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The Best CBD Joints For Sale in 2020

Man smoking CBD blunt

Non-psychoactive CBD flower joints are the latest big thing in the cannabidiol (CBD) market. Pre-rolled CBD joints provide a convenient and authentic smoking experience, and are well-suited to bringing out the best of CBD’s therapeutic effects. 

On the surface, CBD joints look just like regular cannabis joints – both are packed with pungent, green flower. The key difference is that CBD joints contain flower with high amounts of CBD, and just a tiny level of THC. This cannabinoid composition explains why CBD joints don’t induce a psychoactive ‘stoned’ effect. 

In this detailed guide to CBD joints, we’ll clear up some frequently asked questions (FAQs), and go over the perks of these products, the variety of CBD joints online, and some possible reasons for taking them. We’ll be focusing on pre-rolled CBD joints, with a view on how to roll your own, too! 

Are CBD joints legal?

In one word, yes! CBD joints are legal in all 50 US States and the District of Columbia. Despite technically being a form of cannabis, the CBD-rich flower used in these joints is classified as industrial hemp. The federal government now allows industrial hemp products with less than 0.3% THC, following the successful passing of the 2018 Farm Bill.  

Reasons for smoking CBD jointsRolled CBD flower

As CBD products in general are a recent addition to the United States market, analysts are still learning about why people are purchasing CBD products, including joints. Firstly, pre-rolled joints appeal mostly to those who already smoke, and aren’t worried about the negative health effects of smoking. Joints are also attractive to marijuana smokers seeking a non-intoxicating alternative that keeps everything else the same. 

In terms of self-medication, smoking hemp and CBD isn’t as contradictory as it may seem. Indeed, the inhalation route of administration is remarkably efficient. If you smoke high-CBD hemp flower, the lungs begin absorbing CBD into the bloodstream just seconds after consumption. This rapid activation time beats out nearly all other CBD products, and particularly edibles, capsules and syrups. 

Potential physical benefits

The data suggests that pain is the leading reason for CBD use. The fast effects delivered by CBD joints may be ideal for certain conditions typified by pain, especially those with acute symptoms. 

Research shows that CBD and other beneficial hemp components exert anti-inflammatory effects, as well as wider immune system-regulating properties. Promoting healthy and balanced immune system activity is essential for staving off numerous illnesses, such as arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome and psoriasis. 

Scientists studying cannabinoid activity in the body, and specifically the endocannabinoid system (ECS), are making some interesting discoveries. Increasingly, it appears that ECS dysregulation contributes to fibromyalgia, migraines and perhaps other conditions, too. CBD is touted as a great way of improving ECS function, as it exhibits modulatory effects in the system. 

Potential mental benefits 

CBD joints have several proposed mental benefits. Research on CBD and anxiety is really exciting. Few illnesses have gotten so much attention with CBD, and studies indicate that CBD can reduce social anxiety symptoms. Regulating activity of GABA neurotransmitters, which in turn regulate anxiety, may explain CBD’s anti-anxiety properties. Furthermore, the efficient onset of effects is ideal for managing a disorder which triggers such sudden and intense symptoms. CBD joints could help make panic and anxiety attacks a thing of the past. 

CBD may have a bright future for depression treatment, too, and people are already self-medicating symptoms with CBD products. Research is just getting started, but early studies associate CBD’s antidepressant effects with reduced brain inflammation and increased anandamide levels. In addition, CBD joints also have short-term benefits, working to lift mood and motivation in minutes. 

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is another field of intrigue for scientists. So far, it’s unclear whether CBD is effective as a solo remedy, or whether a cannabis product with some amount of THC is more useful. 

Potential supplemental benefits 

Surveys suggest that most CBD users are self-medicating, but up to 40 percent enjoy products as supplements. CBD is certainly a unique supplement, given its benefits for the ECS. Cannabinoids are pretty much the only compounds that can regulate the ECS, a system that watches over our mental and physical health. 

ECS supplements are rarely discussed, as the system stayed hidden in plain sight until the 1990s. But the importance of a balanced ECS is steadily coming to the attention of doctors, nutritionists and holistic health experts. And there is no better cannabinoid to take than CBD.

CBD nugs in jar falling onto tableAlternative to high-THC flower 

In recent times, marijuana has gotten stronger and stronger. Now, because of recreational legalization in many states, it’s a lot more accessible, too. But what about the ramifications of higher THC concentrations, and more lopsided THC to CBD ratios in strains? The effects of cannabinoids on the brain are not crystal clear, but it is apparent that CBD and THC have polarizing, yet complementing effects.

However, high-THC strains without the CBD risk causing long-term neurological issues. Some evidence shows THC has a neurotoxic action on the hippocampus, a central brain region that manages memory consolidation and motivation. In contrast, CBD exerts neuroprotective effects on the hippocampus, and even stimulates brain cell growth.

What does this mean for regular high-THC cannabis users? It’s possible that mixing up your consumption with some CBD joints now and again may protect from THC’s adverse effects. A 2018 study highlighted how CBD treatment made positive structural changes to the hippocampus. Fascinatingly, the beneficial effects were even greater among the heaviest users.

With CBD joints, you can still have a smoke when you want, while protecting the brain, and even lowering cannabis tolerance. This means you won’t need as much THC weed to get high! 


Product Reviews

Are CBD joints addictive?

No, CBD joints are not addictive. You may be wondering why, since regular smoking is addictive. The difference is that tobacco cigarettes contain nicotine, an incredibly addictive chemical that over time causes physical dependence. CBD does not have addictive properties, and nor do any of the other compounds in legal CBD joints. 

Therefore, you can smoke CBD when you like, and as much as you like, without worrying about getting hooked. CBD has no abuse potential – take that from the World Health Organization! As it happens, the debate on CBD and addiction is whether the cannabinoid has anti-addictive properties. 

A small trial looking at giving CBD inhalers to tobacco smokers found that CBD reduced overall cigarette intake. One study does not equate to undisputed clinical evidence, but it’s a clear sign that CBD – and products like CBD joints aren’t going to cause addiction.

Pre-rolled CBD joints 

Pre-rolls are all about making your life easier! Hemp and cannabis connoisseurs may love the process of skinning a perfect joint, but others simply don’t have the knowhow, patience or desire to learn! 

With pre-rolled CBD joints, whether it’s first thing in the morning, or last thing at night, you can always spark up in a matter of seconds. Moreover, CBD joints are tightly-packed and burn evenly, the optimum conditions for a smooth smoke. 

CBD and Kief Infused Pre-Rolls 

Strawberry lemonade CBD Genesis prerollThese CBD joints from the CBD Genesis collection are more potent than regular joints, thanks to the addition of kief. Consider kief a highly-potent extract, comprised from the CBD-rich, resinous trichomes of the hemp plant. Kief is dusty, and when sprinkled into a CBD joint, ups the strength considerably. This means you can take a much higher CBD dose, while barely increasing the quantity of plant matter smoked, hence limiting the health risks. 

The CBD Genesis CBD and Kief-Infused Pre-Roll range consists of four flavors, which we’ll describe in detail. All joints are rolled with RAW cones and tips, and come in air-tight containers. Joints are sold separately and by the dozen. 

Grape: This joint oozes a gorgeous grape aroma, detectable as soon as you unscrew the lid. The flavor is milder than the scent, but this leads to a pleasant smoke with no coughing! The Grape CBD Genesis Joint has a mighty 25% CBD, and is great for when you need stronger relief.

The rich dose may help with anxiety and stress, while helping to reduce pain, and calm headaches and migraines. Whatever your ailment, the quick response time from joints makes for speedy symptom relief. 

Strawberry: Get fruity with the Strawberry Joint from CBD Genesis. Fruit-flavored strains are often punchy, and Strawberry is no aroma, with a strong aroma that translates into terrific taste. 

Grape CBD Genesis prerollWith the delightful flavor, you’ll love smoking Strawberry on a nice summer’s day. CBD’s calming properties are always desirable, and what better way to get them than with this non-psychoactive CBD Genesis Joint.

Coconut: Allow the Coconut kief-infused joint to transport you to the beach on a beautiful tropical island! Sadly, we can’t physically take you there, but this flavorful joint is the next best thing! The light and refreshing coconut will tingle on your taste buds, and makes for a great smoke, whether you’re having a quick one, or have the time to kick back and chill. 

Strawberry Lemonade: This is another fruity joint, with the lemon citrus slightly more noticeable than the strawberry. As with all CBD Genesis kief-infused joints, Strawberry Lemonade smokes well, and boasts an impressive 25% CBD and 17% hemp kief content.

This potent joint helps not just with relaxation and stress relief. It’s also a fine solution for concentration issues, low motivation and anxiety. And needless to add, this joint has less than 0.3% THC. 

CBD Cigarettes from Plain Jane 

CBD Cigarettes By Plain Jane CBDWhile not strictly a joint, CBD cigarettes are still worth mentioning in this review, as they contain the same ingredients and are also smoked. Plain Jane hemp cigarettes are professionally rolled with rice paper and a filter, and smoke just like a standard cigarette. Every CBD cigarette has a set 72mg of CBD (with 10 cigarettes to a pack) This is a substantial serving that promotes CBD’s sedative effects. 

Original: The Original cigarettes are the standout Plain Jane product. Amazingly, despite being infused with high-CBD hemp flower, they are pretty much aroma-free. That means when you smoke Plain Janes, they don’t create the super strong smell that reminds just about everyone of marijuana! This is possible by removing the terpenes from the hemp flower. Subsequently, these cigarettes may slightly limit hemp’s effects, but if discretion is in order, it’s a trade-off you may be willing to accept. 

Full Flavor: These Plain Jane cigarettes are essentially the same as a CBD joint, except cigarettes are slimmer and hold less plant material. These cigarettes contain hemp flower with the terpenes, so get ready for the pungent wafts of hemp when you light up. 

Buy Plain Jane CBD Cigarettes

Roll your own joints with CBD Genesis flower 

We have CBD joints for sale, but we know some of you prefer rolling your own. And with CBD Genesis hemp flower, you can do just that. We have more than 15 top-shelf CBD strains in stock, and a mixture of sativas, indicas and hybrids. 

With flower, you can roll joints to your liking, and even combine your favorite strains for a blend of effects. Here’s what to expect from indica, sativa and hybrid CBD buds. 

Buy Genesis CBD Flower

Indica strains

These flowers are the most calming, with lots of terpenes that encourage relaxation and relief. The soothing and tranquilizing effects are appropriate for relieving aches and pains, combating stress and taking the edge off anxiety. CBD-rich indicas are superb evening strains, when you want full-body relaxation, and the body buzz that comes from the ‘couchlock’ effect.

CBD Genesis indicas: Catatonic, Tropic Thunder, Green House Bubba Kush 

Sativa strains 

The polar opposite, sativas produce potent stimulating effects, and provide an energy burst when you need it most. Packed with cerebral terpenes, sativas help clear the mind of brain fog and boost mental clarity, putting you in the ideal mental state for focus and concentration. Sativa strains often have mood-enhancing effects, and may help if you have anxiety. That said, some find the stimulating properties a little too much for anxiety – that’s why it’s important to experiment.

CBD Genesis sativas: Emerald Star, Lifter, Sweet Tooth, Sour Patch, Green House Electra

CBD Genesis Electra hemp nugs in containerHybrid strains

No prizes for guessing that hybrids are in the middle of sativas and indicas. Flower effects are on a spectrum, not divided precisely into two categories, and strains that have a mix of energizing and relaxing effects are classed as hybrids. This could mean mental stimulation, with a calming physical effect, or a steady and calm mind, with lots of physical energy. All hemp flower strains have different terpene compositions, and this explains the nuances in effects. 

CBD Genesis hybrids: Super Haze, Pineapple Haze, Cool Mint, Electra, DC Hemp, Berry Wine, AC Diesel, Tsunami, Green House Lifter 

How to roll a CBD joint 

Rolling a joint is like riding a bike – once you know how, you’ll never forget! It’s up to you how complex you want to make the rolling process. Enthusiasts may like rolling crafty cross joints or extended L joints, but we’ll keep it simple with a classic cone-shaped joint. With these, you can pack in more hemp than in a regular effect, which makes for a bigger CBD dose.

Step 1: Grab essentials and grind the flower 

Hemp flower is nice and dry, so is easy to grind finely, which is key for a fine smoke! Get a grinder – ideally one with a kief collector – and grind up as much flower as you want to put in your joint. 

Next, make a crutch (mouthpiece) using card or actual roach paper – any paper that folds easily while remaining firm will work. You can get away without adding a mouthpiece, although having one is well worth it, as it cools the smoke down a little before you inhale, stops flower from going into your mouth and gives the joint more sturdiness.

Step 2: Pack the joint with flower 

Take the folded mouthpiece, and position it at the end of the paper. Evenly spread your ground-up CBD hemp flower across the paper. The actual amount you use doesn’t matter, just ensure it’s spread consistently and without clumps. If you want to increase the potency with kief, now is the time to add it in. As for the best papers, we suggest using hemp papers, as these have fewer chemicals than other papers, and especially flavored papers. 

Pinch both ends of the paper together and pack the flower down, making sure it stays even. It can take a little practice to roll the paper between your fingers, but it’s vital you get this step right. Once happy that the joint has a smooth and even feel, it’s time to complete the roll. 

Man smokingStep 3: roll, seal and smoke! 

This is by far the most fiddly step, and the part that catches a lot of people out. To finish the roll, you’ll need to glue the paper together, as tightly as possible. Tuck the unglued side of the paper under the glued side. Lick a small section of the glued paper toward the mouthpiece, and tack it down. This begins to give the joint some structure, and you can steadily lick and stick more of the paper down, moving away from the mouthpiece. It’s made a little easier by the fact that the paper begins to naturally roll around, creating the desired cone shape. 

Unless you’ve rolled a really fat joint, you’ll probably have a little paper left over at the end. Take a toothpick or paper clip and pack down the flower as much as possible – this is just a finishing touch for a tighter joint. Then seal the joint by twisting the end of the paper over, and smoke it at your leisure! 

Practice makes perfect and the art of joint rolling can take some time to learn. But rolling your own is a great way to personalize your CBD experience, and sample all the strains in the CBD Genesis range to their full effect. 

Where to buy CBD joints online

You can buy CBD joints right here on CBDVapeJuice.Net! We specialize in all things CBD, and carry multiple joints and flower strains we just know you’re going to love. We ship CBD joints and flower to all 50 states, so wherever you are, place your order and we’ll send it your way! Order over $25 will receive free shipping.

Are CBD joints bad for your lungs?

No form of smoking is healthy or safe. Breathing hot carcinogenic smoke deeply into your lungs is riskier than not doing so at all. However, it’s important to gain some perspective. CBD-rich hemp nugs – and therefore CBD joints – are non-addictive, so it’s easy to stop if you decide you don’t want to smoke any more. This isn’t the case with tobacco, where nicotine addiction can make it extremely difficult to quit smoking. 

Furthermore, our CBD joints and flower do not contain any additional ingredients, and are made without pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals. This alone makes them cleaner and purer than tobacco cigarettes, which are notorious for having other ingredients – to increase the headrush, improve flavor and so on – which increase the dangers. 

Few studies have been done on the long-term effects of cannabis and hemp smoking, although some research suggests there are fewer risks than with smoking tobacco. We’ll hopefully get a more complete picture in the coming years. Also, while tobacco smokers may get through 20 cigarettes a day or more, hemp smokers tend to smoke much less plant material. And clearly, less overall smoking reduces the risks somewhat.

Non-smokers shouldn’t feel compelled to start smoking CBD-rich hemp, as there are many other CBD products available. Vaping, for instance, is an effective way of minimizing the risks. But if you already smoke cigarettes or cannabis with THC, hemp flower is a less dangerous option.

Final thoughts 

If you’re a hemp and cannabis traditionalist, you’ll love CBD joints. They’ll remind you of the regular cannabis scene, where you can select from many strains and a list of flavors and effects, and then sit back and enjoy your smoke. CBD joints are about relaxation, from the act of chilling out and smoking, to the actual effects. Sure, these products aren’t for everyone, but if you want or need near-instant relief, and seek all of hemp’s benefits, pre-rolled CBD joints are for you! 

Are CBD joints legal?
Yes! Hemp-derived CBD joints are legal in the United States. It’s the cannabinoids that count, not the aroma or appearance! In the United States, federal law permits hemp-based CBD products to have a maximum of 0.3% THC. CBD joints fall under this ruling! It doesn’t matter how much CBD is in your joint, providing THC makes up no more than 0.3% of the product, you’re in the clear!
Are CBD joints addictive?
No, CBD joints are not addictive. You may be wondering why, since smoking has been linked to smoking for decades. But the clue is in the compounds. Tobacco smoking is addictive not because of the smoking itself, but because of the nicotine. Thankfully, CBD joints with less than 0.3% THC do not contain an addictive component. CBD has been shown not to have addictive properties or abuse potential, and some studies have even hinted at the compound having anti-addictive effects.
How much CBD is in a CBD joint?
This is determined by how big your CBD joint, and the percentage of CBD in your flower. Some brands make it easy by stating the exact quantity of CBD present on the packaging, whereas others may just give a percentage. This will take a basic calculation but it’s easy to work out! Imagine you have a 0.5-gram joint, containing flower with 20% CBD. Multiply the percentage by 100, and then again by the size of the joint - that’s 0.5 in this case. That will tell you how many milligrams are in your joint - so, 20 x 100 x 0.5 = 100mg! Easy.
Are CBD joints healthy?
Smoking isn’t healthy, and it’s still the most dangerous way to consume hemp and CBD. However, as CBD is not addictive, it does not come with quite the same level of risk as smoking tobacco. It’s unlikely you’ll smoke anywhere near as much plant matter, and you will be able to stop straight away if needs be, as hemp doesn’t rewire your brain like tobacco smoking. However, if you are concerned about the health risks of smoking CBD joints, please check out our e-liquids, tincture oils, capsules, edibles, topicals and more. We have a massive collection of hemp-based CBD products from the industry’s hottest brands.
What do CBD joints feel like?
CBD joints are separated into three main categories: sativas, hybrids and indicas. CBD sativa joints are the most stimulating of the three, and are associated with energizing and cerebral effects. This fatigue-busting flower is great for motivation and mood, and will give you the all-round energy boost to get through the day. CBD indica joints are quite the opposite, delivering relaxation for mind and body. These soothing strains are ideal for winding down with after a taxing day, and may give you a delightful “couchlock” and body buzz sensation. And while these joints may relax the mind, don’t worry, they don’t induce any psychoactive effects. CBD hybrid joints meet sativas and indicas in the middle, delivering a fine balance between energy and relaxation. These strains are perfect all-rounders, and will leave you feeling great, mentally alert, yet calm at any time of day.
Can you get high off a CBD joint?
No, legal CBD joints with less than 0.3% THC will not make you high. To get a cannabis high, the THC ingredient is absolutely essential, hence why the federal government has set the threshold so low. With this in mind, you could technically smoke two or three 20% CBD joints at once and still not get high - although you would feel very relaxed!
What do CBD joints smell like?
CBD joints smell just like marijuana, before and when lit. That’s because CBD joints still contain the terpenes that give cannabis its pungent and unforgettable aroma. Thanks to the terpenes, CBD joints taste delicious, but the smell is certainly not good for discretion, so you’ll have to smoke these in a private setting. However, if you are looking for a more discreet CBD smoking experience, check out Plain Jane’s terpene and aroma-free CBD cigarettes, which we stock right here at!


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