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Tweed 10:1 Cannabis Oil is taking Canada by storm

Medical cannabis patients in Canada now have a new top-quality product to get their hands on: Tweed 10:1 Cannabis Oil. Expect a pure, mellow and original buzz when using this product, which is a mixture of cannabis oil and organic sunflower oil.

Tweed Farms renowned for quality

Tweed is the first medical cannabis company in Canada to be publicly traded. Both Tweed and Tweed Farms are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the successful Canopy Growth Corporation, and the alliance has allowed them to assume complete control of the cannabis industry in Canada.

The company is currently pouring its efforts into helping reshape the medical marijuana laws in Canada, with the aim of legalizing production, so that cannabis oil can be manufactured at home. Now the company has received its ground-breaking license approval, world-class cannabis oil is being made in Canada in the form of Tweed 10:1 Cannabis Oils.

Tweed favors simplicity and is focused on keeping products as pure as possible by using the CO2 extraction method. Combining organic sunflower oil with cannabis extract is a genius move, that results in a final oil which is suitable for use in any recipe. Irritation is minimized with Tweed’s cannabis oil, due to its hypoallergenic properties.

Tweed works with a triumvirate of cannabis strains to make its now-famous cannabis oils: Argyle, Bird’s Eye and Princeton. However, the company is hoping to branch out further and develop top-of-the-range oils from even more strains.

One of the best things about Tweed is how transparent they are with customers. The Compassionate Pricing Promise ensures that those who need cannabis oil as medication can purchase it for less. The company also offers huge discounts on its vaping equipment. Furthermore, Tweed places a high importance on keeping its most popular strains in stock at all times – if customers trying to reorder a strain find for some reason that it isn’t available, Tweed will give them a $25 coupon for when it is.

Dosing made easy with Tweed 10:1 oils

Tweed’s great customer support program has earned them a loyal and returning base. This gives Tweed more scope to experiment with its products, as customers know that they are always going to be purchasing quality products made with quality cannabis.

Where does the name 10:1 come from? Every 10 millileters of oil is equivalent to 1 gram of cannabis flower of the strain being used. Products come with a precise syringe – with customers able to work out their doses based on how much dried cannabis they typically consume, medicating with Tweed 10:1 oils couldn’t be easier.

A lot of Tweed customers are cannabis novices, and it takes them a while to become acquainted with the unique effects of cannabis oil. The oral method of delivery can be slow-acting – give your oil an hour or two before making any judgment on whether it’s working or not. Tweed recommends first-time users start with 1ml of oil, and to increase that dosage as they become more comfortable with cannabis.

Tweed 10:1 Cannabis Oil can be purchased online. Their basic products start at $95 per bottle, although prices do increase depending on the strain. The Tweed Pantry is worth having a look at when you’re buying oil – you may find the ideal accompaniment. Tweed prides itself on excellent customer service, and 97 percent of deliveries are shipped on the day the order was made.

This is all fantastic news for cannabis users in Canada who have waited years, if not decades, to be granted widespread access to safe medical marijuana products.

If you have tried cannabis oils of any nature, tell us about your experiences in the comments.

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