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The 10 best CBD brands 

When the hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) market first sprung up in the United States back in 2014, it was considered to be a Wild West industry. In a few ways it still is. The Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate products, so no brands have received FDA approval (aside from GW Pharmaceuticals who make a special CBD-based drug for epilepsy called Epidiolex). 

To get around this problem and legitimize themselves, CBD brands have been proactive. The most authentic companies lab test their products, and make third-party lab reports available. This helps to confirm whether a CBD oil product is legal, has the specified concentrations of CBD, and is free from any harmful byproducts, like toxins and heavy metals. 

Many manufacturers selling both CBD-isolate and full-spectrum CBD oil are now taking these steps. The result is the emergence of a better quality CBD market, in which customers can place more of their trust, knowing that a product is safe and will be effective. This post will feature 10 of the best CBD oil brands in the industry, focussing on their approach to making CBD and the type of products that they sell. All of these companies are selling products with less than 0.3% THC, making them legal at the federal level, and therefore across the United States. CBD products can possibly help with:

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress, and much, much more

CBD Genesis 

CBD Genesis have a huge selection of CBD products, including tincture oils, capsules and their famed Genesis hemp nugs. Their e-liquids and tinctures are available in low, medium and high strengths to suit all users, and are made from a CBD-isolate extract with no THC. 

Also popular is the Genesis pain cream, which can double up as an anti-aging product and natural topical for skin complaints. Genesis have a wide range of edibles, including a delicious chocolate bar, which ins infused with CBD and “superfoods” for extra health benefits. Recently, Genesis have started selling flavored dog treats, made from a CBD extract taken from the hemp plant. Their CBD lip balm is an ingenious and discreet way of tackling anxiety. 

Genesis hemp nugs are great for both smoking and vaping. The brand has a collection of indica, sativa and hybrid strains for users to pick from, and nugs can be bought in weights of an ‘eighth’ and a ‘quarter’. Genesis also makes pre-rolls infused with kief for those who want to smoke a perfect joint, without the hassle of having to roll it. 

Third-party lab reports are available for CBD Genesis products. Find these reports on individual product pages.

Koi CBD 

Koi CBD are one of the big players in the CBD industry. They’re one of the top-selling brands because they make some of the best quality products, many of which using CBD-isolate. E-liquids are perhaps Koi’s speciality. They offer users a comprehensive choice of flavors and potencies. Koi also make a flavorless ‘White’ e-liquid which can be used with other vape oils, even if they don’t have CBD.

Koi’s natural CBD tinctures are made with full-spectrum extracts, and are packed with the benefits of CBD, cannabidivarin (CBDV), cannabigerol (CBG) and other non-intoxicating cannabinoids. These CBD oil drops are sold flavored and unflavored. Koi haven’t forgotten about pets, and sell full-spectrum pet sprays and soft chews made from organic hemp. 

Koi CBD was born in 2015. They aim to bring standardization to the market. Their products are made in a pharmaceutical-grade cGMP certified facility, and are third-party lab-tested for quality. Koi takes pride in being fully transparent, and showing exactly how their CBD makes it from farm to bottle. 

Green Roads CBD

Green Roads CBD have a similar philosophy to Koi. They want to guarantee that consumers have access to premium products, made in pharma-grade conditions. Indeed, that’s why Green Roads – operating out of Florida –  make all their products with a licensed pharmacist on site, who oversees procedures. The company was set up in the early days of the CBD industry, and they claim their products are sold in more than 10,000 locations. Customers can access third-party lab reports by scanning the QR codes on the packaging of each product. 

As with all big-name brands, Green Roads have plenty of products to entice users. These include CBD vape oils and cartridges from their ‘Free the Leaf’ range – flavored products made from CBD-isolate. They also make a ‘Daily Dose’ syringe, made with Green Roads’ pharmacist-formulated, medical-grade CBD extract. Green Roads also make a cream for pain relief and general wellness. 

CW Hemp

Charlotte’s Web Hemp caught the attention of Americans all over the country after the story of Charlotte Figi hit the national headlines. The Colorado child suffers from a rare, and serious form of epilepsy called Dravet’s syndrome. Traditional anti-epilepsy drugs proved ineffective for Charlotte. Desperately seeking solutions, they turned to the Stanley Brothers, who were experimenting with a non-intoxicating, CBD-dominant cannabis extract. They were pioneers for this type of product since, at the time, medical cannabis invariably contained psychoactive THC, as well as CBD. 

Their CBD oil made a huge difference for Charlotte, reducing her seizures significantly, from a high point of 300 grand mal seizures per day. This has had a transformative effect on the child’s quality of life. The Stanley Brothers have since named their products after Charlotte. In addition to CBD oil, CW Hemp also make CBD gummies, capsules, creams and products for dogs. CBD may have a therapeutic effect for inflammation, anxiety and depression.  


CBDistillery is one of the most-trusted CBD brands in the United States. Set up in Colorado back in 2016, CBDistillery has bloomed with an ethos of getting products onto the market for less, and giving customers a better deal. Over the past three years, their self-proclaimed #CBDMovement has taken them from a small startup to one of the nation’s best value manufacturers. 

CBDistillery have a range of full-spectrum tincture oils and several different vape pens made with unique terpene profiles. The draw-activated firing system on these disposable pens means they are efficient and a cinch to use. CBDistillery specializes in concentrated products. They have developed broad-spectrum wax, a ‘Terpsolate’ made of CBD-isolate and terpenes, and a CBD-isolate slab. 


CBDfx products are completely organic and lab-tested for quality. They have an extensive selection of isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum products. CBDfx really do have something for everybody. They have disposable vape pens made with or without terpenes, and flavorless vape additives to mix with your preferred e-liquids. CBDfx’s pain cream is infused with menthol, which embellishes CBD’s analgesic properties with a lovely cooling effect.

Recently, CBDfx has brought a CBD face mask to market. This topica hydrates, tightens and cleanses the skin and contains 20mg of CBD. It’s available with cucumber, rose, charcoal and lavender. This is a unique product which shows that CBDfx is always at the forefront of innovation. They are certainly setting an example for CBD beauty brands and this is one of our top picks. 

Heady Harvest

Heady Harvest CBD products are available all over the world, and product reviews suggest they are very popular with customers. This brand is known for putting a twist on regular CBD products to make them more effective and therapeutic. Take their CBD capsules for instance. Heady Harvest have a tub for extra relaxing effects, and a tub for extra energizing effects. Capsules are made with an array of natural extracts, drawn upon from throughout the plant world.

Heady Harvest make a CBD syrup to infuse into hot beverages. This is ideal for when you need several hours of CBD relief. They have also put a CBD twist on some of America’s favorite candies, with infused gummies, lollipops and pixie sticks all part of their collection. 

Funky Farms CBD 

Funky Farms are all about quality and transparency, and the lab-test reports for their products are accessible on their website. This CBD brand is based in Florida. Funky Farms has become one of the best-known names in hemp-based CBD over recent times. They have all kinds of products, from gel capsules to drink packs and a daily dose, but it’s their vape cartridges which caught our eye. 

Funky Farms’ excellent vape juice are made with broad-spectrum CBD and terpenes, but have 0% THC, so you can be assured of a clean drug test. A Funky Farms cartridge contains 1.25ml of e-liquid and a wickless coil. They have paid homage to some of the cannabis world’s favorite strains with their product names, which include Grand Daddy Purple and Gelato. Cartridges are 510-threaded so are compatible with all vape pens, but Funky Farms do make their own vape batteries. 

Select CBD 

Select CBD operates out of Oregon, and were listed in the top 100 Oregon-based companies to work for by Oregon Business Magazine in 2018. This is indicative of good company ethics, and Select CBD are dedicated to making sure their customers are satisfied. This is clear from their use of pure, quality controlled, third-party tested CBD extracts.

Select CBD Drops are a good, reliable tincture oil product. The drops contain 1000mg of CBD extract. Flavored options deliver additional beneficial effects, and successfully mask the hemp flavor. These drops are made with essential oils and fractionated coconut oil rich in MCTs, which increase CBD’s bioavailability.

Select CBD’s pet drops are of similarly high quality. The drops are flavored, so your pet will find them tasty. One drawback of many pet medicines is that the taste is foul, and Select CBD have sought to correct this with their salmon and peanut butter-flavored pet oils. 

Diamond CBD 

Diamond CBD operates all over the US. They are a massive name in the US CBD market. Their products are non-synthetic and contain no THC. Third-party lab test scrutiny confirms this. Diamond CBD uses supercritical Co2 extraction, a necessary procedure to remove harmful ingredients. 

Some of Diamond CBD’s products are made with terpenes, and they even have products infused with honey. Like most CBD brands, Diamond have oils, creams, capsules and products for pets, and a list of gummy products, including their ‘Relax’ range. Diamond CBD products are US-made. 

Final thoughts 

The CBD industry has gone from strength to strength since becoming legal, and that’s without FDA regulation. Key to the market’s success has been third-party testing. This has separated those selling CBD legitimately from companies making poor or fake products, just to score a quick buck. Nowadays, it’s much easier for customers to work out which manufacturers can be trusted, and which ones they should avoid. General interest in CBD is soaring. For that reason we can expect even more brands to emerge in the near future, reinventing what can be achieved with the non-intoxicating cannabinoid. If you are yet to experience CBD, you would do well to do so with one of these brands.

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