CBD Vape Juice 

Vaping and cannabidiol (CBD) have never been more popular – so it’s no wonder that the two go together so well. E-liquids and vape juices are being used by people all over the world as a way of enjoying the benefits of CBD, a unique, non-psychoactive, therapeutic substance. 

If you have just stumbled across CBD and vaping for the first time, this post will bring you up to speed on what a vape juice is, the legality of these products, and how they could help you. 

What is CBD vape juice?

CBD vape juice goes by a few different names – e-liquid, e-juice, vape oil. While the types of CBD product that you find may vary, they are all centered around CBD. Part of a rare family of compounds called cannabinoids, CBD is a naturally occurring chemical found in the hemp and cannabis plant. 

The products that you’ll find here are all made with CBD extracts derived from the industrial hemp plant. When making non-psychoactive CBD vape juice, it’s preferable to use hemp, as it has a much higher concentration of CBD, and hardly contains any delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

CBD vape juice is typically made from two types of extract – either CBD-isolate or full-spectrum CBD. The extraction process for isolates separates the CBD from everything else, as to provide a pure CBD experience. Meanwhile, full-spectrum is created with a whole-plant hemp extract, that comprises of other cannabinoids and terpenes to deliver all-encompassing benefits of hemp. There are advantages to using isolates and full-spectrum products, which we will explore further in this piece.

CBD vape juice is generally made with a carrier oil such as propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG), with many brands using a combination of both. These enhance the flavor and feeling of vaping. Some of the products that we stock are also made with MCT oil, which helps to boost the effects of CBD. 

Is CBD vape juice legal?

Yes, every single product that we sell at CBDVapeJuice.net is legal according to federal government regulations, and this also covers CBD vape juice. CBD is legal when it is extracted from the hemp plant, hence why all of our products are made using hemp-derived extracts. 

The law on hemp-based products in the United States has evolved a lot in recent years. The federal farm bill of 2014 permitted the sale of hemp products, providing that the psychoactive content of these products (i.e. the amount of THC) was below 0.3 percent. That’s why you so often see references to products being either “THC-free” or containing less than 0.3 percent.

Additional clarification to the law came in 2018, with an updated version of the farm bill. The 2014 law set the foundations for hemp-based products to emerge, but there was still some confusion as it did not specifically mention CBD products. This new version of the farm bill keeps the same restriction on THC, but makes it perfectly clear that CBD vape juice and all other hemp-derived products are legal throughout the United States.

CBD vape juice effects 

CBD has numerous potential benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing, initiating unique cannabinoid reactions in the body. The effects of cannabinoids are being closely studied by researchers.

Relieves pain

CBD vape juice is an effective way of relieving pain, without experiencing any intoxicating effects or addiction. The relaxing effects of CBD suppress pain signals in the body, providing natural relief from chronic, inflammatory and neuropathic conditions. Many are finding CBD to be a healthier and safer substitute to painkillers.

Releases anxiety

Anxiety and fear are natural human reactions, but it’s vital to manage them so they don’t affect our quality of life. The calming properties of CBD vape juice help to achieve this, promoting a surge of soothing GABA neurotransmitters into the brain. CBD is great for reducing the nervousness associated with social anxiety, as well as generalized symptoms. 

Optimizes your endocannabinoid system 

Our endocannabinoid system (ECS) may be a recent find for scientists, but it sure is essential for our health. Controlling mental variables such as mood and appetite, and physical variables like pain, bone health and immune system response, a balanced ECS is key for good, all-round health. In a nutshell, CBD is an ECS regulator, and can be used as a health supplement in the form of CBD vape juice.

Efficiently enjoy the benefits of CBD 

Vaping offers the fastest delivery of CBD into the bloodstream and all over the body, where it can produce myriad of beneficial effects. The rapid effects of CBD vape juice are not only convenient, but extremely helpful for combatting symptoms of acute conditions, such as pain and anxiety. 

CBD vape juice drug tests

Considering CBD vape oil is made from a derivative of the hemp plant, it’s no surprise that drug tests are a concern of many prospective CBD users. The first thing to know is that drug tests are not trying to detect CBD, as it is a totally non-psychoactive substance that has no negative effect on mental or physical functioning. The cannabinoid that drug tests look for is the psychoactive THC. 

Different drug tests will set different limits on the amount of THC that you are permitted to have in the blood. Full-spectrum CBD products are generally made with a small level of THC, due to the small quantity that was initially in the hemp. This will, because of the law, always be less than 0.3%, and no psychoactive effect is possible in that amount. 

However, this THC could show up in the blood. While it is very, very unlikely that you will fail a test, those who cannot afford the risk may be better served by one of our CBD-isolate, “THC-free” products.

How to find the best CBD vape juice

The best CBD e-liquids and vape juices for you will come down entirely to the experience that you want. When deciding on vaping CBD, you must also think about the strength that you’re looking for, the flavor, and whether a CBD-isolate or full-spectrum extract will work better. 

Some people find that an isolate product has everything they need, whereas others love that full-spectrum products have extra natural flavor in the form of terpenes, and some extra therapeutic benefits thanks to the synergy of the ‘entourage effect’. 

We have a ton of information about each and every one of our products on their respective product pages, and some general information about CBD and hemp on our blog.

If you have any further questions, we welcome you to contact us via our online chat service, by phone or by email, where we will be happy to assist you. 

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