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What CBD Capsules Can Do for You (2020 Review)

Are you looking for an easy and effective way to take CBD? In that case, CBD capsules are a superb choice. They’re especially good if you’re familiar with other supplements, or not acquainted with vaping or smoking. 

Not to mention, capsules are more cost-effective than vaping as you don’t need any extra equipment, and come without the negative health effects of smoking. Just to clarify, that doesn’t mean these products don’t also offer awesome advantages.

In this comprehensive guide to CBD capsules, we’ll cover everything from the specific benefits of these products, to the capsules we have available and some dosage recommendations. We know you’ve probably got lots of questions about capsules, too, so have answered a bunch of them in the second half of this post. 

Whether you’re completely new to CBD, or are simply looking for a new way to enjoy this non-intoxicating supplement, this post is sure to have something for you! 

An introduction to CBD 

But first, what even is CBD? CBD stands for cannabidiol, and is an intriguing compound found in hemp strains. CBD doesn’t get you “stoned”, unlike marijuana, which is arguably its main draw. The psychoactive effects of cannabis are reserved to delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In the United States, all hemp and CBD products must have no more than 0.3% THC, hence why they cannot be used for recreational purposes. 

CBD’s popularity has bloomed in recent years. The cannabinoid has been attributed with numerous health benefits, which come from CBD’s unusual effects on the body. For one, CBD is active in the new and fascinating endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a biological network that is perfect for interacting with cannabinoids. 

CBD science is still in its formative stages. But loosely, the compound has a regulating and modulating effect on the ECS. And considering the ECS helps regulate pain perception, inflammation, mood, appetite, cognition, bone health and the body’s sleep-wake cycle, it’s no wonder CBD may have so many benefits. And that’s not all, studies have also shown CBD working on other parts of the body, such as the serotonin and opioid systems. 

It will likely be years before we know for sure just how useful CBD is for various ailments. But the bottom line is that millions of Americans – and millions more around the world – are already using products and reaping their rewards! 

What are CBD capsules? 

There are two main types of CBD capsule: hard-shelled and soft CBD gel capsules. Both serve the same purpose – holding a set dose of CBD (and perhaps other natural extracts), and delivering it into the body. As a rule, hard-shelled capsules contain dry powdered CBD-isolate, whereas soft gel capsules contain CBD oil (either isolate or full-spectrum). 

Capsules typically have a faster rate of absorption than pills, although both are down on speed of delivery compared to vape products and tincture oils. Most opt for premade capsules from well-known CBD brands, but making your own is also possible if you invest in empty shells and a capsule machine. 

CBD-isolate capsules 

These products separate the CBD from all other hemp constituents, delivering pure CBD effects. With a CBD-isolate extract, you’ll miss out on extra cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. But on the upside, you get a THC-free, drug test-friendly product. If you’re just getting your feet wet with CBD, a basic, no-frills product may hold more appeal. With pure CBD-isolate, you get the qualities of CBD, without any other compounds altering the effects.

Full-spectrum CBD capsules 

Broad or full-spectrum capsules feature a full-plant extract, and therefore everything that hemp has to give. Expect trace levels of other non-psychoactive cannabinoids, including the highly-rated cannabigerol (CBG), in these products, along with therapeutic terpenes, fantastic flavonoids, and omega-3 fatty acids. 

This cocktail of compounds enhances CBD’s properties, although tends to come at a higher price tag. Full-spectrum CBD capsules can contain up to 0.3% THC. This may create a small drug test risk for heavy users, as the body takes a few weeks to fully remove this compound. But such low amounts of THC, combined with a big dose of CBD, will never produce an intoxicating effect.

Reasons to use CBD capsules 

Of course, the main reason to use CBD products is for the CBD itself. But when presented with such a wide choice of hemp flower, vape juice, edible, concentrate, syrup and capsule products, just why exactly should you choose the latter? Here are a few capsule perks that keep users coming back for more. 

Easy to take 

Firstly, CBD oil capsules are super easy to take, as there’s no preparation or extra equipment needed. All that’s required is a capsule or two – depending on how much you want to take – and a glass of water to help it go down. Taking a capsule with food can help to improve absorption rates into the bloodstream. If you find hard-shelled capsules too difficult to swallow, keep your eyes peeled for soft gel CBD capsules. 

Steady and sustained relief 

All substances are absorbed at different rates, with speed of delivery determined on how you take them. CBD is no exception. Capsules are a form of oral intake, with the CBD only activating in the bloodstream after the capsule is digested and the CBD absorbed through the stomach. The first-pass effect (or first-pass metabolism) also holds influence with orally-taken drugs. This affects how much of the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream. 

It takes a while for CBD levels ingested via capsules to peak because of the delayed effects. However, this may be beneficial for some, as the slower release ensures CBD’s benefits are sustained for many hours. This means a single capsule dose could last at least twice as long as a smoked or vaporized dose. 

Accurate dosing 

If you’re a CBD newcomer, you’ll likely want to know exactly how much you’re taking, right down to the milligram. We get it, with any substance, and especially a new kid on the block like CBD, you’re looking for steady and consistent effects. 

CBD capsules take all the hassle away, and you don’t need to worry about measuring out your own dosages and inaccuracy. Every capsule tub or sachet comes with full information about CBD concentrations and levels of any other compounds. Some brands even provide some dosage guidelines to make matters even easier. 

Combine CBD with other natural extracts

CBD is great on its own, but it’s potentially even better when mixed with other natural wellness compounds. For instance, CBD’s anti-inflammatory qualities may be enhanced with turmeric, and its sleep-promoting benefits boosted with a melatonin supplement. You could take these separately, but in some cases, it’s possible to find an all-in-one product.

Capsules are perfect for taking multiple extracts, as combining them is super easy and you can take them all at once. And what’s more, you still don’t have to stress about measuring out the ideal dose!

Discreet and flavorless

Sometimes, you need to take CBD on the downlow. Even though it’s completely legal, explaining the differences between CBD and cannabis eventually tests the best person’s patience! CBD capsules look just like any other multivitamin or omega-3 supplement. And they’re super discreet too, with no strong hemp or cannabis smell for anyone to get a whiff of. 

With CBD capsules, you can take CBD with you and enjoy relief wherever you are.  

Popular CBD capsules at 

We only stock products at which meet our high quality standards. This applies as much to our capsules section as any other. When deciding on which products meet the grade, we look for high-quality manufacturing processes, brand reputation and independent lab reports. 

Easily accessible lab reports are so important in the CBD scene, as the FDA doesn’t regulate products. This puts the responsibility on CBD companies to prove their products are legitimate and safe. Through third-party lab-testing, the best brands can set themselves apart from cowboys looking to make a quick buck with low quality products and fake CBD.

Now let’s get stuck in to the CBD capsules review. 

cbd capsulesCBD Genesis Capsules

With our own brand CBD Genesis capsules, taking CBD is super easy. There’s not a hint of hempy flavor with these, and the soft gel design ensures they go down easily. We have two strengths available – 25 and 50mg – to suit newbies and more experienced CBD users. Both the 25 and 50mg capsules come in tubs of 30, working out to 750 and 1500mg of CBD per purchase.

The lab report from Colorado Chromatography confirms Genesis Capsules are a pure CBD product. These discreet capsules are suitable for consumption at work to improve focus, on planes to alleviate anxiety and in public spaces to alleviate pain. Even better, we use a pure, organic hemp extract cultivated free from solvents and pesticides. 

ECOCaps from CBD Drip

These capsules come with a bold “enhance your life” slogan and, used correctly, they may do just that! CBD Drip is a well-known and respected brand in the CBD market. These vegan-friendly capsules contain 30mg of full-spectrum CBD, created with non-GMO, European Union-sourced hemp. 

CBD Drip tests its products by the batch, giving customers regular updates on quality. This is a great sign that the company cares about making excellent CBD products. We have two types of ECOCaps available: a sachet of two or a tub of 30. The capsules in each are exactly the same, with 30mg of CBD and a total of 170mg hemp extract per capsule. 

Not sure whether you need full-spectrum capsules? Why not start with a sachet, and then invest in a tub if they are to your liking! For our money, these are some of the best CBD capsules on the market!

Exploring CBD capsules benefits 

Before we put the microscope on CBD’s possible benefits, there are a couple things to point out first. CBD is not an approved medicine (except for Epidiolex, a CBD-based epilepsy drug). It often takes years, a ton of funding and a series of clinical trials for any drug to get approved medicinal uses. 

Therefore, we are not making any medical claims in this section. This content is written solely for educational purposes, and to improve your understanding of CBD research. CBD studies have come in dribs and drabs over the past few decades. 

But the substance is now getting more attention than ever because of its widespread use. Scientists also know more about how CBD functions in the body, with existing studies serving as a foundation for new research. The ECS is absolutely vital to this research. Until the system was discovered by Israeli scientists in the 1990s, experts were baffled as to why CBD had any effect on us. Thankfully, those dark days are over, and we’re on the cusp of a golden age of CBD research! 

CBD capsules for anxiety 

Left unchecked, anxiety has a destructive effect on quality of life. At times, its impact is subtle, making day-to-day tasks more difficult and causing irrational fears that just become normal. But over time, worrying and other kinds of negative thinking compound, making it harder to get what you want out of life. 

With social media so prominent in our lives now, and face-to-face interactions in decline, anxiety is becoming a bigger societal problems. Figures from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) show that around 18% of the US adult population experience anxiety during any given year. 

Anxiety medication works for some, but not everyone – and side effects are often off-putting. But CBD is promising to change how we look at and remedy anxiety. Making helpful tweaks to GABA levels, a key neurotransmitter in anxiety regulation, and working with the serotonin system, appears to be how CBD produces its anti-anxiety effects. And anyone who’s taken a high CBD dose knows how physically and mentally relaxing it can be.


CBD capsules are better suited to chronic anxiety symptoms, because of the slow release. If you’re always feeling tense and on edge, the steady delivery of CBD is very therapeutic. Although for social anxiety and acute, sudden symptoms, you may require a faster acting product.

CBD capsules for sleep

With every passing year, the importance of sleep becomes more apparent. Sure, if you don’t get good quality sleep you’ll feel groggy and shattered the next day, but that’s not all. In addition to reduced overall functioning, a lack of sleep – and crucial deep sleep – can have a lasting negative effect on the brain.

Studies show that the brain protects and heals itself in deep sleep. Cerebrospinal fluid enters the brain during this phase, clearing out harmful toxins and proteins, such as beta-amyloid plaques – that may contribute to neurodegenerative illnesses. General guidelines suggest we should aim for seven hours of sleep per night, minimum. If you aren’t getting that, CBD capsules for sleep may help. 

CBD may help egulate the sleep-wake cycle, or circadian rhythm, via the ECS. This is a complex system, but in layman’s terms, our body clock makes sure we feel sleepy and wake up at the right times! Taking a CBD capsule or two an hour or so before bed helps with winding down. CBD may have direct benefits for sleep, by easing insomnia. It may also have indirect benefits, such as quelling anxiety and stress. 

CBD capsules for pain

The vast majority of people interested in CBD want to know whether it can help with pain. The scientific evidence right now is inconclusive, but we can draw a few things from the available research. Pain perception is regulated via CB1 receptors in the ECS, and also the vanilloid receptor, which CBD binds to. 

CBD is also extremely popular for pain, according to data collected from surveys and questionnaires. A 2019 Gallup poll found that 40% of users take products to relieve pain. A huge placebo effect cannot be dismissed given all the positive media coverage about CBD. But equally, such a figure cannot be explained away by placebo alone. 

Experimenting with CBD capsules is the best way of knowing whether CBD helps with your pain. Full-spectrum products may enhance the analgesic effects, with all the other compounds having an impact. What we can say is that capsules are more suited to chronic than acute pain. Again, the slower delivery is brilliant for longevity, but not for immediate relief.

CBD capsules for inflammation 

If there is any field of medicine where CBD’s potential is still sorely untapped, it’s inflammation. Scientists have found an incredible link between the ECS and the notoriously unpredictable immune system. In a sentence, cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory properties, regulating the immune system through CB2 receptors. 

This fairly simple link and the absence of significant side effects with CBD gives the compound huge potential for inflammatory conditions and autoimmune diseases. We’re talking irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), osteoarthritis (OA), rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and perhaps even psoriasis. 

CBD capsules are ideal for chronic inflammation, potentially offering lengthy relief from symptoms. If you need to keep inflammation at bay at work or so it doesn’t interfere with other day-to-day tasks, a morning capsule and potentially a late afternoon top-up may work a treat. 

CBD capsules for depression

Depression is a complex and multifaceted mood disorder. Medical researchers have struggled to find good treatments over the years. Initially, it was hoped that depression could be eased by adjusting levels of serotonin and other neurotransmitters. But antidepressant drugs tend to have limited benefits, which vary from patient to patient.

Enter CBD. The hemp derivative has demonstrated early value in making therapeutic chemical tweaks, and in reducing brain inflammation. The novel chemical tweak comes, as you’d expect, in the ECS. CBD stops the body, and specifically the FAAH enzyme from breaking down anandamide, a natural antidepressant. Other classes of antidepressants don’t appear to work on the ECS or anandamide.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects on the brain help prevent damage to important regions implicated in depression. It may even reverse some of the adverse effects. Animal research has shown CBD has a healing effect on the prefrontal cortex. Human studies have found that CBD helps repair the hippocampus, which manages memory and learning. 

Should CBD work as an antidepressant, all CBD products (except creams) are likely to have a beneficial effect. As long as CBD enters the bloodstream, it can pass through the blood-brain barrier and into the brain. 

CBD capsules for relaxation and stress relief 

Some people buy CBD capsules just so they can feel more relaxed, rather than for any diagnosable medical condition. CBD is certainly a more attractive option than alcohol and tobacco as a natural de-stresser, as there aren’t any risks of addiction or nasty side effects.

After a long, hard day, relaxation is vital. The body needs time to rest and to lower stress levels. Indeed, research shows that many conditions are often triggered or exacerbated by stress. If relaxation doesn’t come naturally to you, then CBD capsules (50mg or more) are superb for full-body and mental relief. And you’ll probably get a great night’s sleep, too! 

CBD capsules for improved cognition

In a competitive world of fine margins, a little bit extra can make all the difference between success and failure. It’s no wonder that brain-enhancing nootropics are all the rage these days, as people seek out extra cognitive performance. But as always, it’s important to know what you’re taking, and especially when it’s having a neurological effect.

CBD and CBD capsules are an attractive “natural nootropic”, if you will. Studies point to the ECS regulating cognitive function, and we know that CBD helps with memory and learning. This is largely thanks to the positive effects that CBD has on the hippocampus. Research suggests lower CBD doses are best for extracting these cognitive qualities. Small quantities are good for wakefulness and alertness, a state you’ll need to be in if you want to focus! 

Dosage guidelines 

Knowing how much CBD to take is not an exact science. With research still in its early days, we don’t have much data yet on what dosages are most beneficial, beyond some general concepts. But in reality, that doesn’t matter too much. CBD influences us all differently, so we all have to learn on the job when coming up with the perfect dosing schedule! 

As discussed, capsules are awesome as you always know exactly how much CBD is in your dose. You’ll work out pretty quickly whether you need to increase or reduce your intake. As a rule, first-timers should start with small amounts – there are no prizes for rushing! A high dose could make you really sleepy and put you off trying CBD again! CBD capsules with 25mg are a good starting point. 

There are times when more is better. CBD research for anxiety points to higher doses having the best effects, and the same may apply to sleep. It’s logical that severe pain and inflammation is also more suited to larger amounts. But as always, what’s key is to find a dosing plan that works for you

Can CBD capsules upset your stomach?

Some people experience nausea and gastrointestinal (GI) issues after taking CBD products, including capsules, although this appears rare. However, others find that CBD helps ease nausea and vomiting symptoms, and there is some research to support this. 

It’s possible that nausea and stomach problems attributed to CBD are actually being caused by low quality and untested products. Such capsules could be full of impurities and other harmful ingredients. Maybe experiment with a higher quality CBD product – if problems persist, consult with a doctor. 

Can CBD capsules cause constipation?

There is no compelling evidence that suggests CBD capsules cause constipation, although these cannot be ruled out in people who have long-standing digestive issues. It’s noted that constipation symptoms often re-emerge after a period of time on a constipation treatment.

Some are taking CBD to relieve constipation problems, with the muscle relaxant effect seemingly helping to make bowel movements less painful. But given what we know about constipation remedies, it’s possible CBD could stop working over time. But this wouldn’t necessarily imply that CBD is causing constipation, just that it’s no longer effective.

Can CBD capsules be taken with other medication?

The quick answer: it depends entirely on which medication. Now for the longer answer! 

CBD is well-tolerated by the body, with studies showing the compound has a very low toxicity profile, even in high dosages. However, CBD does affect the metabolization of some drugs – specifically those that are metabolized by enzymes in the cytochrome P450 (CYP450) system. 

Metabolization is the body’s process of removing a drug from the body. By blocking CYP450 enzyme activity, CBD interferes with drug metabolization. This means that certain drugs stay active and more concentrated in the body for longer. Drugs metabolized by CYP450 enzymes include antihistamines, antidepressants, benzodiazepines and beta blockers.

It may still be possible to take CBD alongside these medications, but it’s highly likely that the dose of your medication will need to be changed. This is not something you should attempt to do by yourself. If you want to take CBD with your medication, always consult with your doctor about the best way to proceed. 

What is better: CBD capsules vs oil

Everyone has their favorite CBD products, and any calls on which are “best” is mostly subjective. But let’s quickly run through the key differences between capsules and tincture oils. 

Tincture oils are more efficient, with sublingual absorption providing a fast track for CBD into the bloodstream. Tinctures are effective in just a few minutes, whereas capsules can take up to an hour. However, with tinctures, getting a precise dose is more difficult, even though bottles come with a dropper. Capsules are also easier and stealthier to dose with when out and about. 

CBD capsules are a flavorless way of consuming CBD, while tincture oils can be both. Tincture products infused with full-spectrum hemp extracts have a potent, earthy flavor, although it’s possible to find unflavored oils, too. 

CBD capsules vs e-liquid

E-liquids deliver CBD’s benefits even more speedily than tincture oils, as the compounds are inhaled and absorbed through tissues in the lungs. It’s worth mentioning that vape juices and e-liquids also work under the tongue, as if they were tincture oils.

Capsules are definitely healthier than e-liquids, as vaping isn’t exactly healthy – although it’s much less dangerous than smoking. In addition, CBD capsules are more discreet and deliver accurate doses, unlike e-liquids which generate plenty of vapor and have no precise dosage mechanism (except for some disposable vape pens). 

Should you take CBD capsules on an empty stomach?

There is a lot of debate about whether you should take CBD products on an empty or full stomach. For bioavailability purposes, taking with food helps to get more from your capsules – although a lot depends on which foods you’re eating.

The first-pass effect that all orally-consumed drugs must go through reduces CBD’s bioavailability, and the percentage of the substance that is activated in the body. However, some useful fatty acids called medium and long-chain triglycerides help with bypassing the first-pass metabolism. These compounds are found in coconut oil, butter, cream, eggs, fish, meat and more. 

Combining CBD oil capsules will bring big benefits. Indeed, some CBD manufacturers are starting to make products with MCT oil, for this very effect! 

Are CBD capsules vegan-friendly?

Some are, some aren’t. CBD capsules made with gelatin are not vegan-friendly. But as this varies from product to product, always check the ingredients list and contact the manufacturer if unsure. ECODrops CBD capsules – which are available at – are definitely vegan-friendly! 

CBD capsules and drug tests 

It’s very unlikely that any of the CBD oil capsules for sale on our store will cause any drug test problems. And there’s absolutely no chance that you’ll fail a test from taking CBD-isolate capsules, as they don’t have any THC whatsoever. When testing for cannabis, the only substance being looked for is THC, as it’s the only compound in the plant known to have psychoactive effects. 

Since federal law permits up to 0.3% THC in hemp product, there is a very slim possibility that you’ll encounter problems with full-spectrum CBD capsules. But since there is technically a chance, it’s best to be aware so that you don’t have any nasty surprises. Even then, you would have to take a lot of full-spectrum CBD for your THC blood levels to rise above any test thresholds. 

If you are subjected to random drug tests at work, and staying THC-free is a priority, we recommend buying CBD capsules with isolate extracts. Our CBD Genesis capsule products have no THC, as confirmed by Colorado Chromatography analysis.

10% discount! 

The blog is growing all the time, and we’re grateful that you’ve taken the time to stop by and check things out. It’s our mission to inform you all about CBD, from the cutting-edge research taking place to getting the most from your products. We hope this article has fleshed out your knowledge on the CBD oil capsules for sale here, and how to use them.

As a thank you for reading, we’re excited to give you 10% off your next order at Just enter the code save10 at the checkout phase for 10% off any of our CBD capsules for sale, or any of the other products in our store. 

Final thoughts 

CBD capsules perhaps have more in common with standard supplements than any other CBD product type. As shown in this CBD capsules review, these products are discreet, easy to use and provide consistent effects, as you can always be sure about getting the same dose. 

We have some of the best CBD capsules on the market, and are always keeping an eye out for new and exciting capsule products! Have you used CBD capsules before? Tell us all about your experiences in the comments! 

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