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Tweedle Farms: A Complete Review for November 2019

Tweedle Farms is a family-owned organic hemp, based out of Northwest Oregon, and cultivates some of the country’s highest quality CBD flower strains. That’s not all: Tweedle Farms also sells tincture oils, edibles, concentrates, topicals, and pre-rolled joints, all made from their premium hemp.

In this comprehensive Tweedle Farms review, we’ll show you the most popular products in the brand’s collection, and discuss some potential uses. Keep reading to the end for a special Tweedle Farms discount code, which can be used exclusively at 

Tweedle Farms CBD Flower 

CBD FloweUnsurprisingly for a company that grows its own hemp, the standout products in the Tweedle Farms range are its CBD buds. CBD-rich hemp flower doesn’t have any of the intoxicating effects in marijuana, even though on appearance and aroma, there’s little to choose between the two. But CBD flower won’t get you baked because it’s got less than 0.3% delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a legal requirement for any hemp-based product.

CBD flower is great for smoking, especially if you want an authentic, full-flavor hemp experience. It’s also just as effective in a dry-herb vaporizer, and if you want to get funky, why not make your own CBD extracts from Tweedle Farms flower, and use it for baking edibles! Tweedle Farms’ CBD flower doesn’t just contain CBD, but a nice mix of secondary cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. The trace levels of these additional compounds add up, making for a greater therapeutic effect than if you were to consume CBD alone.

Tweedle Farms has lots of CBD flower strains to choose from – here are a few of our favorites.


This is a popular hybrid strain, checking in with more than 15% CBDa, which stands for cannabidiolic acid. This is essentially just CBD in its preactivated state, and when you heat the flower up, all that CBDa transforms into CBD! 

CBDawg buds have a lovely green glow, with the trichomes giving a slightly white finish. This strain boasts and orange and cherry flavor, with a beautiful blast of pine. Beyond the CBD, CBDawg has just 0.1% THC, and contains limone, ocimene, myrcene and beta-caryophyllene. 

The blend of sativa and indica terpenes complement each other well, delivering a CBD experience that’s neither too relaxing nor too stimulating. A joint of CBDawg will go down a treat at any time of day! 

Hawaiian Haze

This strain is a shade more potent, with 16.95% CBDa – that works out to almost 170mg of CBD per gram. Hawaiian Haze is a crossbreed of two famous CBD-rich strains, DC Haze and ERB, and produces a pleasant hybrid effect.

These buds are fairly large and dense, and have a stunning green hue, capped off with a tinting of amber from the trichomes. Hawaiian Haze has a sweet and musty aroma, and an unforgettable sharp and tropical taste. This strain has just 0.05% THC, and three great terpenes – myrcene, alpha-pinene and beta-caryophyllene. The latter is known to exert anti-inflammatory effects via the endocannabinoid system (ECS). 

Like all hybrids, Hawaiian Haze is well-suited for smoking or vaping in the mornings, when you need a mood boost. It’s also perfect in the evenings, when you’re looking for stress relief and soothing effects, but don’t want to feel knocked off your feet. 

Frosted Lime 

This is a milder, sativa-dominant strain with 13% CBDa, and a miniscule 0.02% THC. Sativas are renowned for having energizing and cerebral properties, so anticipate Frosted Lime helping with your motivation and mood, and recharging your batteries if struggling with fatigue.

These buds have a gorgeous, long but thin shape, with a green and gold color. The trichomes also contribute to a somewhat peachy finish. Frosted Lime has a traditional fresh and skunky aroma, and citrus and tropical notes. 

This strain contains four key terpenes: ocimene, limonene, myrcene and beta-caryophyllene. The ocimene and limonene are particularly associated with the stimulating properties of sativas.

Kush Hemp

Enjoy extra relaxation with Kush Hemp, an indica that’s a crossbreed of Elite Hemp and Pre 98 Bubba Kush. With 15.86% CBDa, this strain is fairly potent and a regular-sized joint should give you a dose of 100mg CBD or more. The calming effects of this indica are wonderful at night-time when you just want to chill out, relieve pain and absolve any anxieties and stresses that have been on your mind throughout the day.

Kush Hemp buds are conically shaped and a little bit more dense than regular strains, with a green and gold mish-mash coloring, capped off by a smattering of sticky, resinous trichomes. This strain has a pine and clove aroma, which transforms into a caramel and citrusy flavor when smoked.

Four powerful terpenes take center stage in Kush Hemp: beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, alpha-Bisabolol and limonene. The strong, sedating effects will come primarily from the first two. 


As the name suggests, Lifter is the CBD hemp strain you need when looking for a lift! This sativa-dominant hybrid is not overpowering with the energizing effects, and registers at 14.63% CBDa, a middling amount for hemp nugs. 

Lifter is ideal when you need a mental pick-me-up, in addition to some extra focus and clarity. The lab report shows Lifter has a small level of cannabichromene (CBC), a non-intoxicating secondary cannabinoid linked to positive cognitive effects. 

This strain has less than 0.01% THC, and boasts a musty and spicy aroma. There’s no information provided on the terpenes in Lifter, although we know it’s a crossbreed of ERB and Suver Haze. Furthermore, Lifter has a sugary-spice flavor, topped off with hints of berry and citrus. If you’re seeking flavor, and a strain that has your back morning, noon and night, Lifter is the CBD flower for you. 

Red Bordeaux

The name sounds like a famous red wine from the south of France. So it’s perhaps no coincidence that Red Bordeaux is a crossbreed of Chardonnay and Berry Blossom. This middle-of-the-road hybrid boasts a hefty 15.63% CBDa, and an almost unnoticeable 0.07% THC.

Red Bordeaux buds are bright green and look a bit like a Christmas tree! These green flowers are complemented with amber trichomes, and brown pistils that weave themselves through the buds. Red Bordeaux has a fresh aroma, with hints of sweetness that comes through wonderfully in the sugary and tropical flavor. 

This strain also has four effective terpenes – myrcene, Guaiol, alpha-Bisabolol and beta-caryophyllene. This combo of soothing and stimulating terpenes are what gives Red Bordeaux its hybrid-like effects. 

Suver Haze 

This strain takes things up a notch, with a whopping 18.15% CBDa, which works out to more than 180mg of CBD per gram! Suver Haze is an extra-potent, sativa-dominant hybrid, and superb if you’re seeking stronger relief. Despite the high CBD content, Suver Haze is still perfectly legal, and has a tiny 0.06% THC. 

Suver Haze buds are big and dense, and dark green, in comparison to other CBD strains in the Tweedle Farms range. Peachy pistils dart their way through the green nugs, which are smeared with sticky trichomes. Suver Haze is a crossbreed of Neville’s Haze and Special Sauce, hence the super-high CBD content. 

This CBD-rich strain has a fresh, albeit cheesy aroma, and a myriad of flavors, including mint and mango. Suver Haze contains alpha-pinene, alpha-humulene, beta-myrcene and beta-caryophyllene terpenes. For big doses of CBD and stimulating effects to get you through the day, there’s no better choice than Suver Haze! 

White CBG 

Yes, that does say CBG! CBG is short for cannabigerol (CBG), a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is perhaps the best-known and most intriguing of the second tier. CBG is a little harder to come by than CBD, which accounts for there being just 9.49%. But given the rarity of CBG, that’s actually a really impressive amount! And there’s nothing stopping you mixing some White CBG into a regular CBD strain, and getting the best of both cannabinoids. 

Back to the strain at hand: White CBG is a hybrid, with fairly small and rounded buds. The green flowers appear frosted and are adorned with dark brown pistils. White CBG has a delightfully fresh aroma, and an even better pine and cypress flavor. 

It’s not just the cannabinoids that are different in White CBG. This strain also has rich quantities of Guiaol and Phytol, two fairly rare terpenes hardly ever found in large amounts. Alpha-humulene and beta-caryophyllene are also present in White CBG. 

Summing up the CBD flower from Tweedle Farms 

Every strain in the Tweedle Farms range is pesticide-free, and cultivated without the use of sprays or synthetic fertilizers. With such low THC contents, it’s very unlikely that you’ll fail a drugs test with these strains, although Tweedle Farms does not guarantee a pass. 

Pre-Rolls from Tweedle Farms 

Smoking CBD flower just got a whole lot easier with these pre-rolls! If you can’t roll or simply haven’t got time to roll, there’s no need to get stressed out about it. Tweedle Farms has three awesome pre-rolled joints, tightly and perfectly packed, so you can enjoy a magnificent CBD hemp smoking experience at a moment’s notice. 

Elektra: With a mighty 20.33% CBDa, Elektra pre-rolled hybrid joints are for those who want more. This crossbreed of ACDC and ERB contains beta-myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, alpha-Bisobolol and alpha-pinene. 

Otto Franklin: This is a sativa-dominant hybrid pre-roll with a milder 11.33% CBDa, and a THC content below 0.03%. These are great pre-rolls if you don’t want an overwhelming CBD dose, but are looking for an energizing and cerebral experience. The phytol and limonene terpenes certainly deliver that. 

Otto x Cherry #4: This strong hybrid has a tick under 19% CBDa, and is a pre-roll for all circumstances. The well-balanced effects of Otto x Cherry #4 come not just from the CBD, but also the peppery and fruity beta-myrcene and beta-caryophyllene terpenes.

CBD Muscle Rub 

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more potent topical CBD product on the market than the CBD Muscle Rub from Tweedle Farms. This beautiful full-spectrum salve has more than 1750mg of cannabinoids packed in. This is mostly comprised of CBD, but more than 200mg of cannabinol (CBN) and 26mg of CBG shows this full-spectrum salve lives up to its name. 

And that’s just the start. Numerous nourishing oils are infused into this salve, such as arnica, peppermint, camphor and candelilla. Muscle rubs are of course great for soothing those aches and pains, but any CBD topical product may also ease inflammation and skin complaints. If you want to see the true power hemp can have for your skin, check out this unique muscle rub from Tweedle Farms.

CBG-Rich Hemp Oil Tinctures 

Want even more CBG? Then come and get it with this CBG-Rich Hemp Oil Tincture. This is still primarily a CBD tincture, with 20 times as much CBD as CBG. But very few oils have such a rich concentration of CBG. Moreover, this Tweedle Farms tincture is completely THC-free, so poses no drug test issues! 

This tincture contains a CO2 extracted hemp extract, which removes any impurities. It also contains hemp seed oil, which tops up the omega-3 and omega-6 count. This tincture is available in three forms: 250mg in 15ml, 500mg in 30ml and 1000mg in 30ml.

Tincture oils can be used in several ways. For quickest effects, take under the tongue, where the cannabinoids are absorbed by the sublingual mucous membranes. But you can also swallow directly, or add to food or drink for longer effects. Tincture oils even work on the skin! 

Tweedle Farms coupon code! 

It’s great to have you on our blog! We’re dedicated to educating you about CBD, and the latest research about hemp. We’re also keen to introduce you to exciting new brands and products, so you can level up your CBD experience. As a thank you for reading this post, enter save10 when checking out for 10% off on your next order! 

Final thoughts 

Tweedle Farms is clearly a CBD company that puts an emphasis on bringing quality products to customers. We love their transparent approach – you can check out third-party lab reports for each product – and their deep knowledge of hemp and the products they sell. These are all signs of a CBD brand that’s in it for the long haul, and set on excellence in all they do.


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