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Jolly Green oil is a cannabidiol (CBD) brand that cares about their customers. They have taken the time to find out exactly what CBD users are looking for, and have worked hard to make it a reality. The result is a varied and quirky collection that clearly distinguishes them from their competitors. There is so much potential in the hemp-based CBD industry right now, and Jolly Green CBD is showing the way.
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The main priority for Jolly Green is to use only the finest and beneficial CBD extracts in their products. You won’t find any mass production going on at their factory. Maximum care and attention goes into every single product, which is hand-crafted and made in small batches. Jolly Green products are made with CBD-isolate, and via a method known as supercritical CO2 extraction.

Hemp is the ideal source for CBD products, as it contains hardly any THC. Concentrations of the compound are nearly always below 0.3 percent, which is the maximum THC permitted in a product by federal law. That’s why manufacturers are having to make their CBD oil with hemp, rather than standard cannabis strains.

THC cannot be used because it has psychoactive, mind-altering properties. Cannabis has been banned in the United States since the 1930s because of its intoxicating effects, but hemp-based CBD products have been legal and sold to all 50 states since 2014. The law change has been great news for farmers and entrepreneurs across the US, but most importantly for those who have enjoyed newfound relief through CBD.

What is CBD-isolate?

CBD-isolate is the type of CBD used by Jolly Green. The reason for using isolate over whole-plant hemp extracts is to maintain the purity of the CBD, which is measured at an amazing 99.9 percent. CBD-isolate is angled toward those who take very big doses of CBD, and don’t want their body to be accumulating small amounts of THC over time.

This isn’t because of undesired psychoactive effects, but because drug testers are looking for THC. And if THC levels in the blood are greater than the varying threshold set by the test, it will result in a fail. The risks of this are very, very low with full-spectrum CBD, but some would rather eliminate it entirely.

However, with isolated CBD, you lose out on terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoids, that all help to make a product more beneficial, through their own presence and the synergistic ‘entourage effect’ that occurs.

CBD-isolate also suits hesitant CBD users who are prepared to experiment, but want a pure CBD product with no uncertainties. The other plant compounds in hemp have not been researched as much as CBD. They are all non-psychoactive, but we know less about the full impact they have on us. That said, the properties of other cannabinoids look to be overwhelmingly beneficial.

Browse through the Jolly Green Oil collection

At, we have a wide range of Jolly Green CBD products, including cartridges, oil, edibles and Juul-compatible vape pods. Let’s look at each in more detail.

Jolly Green CBD Gummies

The Jolly Green CBD edibles party pack comes with 20 gummies, and a grand total of 1000mg CBD. That’s a mighty 50mg per gummy. You’ll find all kinds of gummies in each pack, such as peach rings, sour gummy worms, sour patch watermelon slices and blue raspberry puffs. These CBD edibles carry no aroma.

CBD gummies are a nice treat to snack on during the day, helping to keep your mood up and stress levels down. Many prefer edibles to vaporizing CBD, especially if they don’t have a history of smoking or vaping. CBD from a gummy can also be felt for hours longer than CBD from an e-liquid, although they might not feel as potent.

CBD Popcorn

CBD Popcorn is a delicious new addition to the collection. A popcorn packet is infused with 375mg of CBD-isolate, and is great for chilling out with and watching a movie. You can choose from the following five flavors: Banana, Grape, Strawberry Shortcake, Blue Raspberry and White Salted.

Jolly Green CBD Cartridges

Jolly Green Oil make standard CBD e-liquids, some of which are infused with terpenes. These are available in different potencies and flavors. They also manufacture a honey-infused cartridge, switch perfectly compliments the earthy taste of the hemp.

The honey cartridge has 250mg of CBD, which come pre-filled. This is the ideal strength for low-dose CBD users, and people who are taking CBD to enhance concentration and wakefulness. For other ailments, the stronger 625mg cartridge may work better. At 2.5 times the potency of the honey cartridge, these e-liquids produce more relaxing and soothing effects.

Their CBD products are made with 99.9 percent pure CBD-isolate. These are also made to fit onto all 510-threaded batteries – this is the standard threading for nearly all devices nowadays.

Jolly Green CBD Oil

This 625mg Jolly Green CBD oil can be used for vaporizing or as a tincture. That’s the great thing about having a CBD e-liquid that isn’t sealed into a cartridge – it’s more versatile. At, we currently have four different types of Jolly Green CBD oil: Berry Blast, Froot Loops, Honey and Watermelon Bomb.

These flavors serve to make your vaping experience that little bit more enjoyable, and the 80/20 dominant mix of vegetable glycerin (VG) to propylene glycol (PG) in the carrier oil adds a little bit more sweetness to the e-juice.

The thick, creamy vapor in these e-liquids is a brilliant way to sample Jolly Green CBD oil’s effects. Vape oils and tinctures are popular with chronic pain and inflammation sufferers, as well as those with anxiety.

Juul-compatible Vape Pods from Jolly Green CBD  

American vapers are turning to the Juul in their droves, for its compact and easy-to-use design. While the Juul was designed for vaping regular nicotine e-liquids, Jolly Green have come up with their own pods that are compatible.

Pods are sold in two strengths, 375mg and 425mg, and both are made with 0.6ml of e-liquid in total. That equates to around 200 puffs per pod, working out to either 1.9 or 2.1mg of CBD per inhale. This rough estimate enables you to dose accurately when vaping with Juul pods, something which is not always possible with standalone e-liquids.

We have eight different flavors on sale here. They are: Berry Blast, Froot Loops, Gelato, Mango, Girl Scout Cookies, Watermelon Bomb, Pineapple Express and Grand Daddy Purple. Why not mix and match?

How to add Jolly Green CBD to an ecig

If you’re looking to use a Jolly Green e-liquid product with your own e-cigarette, then you’ll need the ‘Jolly Green CBD Oil’ product at the top of the page. With this product, you can decide how much CBD e-liquid you want to add the tank, and if you want to vape it pure, or with another e-liquid.

Jolly Green Oil Lab Reports

Desert Valley Testing have been hired to confirm if the claims made by Jolly Green Oil are genuine. Getting a third-party lab to do this analysis is always a good sign as it shows the brand has nothing to hide. This is confirmed by the company posting the results of these tests online.

In a typical test, you can expect to find an in-depth cannabinoid profile, and information about the terpenes in a product. A purity check will look for any residual solvents, foreign substances, metals or microbes.

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