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Cannabidiol (CBD) tincture oils – sometimes just known as CBD oils – are probably better known than any other CBD product. You’ve probably heard a lot of stories in the media about people having great results with either CBD or cannabis. They are usually taking CBD in oil form.
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This post is intended to be an informative guide on CBD and the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It will also cover the different variations of tincture oil products that we have at CBDVapeJuice.net. We’ll also show you how to get the most out of your tinctures. And finally, we’ll cover why they are one of the best ways of taking CBD.

All of the products sold on this site are made with extracts from the industrial hemp plant. Hemp is not a cannabis strain in the typical sense, and is legal at federal level. That’s why we are able to ship our products to all 50 US states.

What is CBD?

CBD is a plant chemical that is present in cannabis and hemp. Part of a group of more than 100 compounds known as cannabinoids, CBD is non-psychoactive. Cannabinoids are exceedingly rare, and have been found in just a few plants outside of the cannabis genus.

Hemp is a rich source of CBD. Combine that with the low levels of THC in hemp, and you have the ideal plant for making therapeutic extracts. Hemp extracts need to be fully purified before they can be used as an ingredient in CBD products.

This is especially important because CBD is a bioaccumulator. The hemp has a cleansing effect on the soil, picking up toxins and heavy metals from the ground. But these must be removed, as it would be unsafe to have them in an oil.

CBD is a popular alternative remedy for lots of different ailments, ranging from anxiety to inflammation. The compound has so many healing qualities, because it is a vital regulator of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a network of receptors and neurotransmitters that is active all over the body.

ECS research

ECS research has progressed rapidly from the 1990s. Studies show that the system affects our sensitivity to pain, stress levels, appetite, mood, reproductive health and the immune system. That’s far from an exhaustive list, but it shows how important balance in the ECS is for us.

The effect of CBD on the ECS is not straightforward. Some cannabinoids are agonists of receptors in the system. In essence, this means that when a cannabinoid binds with a receptor, it unlocks certain effects. But the compound must have the correct chemical composition to attach to the receptor.

CBD’s influence on the receptor is a blocking one, as an antagonist. In some situations, stopping activity at a receptor can be beneficial. For example, as a CB1 receptor antagonist, CBD exhibits an antipsychotic effect.

CBD is also an anandamide (AEA) reuptake inhibitor. In layman’s terms, CBD stops the body – and specifically FAAH enzymes – from breaking down AEA. An essential endocannabinoid, AEA is a CB1 and CB2 receptor agonist. Stopping AEA breakdown boosts levels of the compound, without having to create more.

More AEA in the body allows for better regulation of the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Keep activity at these receptors running smoothly and the ECS will also function without issues. Scientific research has shown that some people may not generate enough AEA on their own. This would make them AEA deficient – CBD would perhaps be the perfect tonic for that deficiency.

General CBD tincture effects

As already stated, CBD can provide unique relief from a variety of problems. Tincture oils are an efficient and healthy way of bringing CBD into the body. The benefits of CBD do not take as long to kick in when consumed sublingually in an oil, compared to edibles. This is because of the way CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream.

When CBD is taken under the tongue, molecules do not have to work their way through the digestive tract. They are simply absorbed by the blood vessels.

Sublingual absorption is a common way of administering drugs in the world of medicine because of this speed of delivery. Just make sure to hold the oil in the mouth for a minute or so before you swallow. This promotes maximum CBD absorption.

Let’s take a look at some types of CBD tincture for sale at CBDVapeJuice.net.

CBD-isolate tinctures

Some tinctures are made using CBD-isolate extracts. Manufacturing these first requires a pure CBD extract to be taken – all the top names use supercritical CO2 extraction for this.

The end product will be several crystals that contain almost 100 percent CBD. No other hemp compounds are present in CBD-isolate extract, these consist just of CBD. Our very own CBD Genesis range of tinctures are made with CBD crystalline isolate.

The crystals are then dissolved into a carrier oil, such as medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil or vegetable glycerin. More companies are starting to use MCT oil in their tinctures as it boosts the bioavailability of CBD, increasing potency. Although hemp products are legally allowed to have up to 0.3 percent THC, CBD-isolate tinctures are always THC-free.

Full-spectrum, pure CBD tinctures

Other tinctures are made using whole-plant hemp extracts. These are referred to as full-spectrum CBD.

We have multiple full-spectrum tinctures at CBDVapeJuice.net, from brands like Hemplucid and CBDistillery. The main ingredient in these tinctures is also CBD, but the extract is embellished with other beneficial compounds.

Some of these are non-psychoactive cannabinoids, such as cannabigerol (CBG), which has anti-inflammatory qualities. Others are compounds known as terpenes, which are not only found in hemp but throughout the plant kingdom.

These therapeutic plant components contribute to a plant’s aroma and flavor. But crucially from a tincture point of view, they can also make an oil more relaxing, or energizing. The exact effects depend on which terpenes are present.

Full-spectrum CBD may have trace amounts of THC, as a result of being a full-plant extract. The extraction process does not separate out any compounds. That’s why only CBD-rich strains with less than 0.3 percent THC are used to make full-spectrum oil.

CBD tinctures with terpenes

Looking for something more than a CBD-isolate tincture, but still want to use a product that is THC-free? Then a CBD-isolate oil with terpenes is the product you’re after. The only cannabinoid in these is CBD, because it’s an isolate extract. But organic terpenes are mixed in afterwards to promote a specific experience.

A CBD-isolate tincture with terpenes may be labeled focus-enhancing or relaxing, because of the terpenes used. Others may be named after the strain that the terpene profile has come from. For instance, the ‘Alaskan Ice’ tincture from Funky Farms CBD has sativa-like effects. The piney and spicy terpenes deliver a pleasant energy boost, not unlike caffeine.

Why should I use CBD oil tinctures?

We have already explained some of the reasons for using CBD products – but what makes tinctures special? Firstly, the only way to get CBD’s benefits quicker than with a tincture oil is by vaping an e-liquid. Vaping isn’t something that everybody is prepared to do. Therefore, tinctures are the fast-acting CBD product that’s suitable for all.

Here are a few conditions that you may find CBD oil tinctures help you with. Please note that the following is just informational content, and not medical advice.

CBD tinctures for anxiety

Anxiety is a nasty mental disorder. The reality of anxiety can be difficult to understand for somebody who doesn’t have it. And even people who do aren’t always aware that they are suffering from irrational levels of fear.

Just about anything can trigger an episode of anxiety, from social gatherings to financial worries. Some people are affected by anxiety 24/7, whereas for others symptoms come and go. The good news is that a CBD tincture oil can help with both. It will help to calm your mental state down, and quieten unhelpful narratives.

Take a dose of CBD oil either when symptoms arise, or prior to an event that may trigger your anxiety. This will help to keep you grounded for a few hours, and reduce the chances of a full-scale anxiety attack.

CBD tinctures for sleep

A large dose of a CBD tincture produces a sense of relaxation, both mentally and physically. If you are having difficulties sleeping due to anxiety, or pain, tinctures are a super option. CBD is non-addictive, and therefore preferable to some sleeping tablets which can cause dependency.

As the CBD becomes active very fast when in a tincture, take a dose just minutes before going to bed. Time it right, and the effects will take hold as soon as your body hits the mattress.

CBD tinctures for migraines

Headaches and migraines can seriously affect day-to-day functioning. Migraines with aura symptoms are even worse, as they cause increased sensitivity to light and sound. There are mainstream treatments for migraines, but the risk of side effects can be off-putting. Many feel more comfortable taking CBD, knowing the threat of these is minimal.

An interesting series of studies has identified the ECS as being responsible for migraines. This has not yet been proven in clinical trials. Although it is fascinating, as the cause of migraines has long proven mysterious. Scientists working on the concept of ECS dysfunction argue that the aura symptoms could be due to CB1 receptor imbalance.

CBD tinctures as a supplement

Regulating your ECS is a great thing to do for your health, even if you aren’t struggling with illness. The system has gone under the radar of nutritionists, doctors and other health experts for so long. The very fact that we all have an ECS shows our bodies can benefit from cannabinoids.

Moreover, regulating the ECS with CBD has benefits for the whole body. It promotes the desired chemical equilibrium of homeostasis. Not to mention, CBD also has therapeutic value for other systems in the body, such as the serotonin system.

CBD tinctures as a recipe ingredient

CBD tinctures could also be considered a kind of superfood. CBD is a stress-reliever, mood-enhancer and anti-inflammatory, and it’s also rich in antioxidants. Who wouldn’t want to get all of those benefits easily, at mealtime?

Whatever you’re cooking, feel free to add CBD oil into the mix. Just remember not to expose the CBD to temperatures higher than 160°. This is the low estimate for the boiling point of CBD – any higher risks burning off the benefits!

What CBD tincture dosage is most effective?

“How much CBD do I need to take?” Sadly, we can’t give you an exact answer. The dosage you require depends on several factors.

Your dosage will mostly be determined by the ailment you’re trying to treat with CBD. But body weight, diet and speed of metabolism can also have an impact. As you won’t know the effects of the latter until you try, be prepared to experiment.

However, as a rough guide, let’s look at the general effects of CBD in small and large doses.

Tiny amounts tend to have a positive effect on focus, and enhance wakefulness. So, if you want CBD for its cognitive benefits, try low dosing. A pure CBD tincture (100mg) would be a good place to start. For chronic pain and sleep, a higher dose will yield the best results.

Lab reports

Don’t buy any CBD tincture oil product until you know the company can show you a lab report. We have made it easier for you by providing the report for products where possible. If it’s not accessible online, most brands leave a note on the packaging for you to view them.

Why is a lab report important? Because it shows that the claims being made about a tincture are true. These are the questions you should ask yourself when looking at a lab report of a product:

  • Does it have as much CBD as it says?
  • Is the THC limit below the legal limit?
  • Are there any other cannabinoids present?
  • Which terpenes are included?
  • Is the product made with a pure extract that contains no toxins?

The more comprehensive a report, the better it is.

Buy CBD tinctures wholesale

The hemp-based CBD industry is thriving. Experts are predicting a continued surge in growth as we head into the 2020s. If you have a business idea regarding CBD, or want to incorporate products into an existing business, now is the time.

Serious about selling CBD? Then your company needs to look at making wholesale purchases. This way, you can slash your cost per item, which will in turn make your business more competitive. Tinctures are a great product to market, because most already have an idea of what they are.

Our wholesale collection is extensive, and we’d love to tell you more. Sign up for a wholesale account by clicking the ‘Wholesale’ tab at the top of this page.

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