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Ready to begin stocking CBD in your store, or to start your own brand?  You’re in the right place. We have an awesome collection of 17 high-quality and completely legal CBD flower strains with less than 0.3% THC, available in finished products or in bulk.

Our CBD Genesis flower is organic, pesticide-free, and lab-certified. These are all super important features – and the detailed independent lab reports show why CBD Genesis is a brand you can trust. In this guide, we’ll talk you through all 17 strains in our range, and highlight why CBD flower is a fantastic way to take CBD.

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What is CBD Flower?

It’s easy to mistake CBD flower for regular marijuana. But while they may look alike, the experience is quite different. Importantly, CBD flower produces non-psychoactive effects – in other words, it won’t get you high!

Flower has plenty of great uses. You can smoke it for an authentic hemp experience, vape it in a dry herb device or even rustle up some delicious homemade edibles, such as cookies or brownies.  


CBD Flower

All 17 CBD Genesis strains are available for wholesale purchase. Our flower comes in a discreet, smell-proof container, to neutralize that unmistakable marijuana-like aroma. We offer flower in 3.5g (an eighth) and 7g (a quarter) tubs, and in much larger quantities if buying in bulk.

Our strains are separated into three distinct categories – sativas, indicas and hybrids. We recommend investing in a range, so you get to experience all that CBD has to offer.

1 Sativa

Sativa strains are your go-to morning flower. They’ll give you an energy and motivational boost when you wake up, and help spark your creative juices when working on a new project. This CBD flower also works a treat for enhancing your general focus levels. Whether you’re feeling low or are physically fatigued, sativas can help turn things around.

Examples: Green House Electra, Sweet Tooth, Emerald Star, Sour Patch

2 Indicas

In contrast, indica flower will help you to unwind, relax and find peace and serenity after a hard day. Known for producing an enjoyable ‘body buzz’ and couchlock effect, this CBD flower type is ideal for easing aches and pains.

Examples: Catatonic, Tropic Thunder

CBD Flower (CBD Genesis)

3 Hybrids

Looking for something in between an intense sativa and a soothing indica – why not try a hybrid? These strains will give you a great balance, and help your endocannabinoid system run smoother. The exact effects depend on the terpene blend in a strain. Some hybrids will give you a little more energy, while others tend toward relaxation. But ultimately, with hybrid CBD flower, you can enjoy the best of both.

Examples: Tsunami, AC Diesel, DC Hemp, Cool Mint

Green House Electra
Green House Electra
Catatonic Flower
Catatonic Flower
Catatonic Flower
Catatonic Flower
Catatonic Flower
Catatonic Flower
Catatonic Flower
Catatonic Flower
Catatonic Flower
cbd flower
cbd flower
Green House Lifter

Lifter (Sativa)

Looking for a CBD strain to give you that much-needed morning motivation? Lifter is a fantastic choice. This delightful CBD flower is all about enhancing energy, boosting your mood and combating fatigue. With lots of CBD and a nice mixture of terpenes, Lifter is the perfect pick-me-up when you’re feeling sluggish.

This CBD strain is great for elevating your mood without making you intoxicated. But anxiety sufferers may want to be wary about the stimulating effects. We suggest taking Lifter in the mornings or afternoons, as you don’t want all that extra energy at night.

Sweet Tooth (Sativa)

Seeking a tasty CBD strain with an energizing twist? Sounds like Sweet Tooth is exactly what you need. It’s a stimulating sativa to perk up your mood, blast away any sleepiness, and for getting your creativity going. This strain pairs well with a morning coffee, but is just as good on its own.

And not forgetting, Sweet Tooth will also help quell your pain, without making you physically tired, as can happen with indica strains. If you have a tough physical job, Sweet Tooth is great for keeping your energy up, and any pain at bay.

Sour Patch (Sativa)

Enjoy a soury twang to your CBD smoke sessions with Sour Patch, a popular sativa flower in our CBD Genesis collection. You’ll find this strain a little milder than some of our other sativa options, which is great if you haven’t tried these type of buds before, or want a sativa that doesn’t risk triggering your anxiety.

This is a wonderful strain if you want calm and mellowing effects, that leave you focussed but in full control. For daytime focus and peace of mind, Sour Patch is the strain to choose.

Green House Electra (Premium Sativa)

Green House Electra is a top-shelf sativa offering a premium experience. With lots of CBD and a well-crafted terpene profile, this is a wonderful strain if you want extra stimulation and more cerebral effects. Green House Electra is more potent than our other sativa offerings, and one for the CBD enthusiasts.

Perhaps you need more energy, or maybe your mind is cluttered because of too much stress and anxiety. Green House Electra will refresh and revitalize you, so you can get on with life in tip-top form.

Emerald Star (Indica)

Seeking calm and serenity from your CBD? Emerald Star is a classic indica that will leave you feeling chilled and pain-free. This strain gives you the couchlock and ‘body buzz’ indicas are so famous for, which is great for washing away aches and pain. And Emerald Star’s benefits extend to lowering anxiety and boosting your mood.

This is a really relaxing strain to leave you soothed and sedated. For that reason, we recommend saving it for late afternoons and evenings, once all your jobs are done. In fact, you could even take Emerald Star as part of your sleep routine.

Catatonic (Indica)

Enjoy a traditional, earthy hemp smoking experience with Catatonic. This high-CBD flower has all the relaxing effects to calm both body and brain. The CBD and terpenes blend together to soothe your muscles and reduce pain, and also promote rejuvenating and healing deep sleep.


This is another strain to reserve for the evenings. Indicas aren’t intoxicating, but after sampling the all-round calming effects, you’ll just want to sink into your sofa and binge on a boxset.

Tropic Thunder (Indica)

Bring a tropical twist to your CBD smoke sessions with Tropic Thunder, another vintage indica for relaxing and unwinding with. This popular strain has a beautiful aroma, delicious flavor and will leave fruity remnants on your palate. And the effects are great, too! Tropic Thunder is ideal for chronic pain and battling inflammation.

This CBD flower will do wonders for your mental wellbeing, too. The peaceful terpenes are great for stress relief and easing your anxiety. This, combined with the familiar indica ‘couchlock’ effect, makes Tropic Thunder the perfect strain for self-care, and forgetting your troubles after a long and tiring day.

Green House Bubba Kush (Premium Indica)

Amp up the relaxation with Green House Bubba Kush. This top-shelf, premium indica stands above all others in our CBD Genesis collection, and is perfect if you’re looking for that little bit extra. More CBD means more relaxation and physical relief, along with more potent anti-anxiety and stress-busting effects.

Maybe you have tried the other indicas, but require something a bit stronger to suit your needs, whether it’s for any particular symptoms or simply for relaxation. Whatever your motives, Green House Bubba Kush has you covered, with an indica experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

Super Haze (Energizing Hybrid)

Super Haze is an energizing hybrid to ensure you start your day off right. As a hybrid, this strain doesn’t quite have a sativa punch, but it will leave you feeling stimulated, with a hint of relaxation, too. This is the perfect combo if you want a revitalizing strain that doesn’t set off your anxiety.

A refreshing Super Haze joint would go down a treat with your morning coffee. It’s a great flower to help you forget a bad night’s sleep, and also for boosting your concentration and creativity, great if you’re a student or office worker.

Pineapple Haze (Hybrid)

Enjoy a blend of sedation and stimulation, and an intense fruity twist with Pineapple Haze. This delicious CBD flower will put you on cloud nine, in both a physical and mental sense. Indeed, this well-balanced strain is good for your all-round health. We all know CBD is great for your endocannabinoid system!

Pineapple Haze buds go down well in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. That’s the beauty of a hybrid – the finely-tuned effects are desirable and dependable at any time of day! Pineapple Haze is especially good if you haven’t experienced CBD flower before, but also for seasoned smokers seeking a sessionable flower.

Cool Mint (Hybrid)

For a minty fresh CBD experience, you just have to try Cool Mint, a reliable and flavorful hybrid. This strain is another that you can enjoy at any time of the day, with the added bonus of a cool, minty fish to complement the pleasant effects.

This strain may appeal if you need pain relief, but more energy, too. Or perhaps you want anxiety relief, without the physical relaxation that comes from an indica. In either scenario, Cool Mint will work its magic. If you just want one CBD strain to cover you in all circumstances, this popular hybrid is a good one.

Electra (Hybrid)

Electrify your life with Electra. A cross between ACDC and ERB, this titanic hybrid is a best-selling, all-American CBD flower strain. Looking for a smooth smoke that’s packed with flavor? Electra fits the bill, and will relieve your pain and inflammation in the process.

This strain also offers a cerebral CBD experience. Maybe anxiety and stress are bogging you down, or you’re in a prolonged mood and motivation slump. Electra will help reset your brain, while keeping you cool, calm and collected. Make sure you don’t miss out on this West coast classic!

DC Hemp (Hybrid)

DC Hemp CBD flower has a delightful light flavor and provides a smooth, smoking experience, making it a dependable strain for all situations. A vintage hybrid, these CBD buds gives a nice balance between energy and relaxation, while the stress-relieving effects are sure to put you in a great mood.

DC Hemp terpenes give off a beautiful aroma, and promote a tasty CBD smoke. Best of all, you won’t experience any intoxication or negative effects from this strain. Both first-timers and old-timers should give this hybrid a whirl.

Berry Wine (Relaxing Hybrid)

Berry Wine is a fruity strain, with calming effects that go beyond those of a regular hybrid. This is the perfect CBD flower if you want physical relief, but not quite to the extent of a full-on indica. Although there’s no doubting Berry Wine has more in common with indicas than sativas.

You’ll love this strain if you’re looking for stress, anxiety and pain relief, without the couchlock. The name doesn’t lie, and Berry Wine really does give you a berry blast! This is a wonderful strain to chill with, but will also serve you well for long work or study sessions.

AC Diesel (Hybrid)

Enjoy a taste of Europe with A.C. Diesel, a world-class CBD hybrid straight from Amsterdam City. This high-end herb has a rich CBD count, bringing you the potency and powerful effects you need for an optimum experience.

That said, A.C. Diesel sticks to its hybrid roots, and will give you that reliable blend of sedation and stimulation. This is an awesome flower for daytime pain relief and evening relaxation. A.C. Diesel will also take the fight to your inflammation symptoms. This is another brilliant all-day strain and one you can keep coming back to.

Tsunami (Hybrid)

Be seduced by Tsunami’s pleasant hybrid effects. This high-CBD flower provides you with punchy and earthy hits, with an unforgettable smoky finish. Tsunami’s effects are typically mild, but the more you take, the more the ‘couchlock’ experience takes hold, which may help with getting to sleep.

That considered, Tsunami could become your preferred morning strain, too! A few hits will help clear your head while promoting physical calm, taking the edge off any discomfort you’re experiencing.

Green House Lifter (Premium Hybrid)

Now for Green House Lifter, our standout, top-shelf premium CBD hybrid strain. Starting with the flavor, this flower has distinct piney notes and an overall theme of freshness. This smooth smoke will help boost your wellbeing, spark creativity, put you in a better frame of mind and banish stress and anxiety.

Green House Lifter will give you natural pain relief, without the high, but crucially won’t leave you stuck to the sofa like indica strains. The mild energy boost from these buds mean you enjoy Green House Lifter with confidence at any time of day.