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Texas authorities threaten crackdown on unapproved CBD stores

After Texas took its first step into medical cannabis by permitting a patient to use CBD, health authorities in the state have soured matters somewhat by warning of a crackdown on CBD products being sold in unapproved stores. A six-year-old epilepsy patient was granted CBD treatment by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) back in February – she is the first patient to be approved after Texan lawmakers passed a bill to allow medical cannabis treatment in exceptional cases.

The Compassionate Use Act is one of America’s most restrictive pieces of medical cannabis legislation, although it’s still a start for the Lone Star State. Patients with epilepsy are now allowed to use CBD medication for their condition, providing a minimum of two FDA-approved drugs had been tried without success. Also, for a patient to be approved, they would need to have their application signed off by one of 20 state-approved doctors.

So far, just three dispensaries have been given permission to sell CBD products in Texas. However, that hasn’t deterred unapproved vendors from purchasing CBD stock – ranging from oils to edibles – and selling it to the public. The DSHS has threatened to crackdown and is thinking about a proposal to stop the sale of these CBD products.

The three approved dispensaries would not be affected in the event of a crackdown. However, there is a groundswell of support among vendors and customers to oppose it if it comes. With Texas such a large state and only three dispensaries to cover it all, it’s no surprise that Texans want these unapproved stores to stay open.

Brent Rodgers owns smoothie store Root Juices which specializes in CBD-infused drinks. Rodgers reckons that it is up to the Department of Public Safety to decide whether these products need to be taken off the shelves, not the DSHS. Rodgers explained to the Dallas Observer that he would “happily invest time and money” if legal action was required. The Texas Cannabis Industry Association has started a position to oppose the crackdown policy – more than 4,000 signatures have been accumulated so far.

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