CBD Flower

CBD flower: is this the CBD product for you?

CBD flower is a special type of hemp flower. Rich in Cannabidiol, this bud is teeming with beneficial properties that can be enjoyed by smoking, vaping or cooking. Hemp flower is packed with Cannabidiol and other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, proteins, essential omega-3 fatty acids and more.
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Our Genesis flower range consists of 16 strains, all of which have less than 0.3% delta-9-THC. Strains are divided into three categories – sativas, indicas and hybrids – and produce a slightly different effect.

Sativa flower: This type of herb has energizing qualities, and provides a pleasant mental buzz. Ideal for focus and concentration, and combating fatigue.

Indica flower: Suited to relieving anxiety, stress and pain, indica flower is more calming and relaxing than sativas. Perfect for when you’re ready to wind down in the evening, or drift off to sleep.Hemp Flower by CBD Genesis

Hybrid flower: Sample the best of both with one of our hybrids. These work well when you need pain relief, and a dash of stimulation so you can stay on top of your game during the day. 

Our high quality CBD hemp flower is slow dried, cured and hand-trimmed, delivering the optimum experience. The herb is grown especially to be used for smokable Hemp flower, as opposed to regular industrial hemp plants which are cultivated primarily for hemp oil.

You should choose Genesis flower because:

  • Our bud is naturally grown
  • It contains a therapeutic blend of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids
  • Genesis flower is potent, delivering maximum relief
  • No pesticides, herbicides, additives are synthetics are used in the cultivation or harvesting of our hemp

Frequently asked questions about CBD flower

People tend to have more questions about CBD flower than any other CBD products. That’s probably because it looks and smells like weed, but isn’t actually weed! We’ve covered nine frequently asked questions concerning purchasing and using hemp flower. 

Is hemp flower legal?

Yes, hemp flower is perfectly legal, thanks to new legislation for hemp-based products signed in recent years. It’s not the smell or appearance of flower that decides whether it’s legal or not, but the compounds contained within it. 

According to the updated, 2018 Farm Bill, the law permitting hemp-based products with less than 0.3% THC extends to Cannabidiol products. This revision was important as the earlier Farm Bill didn’t mention Cannabidiol. Cannabinoids derived from cannabis are still illegal, as per the Controlled Substances Act. 

The law allowing hemp-based products states that the Cannabidiol must be derived from industrial hemp, with less than 0.3% THC. Cultivators are now breeding Cannabidiol-rich strains with an emphasis on flower, to maximize Cannabidiol concentrations. Providing these plants have less than 0.3% THC – as all our products do, as confirmed by accredited lab tests – they are legal at the federal level. 

Will smokable Hemp flower make me high?

CBD bugsNo. There’s no chance of getting high from hemp-based CBD hemp flower products. You need THC to get high, because of the unique effect it has on the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). Cannabidiol does not generate psychoactive effects, however high the dose. Research even shows that Cannabidiol makes a strain less psychoactive. A hemp flower joint may put you in a good mood, and relieve stress and anxiety, but you won’t ever feel mentally out of control.

Does it make you pop on a drug test?

The risk of failing a drug test with CBD herb is low, but not zero. This product still contains a small quantity of THC. Drug tests only look for the presence of THC, and not Cannabidiol, as the latter doesn’t have intoxicating properties. Smokable CBD flower is not going to induce a high either, with such a one-sided CBD to THC ratio. 

The effects of THC wear off within a few hours, but it can take weeks before the compounds are fully flushed out of your body. Regular CBD herb users may, therefore, accumulate enough THC in their blood for a failed drug test. If drug tests are a concern for you, we recommend that you use isolate products with zero THC. We have a huge selection of these products.

Do you ship discreetly?

Yes. Discretion is important to us, and we want to ensure that your delivery arrives, and that you’re the only person who knows what’s in it! We understand that many people mix up CBD bud with cannabis, and we don’t want to put you through the hassle of explaining it to others! Rest assured, when you buy our hemp nugs, your package will blend in with the rest of your mail.

Do you use smell-proof packaging?

Yes. This is an essential part of our service, and vital to making sure that your delivery arrives, and on time. There’s no risk of your packages having a whiff of herb when you buy from us. 

What does CBD flower smell like?

The flower smells just like standard cannabis herb. Even though these buds Hemp Herbare all about Cannabidiol and not THC, both flowers contain rich amounts of terpenes. These molecules are integral to the powerful and unmistakable cannabis aroma. You should bear this in mind when handling or smoking CBD herb, as the smell could confuse people!

What happens if the post office confiscates your order?

There is still plenty of confusion about the difference between non-intoxicating hemp bud, and psychoactive marijuana. That they look and smell the same does not make it any easier for those unfamiliar with these products. 

If the post office does happen to confiscate your order, don’t worry. There are no punishments for you or us. Once we have received confirmation that your order has not arrived, we will reship the package using a different postal service. 

How do you smoke Hemp flower?

CBD hemp flower is smoked just like any other hemp or cannabis flower. Users typically grind the bud up, roll it into joints or blunts, or smoke it in a pipe or bong. All of these methods deliver the cannabinoids rapidly into your system. It’s also possible to vape flower in devices compatible with dry herb, and use it for making edibles. 

Does hemp flower contain THC?

There may be trace amounts of THC in CBD flower products, but never more than 0.3%. Federal law limits the THC content in hemp-based products, including CBD products, at this low threshold to ensure they are not used for recreational purposes, and that they do not have intoxicating effects. This law was clarified most recently in 2018, with an updated version of the Farm Bill.

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