CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects may also extend to the brain. New research suggests neurological repair may help reduce depressive symptoms. 

CBD could also take the sword to anxiety, by enhancing GABA activity in the brain. The GABA neurotransmitter is crucial for calm, and CBD helps increase GABA’s presence by acting upon GABA-A receptors. CBD may alleviate anxiety through a serotonin receptor mechanism, too. Researchers have trialled large CBD doses for social anxiety with encouraging results. 

In addition, CBD could be a powerful stress-buster, and even manage psychosis and schizophrenia with fewer side effects. A handful of studies have found promise for CBD as an addiction treatment, and also for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, it’s important to note that good initial trials don’t always translate into firm clinical evidence! 

Can you mix CBD vape juice with nicotine? 

Yes, CBD e-liquids are perfectly compatible with nicotine e-liquids. And some people are actually doing this to great effect! Nicotine is associated with increased alertness and concentration levels. These stimulating effects pair well with low doses of CBD, which has similar properties. 

It’s possible that a CBD-nicotine combo could help you during those long, hard days in the office when the work is piling up. Or perhaps you want a nice vaping tonic to wake you up in the mornings. Or maybe you’re a student who needs something that helps with maintaining focus over long periods.  

CBD vape juice vs nicotine 

Unsure whether CBD or a nicotine e-liquid is best for enhancing your focus, and don’t want to mix the two? Let’s run through the qualities of each. 

Nicotine vaping helps with concentration, and nowadays, you can enjoy the substance much more safely since you don’t have to smoke it! However, nicotine is highly addictive. What may start out as a two-or-three-times-a-day thing could quickly balloon into something much more regular. Vaping health risks are much less significant than smoking, but you may not want to be attached to your vape all day long! 

In contrast, CBD vape juices are non-addictive, yet appear to provide the same focus-boosting properties that nicotine does. And furthermore, CBD isn’t just non-addictive, but studies looking at the cannabinoid’s effects on the opioid system have found it may help to alleviate addictive tendencies by interfering with the body’s reward system.

If you’re already a nicotine vaper, stirring in a little CBD e-liquid could make a big difference. Not only will you enjoy pretty much the same effect, but you may be able to lower your nicotine consumption – a win-win! 

How many puffs of CBD should I take for anxiety?

There is no exact specified CBD dose for anxiety. However, existing research suggests it’s better to go higher than lower when looking to calm your brain. A 2011 study on CBD and social anxiety gave participants a huge 600mg dose via capsules. CBD activates much faster when vaped, and bioavailability is also higher as the first-pass metabolism is bypassed. 

However, you’ll still probably be best served by a high-strength CBD e-liquid, such as the CBD Genesis 2000mg vape juice. If you haven’t tried CBD before, beginning with a low dosage and steadily increasing it works well for a couple of reasons. 

Firstly, this approach means you’ll ever end up taking more than you need! Secondly, you won’t overwhelm yourself with CBD’s relaxing effects, which become magnified with higher dosages. Keep a log of when you take CBD, how much you take and how it makes you feel. This way, it’s easy to adjust the dose until you get it just right. You can record your dosage via milligrams or simply by how many puffs you take – whatever’s easiest for you! 

Can you take too much CBD?

No, you cannot overdose on CBD. To take a line from the World Health Organization, CBD is “generally well-tolerated with a good safety profile.” There is limited research on people taking huge CBD doses, although doses in excess of 1000mg have been found to produce no notable adverse effects. That’s not to say some don’t experience side effects from CBD vape juice, but these cannot be attributed to the dosage itself. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean it makes sense to take more than you need. Even if a CBD vape juice is cheap, regularly taking more than necessary will hit your wallet over time! Following the steps in the previous answer about gradually upping your dosage will help you find a sweet spot with CBD e-liquids. 

Is CBD vape juice addictive?

No, pure CBD vape juice has no addictive properties. However, nicotine and THC can cause addiction at different rates. Be aware of this if you plan on blending your CBD e-liquid with either of these. If you vape CBD over a long period and then decide to stop with immediate effect, you’ll probably miss it for a few days, but you won’t endure any physical cravings.

Can I drink alcohol while taking CBD vape juice?

No adverse reactions have been reported with taking CBD and alcohol together. As CBD doesn’t induce any psychoactive effects, you won’t endanger yourself by vaping CBD while drinking. However, if you do choose to combine the two, taking some precautions is advisable.

CBD could actually help to limit cell damage caused by alcohol consumption, with research showing CBD reduces alcohol concentration in the blood. In addition, CBD’s potential anti-addictive properties could help ward off alcohol dependence problems. However, this is simply an assumption going by what we know about alcohol and CBD.

Very high CBD dosages are super relaxing, and an alcoholic beverage may enhance these effects further. It’s feasible that mixing the two could give you a better night’s sleep! Although this isn’t exactly something we can endorse! 

In summary, drinking alcohol while vaping CBD e-liquid isn’t a red flag, and you’ll probably be absolutely fine. Just take it easy and avoid any strenuous activities! 

How long does CBD vape juice stay in your system?

CBD is generally removed from the body within two to five days of consumption. However, it’s possible for CBD to stay in the body for several weeks. But neither is a major concern, given drug tests don’t look for CBD as it doesn’t cause any intoxicating effects. 

However, full-spectrum CBD vape juices that contain a little THC may be more problematic. Research shows CBD stays in the body for several weeks. So, even though you aren’t getting any psychoactive effects, the compound will still accumulate in the body. Vaping full-spectrum CBD heavily and often could theoretically make you fail a drug test. 

Can I drive after taking CBD vape juice?

There are no federal or state laws about driving after taking CBD (although there are with cannabis!). CBD doesn’t intoxicate you so isn’t likely to impair your motor control and affect your ability to drive. However, we’ve discussed that large CBD doses are mentally and physically calming, which is not so good if you want to drive. 

It all comes down to how you feel after a dose. Some people feel fine after a 50mg dose, while others feel sleepy. As when taking prescription medication, only drive if you’re comfortable, and always take precautions. 

Always wait at least half an hour after vaping so you can fully judge the effects of your dose, and whether you’re able to drive. If you have any doubts, these alone could affect your driving ability, so it’s best to stay off the road. 

But if you feel fine, there’s nothing in the law yet about driving after CBD. However, the CBD market is still emerging and lawmakers are playing catch-up, so this may change in the future. 

What does CBD vape juice do to your brain?

CBD – and other cannabinoids – have profound effects on the brain, no matter how you consume them (except for topicals which stay in the skin). The compound enters the brain by passing through the blood-brain barrier, a semipermeable membrane that lets some compounds in, while keeping others out! 

CBD doesn’t have the intense psychoactive effects that are associated with its cannabinoid cousin, THC. But this non-intoxicating cannabinoid does have some more nuanced effects on the brain. CBD is linked with improved mood, appetite stimulation, and may reduce the body’s perception of pain by acting on the brain. CBD may also calm stress and anxiety levels, alleviate psychosis and schizophrenia and affect the brain’s reward system to combat addiction. 

It’s possible that CBD affects the brain in ways we are yet to explore. The brain is the most complex object in the known universe. CBD was only isolated in the early 1960s, while the endocannabinoid system wasn’t discovered until the 1990s! 

Think of scientists as modern-day explorers, pushing the boundaries of human understanding to see how our brains work, and how various compounds affect them. That research is just getting started with CBD, and it could be years before we have a complete picture! 

Does CBD e-liquid interfere with any medications?

Yes, vaping CBD may interfere with your prescription medications. Studies show the cannabinoid inhibits activity among enzymes in the cytochrome P450 system. Enzymes are responsible for metabolizing (deactivating) drugs in the body. By stopping these enzymes from working, CBD effectively increases the dose of your medication. This may cause problems. 

Several drug classes are metabolized by enzymes from the cytochrome P450 system, including antihistamines, anti-epileptics, immune modulators, beta blockers, antidepressants, antibiotics and antipsychotics. 

If you’re currently taking any of these drugs, there are two options. You could decide not to take CBD altogether until your treatment plan is over. Or you could consult with your doctor on the best way to proceed – if they are familiar with CBD, they may suggest altering your dosage. 

However, you should never attempt to change your dose without the advice of a medical expert. Always seek authentic advice from a trained professional, as opposed to looking online. 

Where to find CBD vape juice that tastes like weed 

Weed tastes like weed because of terpenes. These aroma molecules – which include myrcene, linalool, limonene, eucalyptol, terpinolene and beta-caryophyllene – contribute to the scent and taste of both cannabis and hemp strains. 

Therefore, if you’re set on getting a genuine hemp or weed-like flavor from your CBD vaping, you’ll need an e-liquid with terpenes. Full-spectrum CBD vape juices fit the bill as these do not exclude any hemp compounds. You’ll get all the terpenes and flavonoids, which come together to recreate that complex and famous flavor. Our regular CBD Genesis E-Liquid is a fantastic full-spectrum option!

Finding CBD vape juice with no PG

Propylene glycol (PG) is an ingredient found in many CBD vape juices. PG helps make the vaping experience smoother and sweeter, but it’s not an absolute necessity. Some e-liquids are made exclusively with vegetable glycerin (VG) as the carrier oil, which also has a sweetening effect. 

If you’re seeking out the purest and healthiest vape product on the market, Vape Bright’s CBD cartridges spring to mind. These are pricier as the e-liquid comes in pre-filled, ready-to-vape cartridges, but the company uses a special formula to eliminate carrier oils and other unnecessary ingredients. We are proud to stock Vape Bright CBD cartridges at! 

Does CBD vape juice expire?

CBD vape juice should last for 12 to 24 months, although this may vary from product to product. Some companies – such as Hempzilla – have a six-month non-separation guarantee on its e-liquid products. 

However, if you don’t use your product for a year or more, it could decline in effectiveness, although it wouldn’t be a health risk. That considered, some products claim to have an indefinite lifespan. Check the product packaging for more information and get in touch with the manufacturer if you can’t find the details you’re looking for. 

There are steps you can take to preserve your CBD vape juice. Storing in cool conditions and out of direct sunlight will help prevent cannabinoid deterioration. 

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The blog is growing all the time. We’re glad to have you here, and look forward to bringing you more details about our products, CBD science and the development of the industry. It’s an exciting time to be a CBD user, with new manufacturers and products hitting the market thick and fast. Just recently, we’ve brought two new brands into our collection: Hempzilla and CBD For the People. 

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Final thoughts 

We take pride in offering the best of the best when it comes to CBD e-liquid. As the market expands, we’ll continue to search for the highest quality vape juices around, with a close eye on new entrants to the industry. In the near future, we anticipate even more innovative products becoming available which fully harness the potential of hemp.

As for CBD vaping, the 2020s should be a fascinating time. Vaping has established itself as an efficient and convenient way of dosing up on CBD, and is sometimes the only way for people to get genuine relief. 

After a rocky media patch in 2019, we’re confident that the positive truth about vaping is coming to light. And at, you can be sure that all products are carefully vetted for purity and quality before we add them to our collection. 

Are you a CBD vaper? Have you already used one of our e-liquids? We would love to hear more about your experiences vaping CBD-isolate, broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD. Spark a conversation and share your story with our readers by leaving a comment below. 

Thanks for reading, and make sure you add our blog to your favorites for more CBD news, reviews and analysis! 

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