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There has been plenty of talk about how cannabidiol (CBD) can be beneficial for humans. But were you aware that it could be great for your pet’s health as well? CBD is a derivative of hemp and cannabis, although all of the products that we sell are made from industrial hemp. While cannabis is still banned by the US government, a legal exception has been made for hemp.
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The reason for this is that hemp has very little of the intoxicating plant compound and cannabinoid THC. However, hemp does have a rich concentration of CBD, which is non-psychoactive but teeming with therapeutic qualities.

In this article, we’ll look at the science behind CBD, and show why it can help both humans and pets. We’ll consider some of the main reasons for giving CBD to your pets. Then we’ll finish up with a review some of the products available for purchase on our site. Let’s get started.

CBD for pets: the research is promising

Much of the research that has been carried out on CBD is applicable for humans, dogs and cats. While there are some key differences in our biologies, there are lots of similarities, too. Indeed, some of the prescription drugs available for dogs are also used to treat humans. The system that is most relevant in regard to CBD is the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The endocannabinoid system in pets  

The ECS has been crucial to pretty much all of the CBD research that has been done since the early 1990s. That’s when the ECS was first identified. This system controls multiple areas of our health, such as immune system response, perception of pain, appetite, bone health and mood. Given how long it stayed hidden, it is amazing how many responsibilities the ECS does have.

Researchers have learned that the ECS is not unique to humans, but is present in many sentient life forms. Moreover, the ECS has not emerged as a recent evolution, but has existed for hundreds of millions of years. This is remarkable, since the compounds in the plant world that are able to impact ECS functioning are cannabinoids.

Hemp and cannabis use dates back to before written records began. Therefore, humans and animals would have always been getting an intake of cannabinoids. However, since these plants were banned in the early 20th century, our relationship with cannabinoids has declined. Many of us aren’t getting the necessary compounds to regulate a network with such influence over our all-round health.

Interestingly, a lot of studies that have been carried out on CBD were first done on rodents before humans. This applies to studies on the brain in particular. Rodents have similar brains to humans, so give an indication as to whether CBD will work for various issues.

Exploring CBD’s benefits for pets

The role of the ECS for dogs and cats appears to be pretty much the same as it is for humans. Therefore, the following benefits should be pretty familiar if you are already a CBD user.

CBD for anxiety

It’s very common for pets to experience anxiety. Like with humans, there are many potential anxiety triggers for pets.

These include fireworks and other unexpected loud noises. New people may also put your cat or dog on high alert. New environments, moving home or leaving them alone for long periods are also things to be aware of.

Cats with anxiety may become very aggressive or go into hiding. Vomiting and excessive meowing are also predictable symptoms. Basically, any behavior that is abnormal for your cat may signal anxiety.

CBD reduces anxiety by elevating the amount of active GABA in your pet’s brain. GABA is a neurotransmitter, which has the role of reducing neural impulses. In humans and pets with anxiety, their brains tend to be working on overdrive. CBD promotes a sense of calm.

CBD for arthritis

There is nothing worse than a pet owner to see their furry friend struggling with arthritis. All of the energy that they may have enjoyed in their youth seems to dissipate. It can make it hard to believe that it’s really them.

The lethargy they begin to experience reduces their overall activity, which can lead to muscle loss. They are likely to sleep for longer periods, and find it more difficult to rise from rest.

Arthritis is often caused by autoimmune issues. When the immune system becomes hyperactive, it starts to attack the body as well as external threats. The resulting inflammation can destroy various organs and tissues. Much of the pain caused by arthritis is due to exposed joints.

New research has highlighted an important link between the ECS and the immune system. CBD is one of several cannabinoids that exhibits anti-inflammatory effects.

In the case of CBD, this is by regulating the entire ECS, which in turn regulates the CB2 receptor. CBD increases active levels of anandamide (AEA), an endocannabinoid and CB2 receptor agonist. When it binds to CB2 receptors, AEA sends messages which help to regulate immune system activity. This stops the proliferation of cytokines, proteins responsible for inflammation.

CBD for pain

Chronic pain is notorious for pets, just as it with humans. It has a devastating effect on quality of life, and especially so for agile cats and dogs.

Agitation and reduced mobility are obvious signs that your pet is struggling with pain. They may even express their discomfort audibly. Eating and sleeping habits often change and your pet could become antisocial.

It’s understandable that many pet owners don’t want to put their companions onto prescription painkillers. Opioids are very powerful and can be extremely addictive, and come with overdose risks. A natural alternative without side effects such as nausea and dizziness would be welcome.

CBD may just do the trick. Cannabis is a well-known analgesic, and research shows that the psychoactive ingredients are not needed. A daily dose of CBD could bring your pet back to their old self.

CBD for appetite

Appetite issues are usually caused by infection or disease. If your pet isn’t eating properly, they can lose a lot of weight, become lethargic and suffer from muscle loss. This can be very frustrating for a pet owner, as it is impossible to know what to give them.

The ECS is involved with appetite regulation, and CBD could have a beneficial effect. Appetite is controlled at the CB1 receptor, and boosting levels of AEA may yield great results.  

Best CBD oil for pets

This section will cover the best CBD products available for pets. We should stress the importance of using products intended for pets, rather than CBD oil for humans. Pets have sensitive bodies, and CBD pet products are veterinarian-formulated so that they are safe. Some of the ingredients in other CBD products may be perfectly fine for humans, but not your four-legged friend.

Furthermore, any amount of psychoactive THC could be very dangerous for your pet. CBD products for humans sometimes have trace levels of THC, below 0.3 percent. Now we’ve addressed those concerns, let’s explore the merits of various products with these CBD for pets reviews.


CBD tincture oils, sometimes called ‘drops’, are a great way of giving CBD to your pet. As the flavor of hemp is pretty earthy, it’s not always that pleasant to take the extract on its own. This is why CBD oil for pets is flavored, often with bacon, chicken or cheddar.

If you can get your pet to keep still, then it’s possible to apply the tincture straight into their mouth. However, as many pet owners know, that can sometimes be a struggle! Therefore, adding the oil to water or wet food may be an easier way to administer it.

We currently have CBD tincture oils for pets from Select CBD and Diamond CBD.


CBD sprays are very similar to tincture oils, but they can make the treatment process much more efficient. As we have said, getting your pet to stay still can be hard work. With a spray, you can simply add it to their food and have them take it that way. Or, you could try spraying it into their mouth.

Koi Pet tincture

We have a CBD spray from Koi Naturals that is infused with 500mg of CBD. No pesticide or chemical residues are found in this product, which is also THC-free.

CBD treats for pets

Want something a little different to oils and sprays? Your pet is bound to love CBD treats. They save you all the hassle of having to give them their medication. Once again, the following products have been veterinarian-formulated, so that they are safe and delicious.

Koi CBD Soft Chews

Koi CBD Soft Chews are made from organic hemp which has been grown pesticide-free and in non-GMO conditions. This product is made from start to finish in the United States of America, and contains all-natural, full-spectrum CBD.

Koi CBd Soft Chews

These soft chews have a yummy chicken and bacon flavor, with each containing 2.5mg of CBD. A pack consists of 25 chews. Koi recommends that you give larger dogs more than smaller dogs – all dosage recommendations can be found on the packet.

You can give these chews to your pets to manage an ailment, as a supplement or simply as a treat.

CBD Genesis dog treats

Finally, we have our own range of CBD Genesis dog treats, that are just perfect for your canine friend. We have made these treats with full-spectrum CBD, and they are grain and gluten free. Your pet will be getting an all-natural treat with these, as we don’t use any artificial colorings or flavorings.

At present, we have two different flavors available: Bacon and Cheddar. You can choose from two different strengths: 500mg and 1000mg of CBD. Each pack contains 25 treats, with 20 and 40mg of CBD respectively. These are high-quality products and the full-spectrum aspect makes the CBD more effective. Therefore, we recommend that you start your pet off gradually with these, and only up the dose when needed.  

Lab reports

Third-party lab reports are the one way you can be sure that a CBD brand is reliable. By hiring an external laboratory to conduct tests on their product, the company shows they are transparent. It shows an even greater level of honesty when those results are made available free of charge.

We want you to know that our CBD pet products are as good as they say they are. So, let’s go over a recent lab report for one of our CBD Genesis Dog Treats.

Our products have been tested by Botanacor Services, who operate in Colorado. Our bacon pet treats have a high level of CBD, and absolutely no THC or THCa (THC in its preactivated state). Furthermore, these treats are free from visual mold, mildew and foreign matter.

Botanacor then gave confirmation that our products are THC-free, and contain the stated 25mg of CBD per treat. A full ingredients list is also provided, along with protein, fat, fiber and moisture percentages. Finally, the caloric content was confirmed at 7 kcal/treat.

Final thoughts

CBD promises to be the next big thing in pet supplements and medicine. This is undoubtedly because of the big role that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) has to play. Moreover, CBD is a great product to give to your pets because of the remarkable lack of side effects.

Whether they are suffering from anxiety, pain or autoimmune issues, it’s worth trying CBD. Many have found CBD products to be life-changing for their pets.

We hope that this guide has made you more confident about giving CBD to your canine or feline. However, do remember that the contents of this page are purely meant to be informational and educational. If your pet is suffering from illness, please ensure you get official medical advice from a pet.

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