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Should I take painkillers or CBD?

Chronic pain and similar ailments are epidemics which have swept across the country. It’s estimated that 100 million Americans experience chronic pain with that number only rising. While acute pain is simple to treat as it is more localized, chronic pain can be much more of a challenge.

The old-school method has been to prescribe painkillers to deal with it, although these are nowhere near as wonderful as they seem. In addition to providing just short-term relief, these can be highly addictive and come with horrible side effects – hence why CBD is being promoted as an alternative.

CBD is putting medical marijuana on the map, as, unlike the plant itself, this derivative is free from any psychoactive effects which have historically put people off and created notoriety around the plant. But the truth is that CBD is much less aggressive than some of these over-the-counter painkillers, and will deliver long-term results. Instead of just suppressing pain, CBD helps to eliminate it entirely.

Here are a few reasons why CBD is popular and a superb alternative to painkillers:

CBD is a muscle relaxant: one of the best ways to reduce chronic pain is to relax your muscles, although exercise and yoga isn’t appealing or even possible for everybody. Furthermore, the chronic pain can sometimes bite the worst during those activities. However, CBD has properties infused which can help to relax muscles, leaving you feeling freer. And once you’ve got a form of medication that can relax your muscles, you’ll be fresher and more up to the exercise you want to do to suppress that pain even further.

CBD is an anti-inflammatory: many diseases are brought on due to inflammation, explaining why CBD is a versatile treatment. Tuberculosis, arthritis and asthma are all diseases which can damage the body’s tissues, and it’s been shown that typical painkillers are not good for your liver or kidneys if used too regularly. CBD, on the other hand, comes with none of these side effects, and will help you to become more restful and calm.


Improves sleep patterns: Speaking of calmness, CBD can help bring you the calmness required to immeasurable improve your sleeping pattern. To get the most out of CBD for this, then you’ll need a slow-release option like an edible, which will steadily release the CBD throughout the night. Indeed, research indicates that you’re better off with lower concentrates of CBD when tackling insomnia, rather than the bigger hits you’d get through vaping.

Tackles depression:
There’s still a massive stigma surrounding mental health, with a lot of medication not being effective as it should – and at least not for very long, and not without side effects. In fact, it can be the fear of physical, chronic pain that can induce mental pains. Studies have proven that around 60 percent of those who have a form of depression experience chronic pain. But a vast amount of anecdotal evidence has pointed at CBD being the solution to these problems. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, chronic pain, or a combination of all three, you may find CBD to be the appropriate one-size-fits-all medication.

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