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Vape Bright’s Highest Quality CBD Products of 2019

vape bright thrive

Vape Bright is a unique CBD brand, making products unlike any other in the industry. Their cartridges offer the purest vaping experience possible, and an efficient one to boot. In a market sometimes plagued by a lack of regulation, Vape Bright really stands tall, with an admirable ethos, and an excellent selection of products that promote the best possible results with vaping CBD. 

This article will focus on reasons why people like vaping in the first place, before touching upon how Vape Bright have set themselves apart from other CBD brands. Then we’ll get stuck in with a comprehensive Vape Bright review, before finishing up with a couple of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this CBD company. We even have a Vape Bright coupon code nestled into this post, offered exclusively at! 

Popular benefits of vaping CBD 

Effects-wise, vaping is the most rapid way to get CBD into the bloodstream and interacting with receptors so it can have a therapeutic effect. Smoking may match vaping for speed, but the former has much greater health risks, due to carcinogenic exposure. In contrast, the hemp extract in e-liquid does not burn at all when vaporized. 

These fast effects help a lot with certain ailments. Having to wait an hour for the CBD to kick in, as is so with edible products, doesn’t cut it when dealing with social anxiety, high stress, fatigue or pain. A quicker cannabinoid delivery with more instant effects is crucial, hence why so many turn to vaping, even if it isn’t quite as safe as tincture oils, syrups, capsules and edibles. 

CBD vaping is also pleasurable and convenient, especially with cartridges and disposable pens. Being able to take a single hit on-demand in just a few seconds is often much preferable than lighting up a CBD joint and having to smoke through it all in one sitting. 

CBD and the endocannabinoid system 

Have you been wondering why CBD products have emerged from seemingly nothing, to become a wildly popular health trend? You’re not alone. It’s thanks to a combination of law changes, and big breakthroughs in cannabinoid research over recent years. 

CBD is a compound from hemp and cannabis, but it never used to get much attention. First isolated in the 1960s, experts learned quickly that CBD is non-intoxicating, and seemed to have health benefits. But they kept drawing blanks as to why CBD had certain effects.

CBD science has transformed since the endocannabinoid system (ECS) discovery, which came in the 1990s. This system is where cannabinoids have most – if not all – of their impact. In CBD’s case, rather than having direct effects on the system, the cannabinoid is responsible for its overall regulation. 

CBD makes sure we have enough natural endocannabinoids  in the body – these are fuel for the ECS. We’ve had an influx of studies on CBD since, suggesting the compound has many more beneficial effects than first anticipated. CBD also works as a general supplement for the ECS, and isn’t always taken as an alternative medicine.  

The Farm Bill

But until a few years ago, CBD remained under lock and key as a Schedule 1 substance. Under the Controlled Substances Act, all cannabinoids from cannabis must be scheduled in the most restrictive category. But when the federal government legalized hemp products in 2014, entrepreneurs found a loophole. 

The government legalized hemp with less than 0.3% THC, but that was the only caveat. They didn’t consider that the plant’s other compounds could be of use. With CBD now in the clear, companies started manufacturing product with high CBD levels, and either no or just a tiny concentration of THC. The Farm Bill was updated again in 2018, legitimizing the hemp-derived CBD market beyond doubt. 

What makes Vape Bright different?

Since vaping CBD is even more about the effects than it is experience and style, Vape Bright have seen it as their duty to make vaping as safe as possible. Just about every other CBD company in America makes e-liquid by mixing a hemp extract with a carrier oil. This is normally vegetable glycerin (VG), or propylene glycol (PG), or sometimes both.

Vape Bright’s CBD vape oil contain nothing but pure hemp extract – there’s no VG or PG in sight! The user’s health and happiness are stated priorities, and explain why the company has gone down the route of a pure vaping experience. With the Vape Bright Thrive, the brand’s head chemist has come up with a special, highly potent formula that is vapable without the need for any other ingredients. 

This is an innovative idea, and the sort of thinking that’s needed to stand out in the competitive hemp-derived CBD market. Vape Bright have recognized that the super-fast effects of vaping are an attractive quality, but that some are still put off by the prospect of inhaling. A 100% organic hemp oil that’s non-psychoactive, non-addictive and chemical-free helps a lot with brushing away those concerns. 

Vape Bright lab results 

VapeBright show they are transparent and open to scrutiny by getting their products tested by an independent laboratory. Companies selling poor-quality or fake CBD would never go through this process. But in an unregulated industry, third-party testing is the only way to reassure customers that they are receiving a legitimate and safe product. 

PharmLabs San Diego have analyzed the most recent batches of Vape Bright Thrive cartridges. The results confirm that the company uses a pure blend of CBD oil with no THC. The cartridges also passed PharmLabs’ analysis for residual solvents. All in all, the brand meets the high standards they claim to have, and that we expect from them! 

Our Vape Bright review

Vape Bright are focussed on bringing you the benefits of hemp and CBD – but what exactly are they? CBD’s therapeutic properties are mostly speculative at this point. Researchers simply haven’t carried out enough thorough studies. Moreover, we’re lacking clinical research from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on CBD’s effects. Vape Bright cartridges are dietary supplements, not medicines. 

However, we know from surveys that many CBD users are taking products as alternatives to medication. Chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, low mood and appetite, and migraines are just some conditions that people are naturally remedying with CBD. Vape Bright CBD cartridges may be an attractive option if you experience acute symptoms that require immediate care.

Vape Bright currently has two different cartridges in their Thrive range – a 200mg oil, and a 250mg ‘extra strength’ oil. Both combine pure organic hemp oil from the stalks and seeds of the plant with MCT oil and terpenes. 

The MCT oil contains fatty acids that CBD binds to, making it more bioavailable. In normal circumstances, much of a CBD dose never becomes active, as the body fails to absorb the large cannabinoids into the bloodstream. MCT oil unlocks CBD’s potential, without you needing to increase your dose.  

Terpenes provide aroma, flavor and some extra effects. These compounds are found in all kinds of plants, but are famous in both hemp and cannabis for having such a powerful smell. In addition, terpenes deliver additional benefits. The exact effects depend on what terpenes are present – some are energizing, whereas others are sedating. 

Vape Bright Thrive Starter Kit 

Begin vaping with Vape Bright by investing in a Starter Kit! Each pack comes with a Vape Bright battery, USB charger and protective carrying case, and a 200mg CBD cartridge. 

The battery operates via draw-activated firing. You don’t need to press or hold any buttons. The device only switches on at the pressure of your inhale. As well as being convenient, this is also safer than batteries with buttons, which can easily be unknowingly switched on in your bag or pocket. The battery takes 30 minutes to charge from empty, and works at 3.2 volts, so you can enjoy more flavorful draws with maximum vapor. 

More than 100 inhalations are possible from a full battery, with each emitting precisely 1mg of organic CBD oil. The standardized emission of 1mg CBD helps a lot with getting an accurate vapor dose. Some vape pens and cartridges release as much or little extract as you inhale. This is nice for big hits, but not for enjoying consistent CBD effects. As VapeBright are a health-conscious brand trying to make vaping serious, it’s no surprise they’ve opted for a fixed vapor release. 

At, the more cartridges you buy, the more you save! Get 5% off with a 2-pack, 10% off with a 3-pack, 15% off with a 4-pack, and a mighty 25% off with a 5-pack! 

Inspire Relaxation Vape Pods

Recently, Vape Bright have introduced their ‘Inspire Relaxation’ vape pods, which are JUUL-compatible. JUUL isn’t yet making CBD pods for their device, but other brands are manufacturing compatible pods, given the high public demand. 

These pods contain an organic hemp extract, MCT oil, calming kava, refreshing mint and a dash of vanilla. As with all Vape Bright CBD products, there’s no VG, PG or nicotine. 

Kava is a natural herb from the Pacific that promotes relaxation and sleep, which is why it pairs so well with CBD! The mint and vanilla provide a cool and icy taste, that blocks out the earthy hemp. These are excellent vape pods for just chilling out with after a hard day. 

Can you refill Vape Bright cartridges? 

No. Vape Bright Cartridges are not refillable. This is kind of frustrating, as it ups the price per cartridge. But it’s a price worth paying for their excellent and unique CBD extract. 

Vape Bright and drug tests  

“Will these cartridges make me pop a drug test?” That’s probably the most common question we get about any CBD product, and it’s no surprise. Hemp, cannabis, CBD, THC, non-psychoactive, psychoactive – these are all potentially confusing concepts if you are unfamiliar with CBD, and just starting to learn about its benefits. 

The answer is no – you won’t fail a test from taking Vape Bright products. Their extracts are in line with legal requirements, which limit the maximum THC concentration to 0.3%. In fact, a quick look at an analysis from PharmLabs shows THC isn’t detected at all in their cartridges!

THC is the intoxicating, psychotropic agent in cannabis, that has a mind-altering effect and temporarily affects motor control. CBD doesn’t have this impact at all – research even shows CBD responds oppositely to THC in the ECS. 

The upshot is that drug tests scan for THC but not CBD. Therefore, you can vape through as much Vape Bright CBD oil as you like, and still get a clean bill of health! We hope that’s put your mind at ease. 

Vape Bright coupon code! 

We want to share our enthusiasm for this brand and give you a small thank you for reading this blog with a Vape Bright coupon code! Simply enter save10 at the checkout, and we’ll automatically apply a 10% discount on any Vape Bright order. 

Final thoughts 

In such a competitive market, the pressure is on CBD brands to make better quality and more efficient products than their rivals. This isn’t easy to do nowadays. So many manufacturers operate in cGMP-certified facilities, and submit products for regular independent testing.

But Vape Bright appear to have found their niche, and put a new spin on vaping. With this consumption method such a convenient and fast-acting way of taking CBD, it’s only right to make it as healthy as can be. 

The research shows that vaping is many times safer than smoking. But that doesn’t mean it can’t still be improved. Eliminating regular carrier oils and using a coconut oil alternative is an inspired move. It’s also one that makes CBD more beneficial than in its normal state. 

Moreover, the regulated release of 1mg CBD every time makes accurate dosing possible, which is pretty rare for vaping. Add that to the battery’s USB charging feature, and it’s clear that VapeBright care as much about convenience as health! 

We love everything about this CBD company. Have you had a great experience with Vape Bright, or got something else to share about them? Leave us a comment below!

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