Koi CBD: a world-renowned CBD brand

Koi CBD have established themselves as one of the top names in the cannabidiol (CBD) industry. Their customers can always be certain of getting high-quality products with maximum purity, so that the CBD works as it is meant to. This is vitally important in a market which lacks regulation, and the onus is firmly on the manufacturer to produce excellence.
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Indeed, it was the need for this quality which birthed the company. The company’s founders were acutely aware of the demand for standardized products, which contain the amount of CBD specified on the label. They wanted to make sure that their products could bring a new legitimacy to the CBD market, which was in danger of being flooded by snake oil.

So, they have come up with a CBD extract that not only delivers the full benefits of CBD, but is also fully traceable. Customers are able to find out where the CBD was sourced, where it was tested, and they have clarity on how their chosen product was made.

Koi have developed a popular range of vape juices, tincture oils, edibles and more – all of which we are going to check out in this post. In this guide, we are going to assess the benefits of each product, and explain why there is a need for various potencies.


An introduction to Koi

Koi CBD has a presence all over the world. They source hemp from the beautiful organic farms of Colorado. The company’s operating offices and their headquarters in California and the United Kingdom. Colorado is a wonderful place to grow hemp, as the farms are exposed to high-altitude sunlight. Meanwhile, the Rio Grande river means there is always a supply of fresh, icy and pure water.

Once the hemp has been cultivated, it is taken to a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Processes) facility. Here, it undergoes a process known as supercritical CO2 extraction. All of America’s leading hemp companies utilize supercritical CO2 extraction. This ensures that the extract is as pure as possible. The hemp plant is a bioaccumulator, and picks up metals and other chemicals found in the soil when it grows. Hence, only the finest extraction process cuts it when making hemp-based CBD products.

After the CBD extract is created, it is taken back to Koi’s in-house facilities, where it is used to make all of their products. This includes the flavorful CBD gummies, the tasty e-liquids, tincture oils and even the veterinarian-formulated pet products. Once Koi have made a batch of a particular product, it is taken to a third-party laboratory for testing. The lab will check for the content of various cannabinoids, as well as the overall safety and purity of the product.

All of these checks before the product goes to market, show the company’s transparency. Customers can have full peace of mind that they are getting top quality products every time.

The best of Koi CBD

The standout qualities of Koi CBD has to be the company’s transparency. But that’s not the only reason why they are having such a big impact in the hemp-based CBD industry. In this section, we are going to dive deeper into their best-selling products.

Many people like to get their oil by vaping it, and with these e-liquids, you’re guaranteed a pleasant experience. This is the case whether you’re battling headaches, pain or a bout of anxiety. You can have confidence that a few draws on a CBD-infused e-juice will bring you relief.


No THC: A lot of CBD e-liquids have small amounts of THC, as is permitted by federal law. Hemp-based products are allowed to have up to 0.3 percent THC. But they go a step further, making sure that their products are THC free. You’ll never have to worry again about an unexpected drugs test.

Versatile: Their e-liquids come with great versatility. If you don’t want to vaporize them, you can also take them as if they were a tincture oil, under the tongue. This way, the CBD is absorbed easily and the user still rapidly gets the benefits. Having the option of both is a nice financial perk, as there’s no need to invest in two different products.

Lab tested: Not all CBD manufacturers provide reports for each of their CBD products, but Koi goes the extra mile. They make the third-party lab reports of their products easily accessible, and entail the services of SC Labs. Based in Santa Cruz, California, SC Labs have a reputation for being one of the finest analytical institutions in the country.

Full-spectrum: Full-spectrum CBD offers extra therapeutic value than CBD-isolate products, which only contain the CBD. their full-spectrum oils feature other valuable cannabinoids, including cannabigerol (CBG), cannabidivarin (CBDV) and cannabichromene (CBC).

How to use Koi CBD

It’s worth being aware that the e-liquids from Koi are somewhat thicker than those from other brands. Because of this extra viscosity, you may enjoy better results by blending it with another e-liquid. Or, ensure that you have a vaporizer that is equipped to handle vape juices that are a little thicker than average.

The vape juice is excellent for having a relaxing effect on the mind and relieving anxious thoughts. The 1000mg e-liquid is better than lower potency options, as more CBD is required to have the desired effect. This way, you can get the dose that you need in just a couple of hits.

As anxiety needs to be managed quickly, the fast effects of vaping come into their own, and are preferable than using a tincture oil. Tinctures are great, but the effects are somewhat more gradual.

Exploring the rest of the Koi CBD range

Later in the article, we will look into the benefits of the different e-liquid strengths. But in this section, we are going to focus on the extensive Koi range.

KOI CBDTinctures

In addition to vape juices which can be used as tinctures, they also make oils which are especially designed for sublingual use. These products cannot be used in vape devices.

There is a natural tincture for those who love the earthy, hemp flavor. However, for those who don’t, flavored options are available. Products come in three potencies – 250mg, 500mg and 1,000mg.

Koi Starter Kit

The Koi Starter Kit is recommended for people who have no prior experience with vaping CBD. This is an economical package to get them started. The pack comes with a SmokTech Stick V8 Baby Vaporizer, and a 30ml e-liquid bottle of your choice. The vaporizer has USB charging functionality, a user manual and spare parts.

Koi CBd Soft ChewsSoft Chews for Pets

The soft chews are veterinarian-formulated and 100 percent non-GMO. Therefore, they are completely safe for pets. Each pack comes with 25 soft and delicious treats, which are infused with around 2.5mg of CBD. This is a smaller dosage than humans would typically receive, but it’s just right for pets.

The chews are available in two flavors, chicken or bacon, so it won’t be a challenge to get your dog to eat them!

Dogs under 25lbs should be given one or two treats a day, while dogs weighing more than this but less than 75lbs can safely handle two to three treats daily. Dogs in excess of 70lbs can receive up to 10mg of CBD per day, which is up to four treats.

Koi Pet tinctureKoi Naturals CBD Spray for Pets

If the Soft Chews still aren’t convenient enough for your pet, then the Koi Naturals CBD spray will definitely do the trick. These are also much better than CBD tinctures for pets. You don’t have the problem of trying to keep your pet still while you give it to them! With the CBD spray formula, you can simply add it to your pet’s food.

This product is made with a full-spectrum CBD extract, with 500mg of CBD infused into a 60ml bottle. Dogs under 15lbs should be given up to two sprays per day. Dogs up to 40lbs and 75lbs can be treated with up to three and four sprays respectively. Only add more than four sprays to your dog’s food each day if they weigh more than 75lbs.

How to maximize your e-liquids

In this part, we are going to look at how you can benefit most from the 250mg and 1000mg CBD e-liquids available. CBD is known to be a biphasic substance, which means that the effects of the substance vary depending on the dose. Hence, some ailments can be relieved better with a small dose, while others need a larger dose for the full benefits.

Koi 250mgKoi CBD 250mg

The 250mg e-liquid is ideal for people who haven’t taken CBD before, but want to find out what it’s all about. With a bottle of this potency, you’ll only be taking in small quantities of CBD each vape session, but this can be really beneficial for certain issues.

For instance, an increasing number of people are taking CBD as a concentration booster, or focus enhancer. While in larger amounts, CBD can have a relaxing effect, and induce sleep, reduced doses can have the opposite effect, increasing wakefulness. This is great at work, when you need to be alert for long periods. CBD is a preferable energizer to coffee, as the caffeine can be addictive and cause headaches.

A daily low-dose supplement is good for regulating the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a system in the body that controls several aspects of health. CBD helps to regulate it, but there’s no need to take too much.

koi 1000mgKoi CBD 1000mg

The 1,000mg e-liquid provides the user with a dose four times stronger than that of the 250mg option. Unsurprisingly, this product is better suited to extracting the other benefits of CBD, namely its calming, sedative properties. If you find yourself struggling to get to sleep, or waking up at night, CBD could make all the difference. The product not only helps to clear the mind from anxiety, but has a relaxing effect on muscles as well.

You do not have to worry about taking high doses of CBD, even on a regular basis. CBD does not cause a ‘high’ in any amount, and nor is it addictive, either physically or mentally.

Final thoughts

We really love Koi products, as it is clear that the company goes the extra mile to give their users the best experience. This is definitely the case with the vape juice. It can be used for vaping or as a tincture, delivering a more cost-effective experience. If you use CBD regularly, then you’ll appreciate that this saving adds up over time!

And it’s great that the company put a focus on pets. They have come up with two high-quality products that can help to relieve a pet’s anxiety, pain, inflammation and more. They have also made these products with pet owners in mind, making sure that administering them is as hassle-free as possible.

If you have enjoyed this Koi CBD review and would like to try them out for yourself, please browse through our range at CBDVapeJuice.net. Found something you like?  Enter the coupon code ‘KOI15’ to receive a 15 percent discount on your order!

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