CBD Distillate

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Distillate

Have you heard about CBD distillate yet? If not, you’ve been missing out! The game has certainly changed with CBD extraction thanks to improvements in technology. Extracts are purer than ever before, thanks to revolutionary methods like distillation.
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In this jam-packed guide, we’ll be taking you through all the important information about CBD distillate. Perhaps you’re wondering exactly what it is, and how it differs from other CBD products. Maybe you want to know where to buy CBD distillate or how to use it.

Whatever your questions, you’ve come to the right place! Even if you already have a favorite CBD product, there’s a chance the unique qualities of CBD distillate could win you over. And if you’re completely new to CBD, distillate could be the ideal place to start!

A growing number of CBD brands are introducing distillate products into their range. So, without further ado, let’s learn all about it.

What is CBD Distillate?

The perfect starting point – what exactly is it? The name kind of gives it away – CBD distillate is a distilled, or highly-refined form of CBD, or cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is the powerhouse, non-psychoactive cannabinoid in hemp that has stormed the wellness market over the last few years.

CBD distillate products regularly contain a whopping 80% CBD, with other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins and fatty acids thrown in for good measure. With CBD distillate, you can enjoy a wholesome hemp experience, that comes with all the hemp plant’s goodness, and none of the stuff you don’t need.

Since it’s highly refined, CBD distillate is pure and free from any harmful by-products. But as always, if you’re looking for CBD distillate for sale, only ever buy lab-tested distillate. You’ll be glad to know we only feature the best and most-trusted brands at CBDVapeJuice.net.

What is the difference between CBD isolate and CBD distillate?

We get it – all the product names and CBD jargon can be a little confusing! And now, with CBD distillate, you’ve got another new name to remember! The primary difference between CBD distillate and CBD-isolate is that distillate consists of a whole-plant extract. In contrast, with CBD-isolate, you’re only getting the CBD, and nothing else. This typically means distillate delivers enhanced and wide-ranging effects, but costs a few extra bucks.

CBD Distillate vs CBD-isolate

This all comes down to personal preference. If you just want CBD, and aren’t sure about a full hemp experience, then you should probably stick with CBD-isolate. Furthermore, CBD-isolate products don’t have any THC at all (that’s why it’s called an isolate!), making them totally safe for drug tests. 

Not that CBD distillate will get you high. By law, all CBD distillate products must have less than 0.3% THC. But by featuring all of hemp’s cannabinoids and terpenes, distillate may have more overall benefits than a CBD-isolate product. 

CBD Distillate vs full-spectrum CBD

Some CBD distillate extracts contain traces of THC (and are therefore full-spectrum CBD distillates), whereas others are THC-free – the latter is sometimes described as broad-spectrum distillate. Again, it all comes down to personal preference. 

THC-free, broad-spectrum extracts offer the “best of both”, with the extra cannabinoids, and no drug test risks. However, others find that small, but perfectly legal quantity of THC adds to the experience, and rather it’s left in. But now you’ve got all the important details, you can weigh up your options and pick the best extract for you! 

How is CBD Distillate made?

Time to get technical. Unlike with CBD-isolate, the key to CBD distillate is keeping all the hemp compounds together. That’s so you can enjoy the “entourage effect”, a special synergy unique to hemp and cannabis plants. 

Typically, the distillate process begins by taking a crude extract using a solvent. However, to make distillate, further refining is required to get rid of any impurities. That’s where “winterization” comes in. 

Combining a crude hemp extract with ethanol for 24 to 48 hours and chilling it right down separates and congeals these impurities, so they can be siphoned from the extract. The ethanol is also filtered out during the winterization process, through rotary evaporation.

Next comes the decarboxylation. Cannabinoids are heated into their activated state, so they can provide us with the benefits we know and love. After all that, the final distillation can take place, where either fractional or short path steam distillation is harnessed to get the extract into its finished, pure and potent state.

How to use CBD Distillate

Manufacturers add CBD distillate extracts to their products, so you use them exactly as you would any other CBD products. For instance, you can buy CBD distillate oil, vape juices or even edibles. 

Why does CBD Distillate crystallize?

Sometimes, CBD distillate hardens or crystallizes, a process most CBD users probably aren’t familiar with. However, there is another, more common product that takes a crystallized form – CBD-isolate. 

In a nutshell, CBD distillate crystallizes because of the very high CBD content. For example, if you have an 80% distillate product, that means 80% of the entire product is pure CBD. In this case, it’s very difficult to keep the compounds separated, and there’s a fair chance they will bond together and crystallize. 

But don’t worry. Crystallization isn’t a bad thing – if anything, it’s a welcome sight as it confirms the super-rich CBD content in your product. Since CBD melts at around 160 Fahrenheit, heating your product (usually a vape cartridge) is enough to reverse crystallization. You could also put your vape cart in a sealed bag and run it under hot water for a few minutes.

Where can I buy CBD distillate?

You can buy CBD distillate right here at CBDVapeJuice.net! We have an expanding range of CBD distillate products from some of the best-known brands in the CBD scene. Just click onto the product pages to learn more about each distillate product in our collection! 

Final thoughts

CBD distillate products are yet another sign of the impressive innovation and progress in the world of CBD. Companies are always looking for tricks and new techniques to get the edge over their competitors. And that means higher quality products, and better CBD and hemp experiences for you! 


What is CBD distillate used for?
CBD distillate is a type of hemp extract used in a variety of CBD products. CBD distillate extracts are perhaps most commonly found in high-strength vape juices. For example, we stock a selection of CBD distillate e-liquids from CBD For The People. But CBD distillate may also be found in tincture oils, edibles and creams. These are excellent extracts if you’re looking for a stronger CBD experience!
Can I vape CBD distillate?
Yes, you can vape CBD distillate. Multiple brands are now manufacturing CBD e-liquids with distillate extracts, because of the rich CBD content.   However, it’s possible that these extracts may become crystallized in the vape cartridge, especially in the strongest e-liquids. This is more of a nuisance than a major problem, as the extract will quickly melt again when heated.
Does CBD distillate get you high?
No, CBD distillate will not get you high. The intoxicating effects of marijuana and hemp plants comes from the THC. This psychoactive compound is either completely absent in CBD distillate products, or present in quantities less than 0.3%, as per federal regulations. With such a low amount of THC, you simply won’t get “high” or “stoned” from consuming these extracts. In addition, CBD likely has an anti-psychoactive effect, lowering the risk of intoxication even further. So you can take as much CBD distillate as you like without having to worry!
Is CBD distillate full-spectrum?
This depends on the CBD distillate product. A full-spectrum CBD distillate product will typically be described as full-spectrum, meaning it has a full profile of cannabinoids, terpenes and a tiny - but legal - amount of THC. However, you may also find “broad-spectrum” CBD, which describes a full-plant hemp extract, with the THC cannabinoids completely removed. Always check product descriptions and package labelling before using CBD distillate products. Refer to the necessary lab reports if still unsure.
Is CBD distillate safe?
Yes, legit CBD distillate products are perfectly safe, just like any other hemp-based CBD products on the market. However, as with any other form of CBD, you still have to take precautions. Remember, as the FDA does not regulate CBD products, there’s no universal system to confirm product quality. That’s why third-party or independent lab testing is such a big deal in the CBD scenes. Companies submit their products to independent labs, who check that they’re all okay. This transparency helps build trust between the manufacturer, and you, the customer. Just ensure that the brand you’re buying from has easy-to-find lab reports, and you should be good to go.
What does CBD distillate taste like?
As a distillate extract contains all the terpenes that you would find in hemp, expect an authentic hemp flavor from your CBD distillate product. However, if for some reason the terpenes have also been removed from the distillate, your product will have no natural flavor, as CBD on its own is tasteless.
Can you fail a drug test with CBD distillate?
There is no risk of failing a drug test with a THC-free, broad-spectrum CBD distillate product. However, since full-spectrum CBD distillate does contain traces of THC, there is a small risk of a positive test - especially since CBD distillate products are typically very potent. Furthermore, THC molecules can linger in the body for weeks before being removed, possibly creating problems if you take lots of CBD distillate on a regular basis. But if you are worried about failing a test with CBD distillate products, the answer is simple: just stick to broad-spectrum CBD!


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