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Treating pets with CBD oil

Think cannabis oil medication, and you’ll probably be thinking about how you could benefit from it. But did you know that your pets can enjoy the therapeutic qualities of CBD products as well? Hemp-based CBD pet products have increased in popularity at a gradual rate, to coincide with general heightened interest in CBD and medical cannabis.

Treating pets with CBD oil

It’s not just existing CBD oil users deciding to try their pets on the same. A perfect case to show the effectiveness of CBD oil treatment is that of 12-year-old pug and service dog, Fred. Fred’s owner Johnathan Sexton has epilepsy, and finds that the scent of Fred’s breath, known as ‘pug love’ helps to get him back to normal whenever he experiences a seizure.

“You cannot forget ‘pug love’,” said Sexton, “You just know that scent.”

Fred is known to start licking Johnathan’s mouth and face during a seizure, and that Fred’s ‘pug love’ triggers a response, enabling him to regain awareness of his surroundings and start “connecting the dots.”

Unfortunately, Fred is getting old, and the energy and appetite he had in his younger years has gradually receded over the years. The tonic for Fred? CBD oil prescribed by his vet.

According to Johnathan, just four drops of CBD oil onto a cracker gave Fred his youthful energy back, as well as an insatiable appetite! “I could not get him to quit eating,” explains Sexton.

CBD oil can treat several symptoms in pets, as far as some pets are concerned. Physically, arthritis, gastrointestinal issues and back pain are possible to medicate, with anxiety and stress being common mental symptoms that CBD could be useful for. All Sexton knows is that CBD has helped and possibly saved both Fred and himself.

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