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What makes a great online vape shop?

Hundreds of new companies are trying to make the most of the seemingly exponential increase in popularity of vaping and CBD, a non-psychoactive component of cannabis. And even better, the two can be combined, with CBD e-liquid a relatively healthy, efficient and hassle-free way of receiving the therapeutic effects of this wonderful compound.

But the huge surge in interest into vaping has not come without a few drawbacks. With the CBD currently being unregulated, there is no official body (such as the Food & Drug Administration) to offer standardization and determine what products are of acceptable quality and which ones are not.

Frustratingly, some low-rate CBD brands have tried to get away with selling CBD products that are weaker than the label states, and some products that were pulled up had no CBD at all. This is a concern for the CBD industry, as it means that some may not get the right impression of the compound, or worse, they might not be ingesting enough CBD to sufficiently treat their ailments.

But thankfully, legitimate CBD companies have taken it upon themselves to provide customers with meaningful assurances about the quality of their products. Third-party laboratory testing is commonplace among the leading brands, and from this, customers can glean where the CBD used for the product was sourced, the exact percentages of various cannabinoids and even how the extract was taken from the plant. Some companies claim to test products in-house, but there’s no way to be sure of their claims.

Supercritical CO2 extraction has long since emerged as the gold standard of extraction methods, as it keeps the amount of heavy metals present to a minimum.

The best CBD vape stores will only associate themselves with top-of-the-range companies that have conducted such testing on their products.

What else makes a good vape shop?

The best online vape shops stock an extensive variety of vaporizers. It’s possible to vape dry herb, e-liquid, and concentrates such as crystals and waxes, but not all vaporizers can vape everything. While there are indeed some that are multipurpose, most vaporizers can only handle oil, or dry herb or wax. A great vape shop will cater for all different types of vaping.

Customer service is an essential part of running a vape shop, even online – many sites now have a virtual help desk where visitors can inquire about products and have a live conversation, so they can get information tailored to their needs.

Many people who go to physical and online vape shops to buy a vape are totally alien to the industry and have no understanding of the terminology or what vaporizers and e-liquids will suit them best. But a store with good personnel can make the most difficult of concepts easy to grasp and ensure that no customer goes away with a product or products that aren’t exactly to their requirements.

Many keen vapers enjoy modifying their vaporizers, and a great vape shop will always have a good range of mods available. Many vaporizers are 510-threaded, meaning that modifications can be easily fitted.

Refillables vs cartridges

Interest in vaping and CBD is growing across the Atlantic, and the best vape shops in Europe give customers a choice between having a refillable vaporizer and a vaporizer that accepts cartridges. There are upsides and downsides to both.

With refillable vaporizers, you can combine your favorite e-liquids to improve the taste and perhaps efficiency. For example, if you have an unflavored CBD e-juice, you could mix in a flavored e-liquid. You could even mix a CBD e-liquid with a nicotine e-liquid if you use both, thanks to the flexibility of refillables. However, it may be important to user the same carrier oil (PG – propylene glycol; or VG – vegetable glycerin). With refillables, you can always boost the potency by popping in some high-strength CBD crystals. These crystals are astronomically powerful, with some made up of 99 percent-plus CBD.

However, disposable cartridges are nowhere near as messy to use. You don’t have to refill the vaporizer every few sessions or clean it out – which can be both time-consuming and fiddly. Simply attach the cartridge and discard when used. Some CBD cartridges release a precise amount of vapor with each draw. If you have a specific dosage in mind, this can be beneficial.

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Final thoughts

Above all else, the best vape shops have a huge range of products to choose from. The beauty of vaping, whether it’s CBD, nicotine or anything else, is that it’s so easy to mix-and-match, and everyone can choose their favorite combos without breaking the bank.

With that in mind, it’s key that a vape shop can easily convey information about products to potential customers. The industry can be overwhelming for newbies and having some guidance when choosing can make all the difference.

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