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Plus CBD Oil: Great Products for Effective and Quick CBD Relief

Plus CBD Oil has emerged with a huge range of CBD products designed to work for everyone. With vape liquids, oils, capsules, tinctures and topicals all a part of the Plus CBD range, there are a variety of treatments suitable for a number of situations. In this post we’re going to look at the benefits of CBD as opposed to whole plant marijuana and traditional medicine, have an overall guide on what makes Plus CBD oil such a good choice, before analysing each type of product that the company sells.

The Benefits of CBD
The marijuana plant has been around for thousands of years and has always been thought of as an alternative medicine, yet the psychoactive side effects associated with it have always held the plant back from being a mainstream medicine, and it is illegal in many parts of the world. However, recently, it has become possible to separate the cannabinoids within the cannabis plant, effectively enabling people to get all of the medicinal benefits from marijuana without having to put up with feeling “high”, a side effect caused by the presence of the THC cannabinoid (tetrahydracannabidiol). Hence, CBD has forged itself a place as a standalone medicine to rival normal medicines, many of which come with nasty side effects.

So why can you trust CBD? There are two great features of this cannabinoid that should give everybody the confidence to use it regularly and responsibly. Unlike other medicines, it’s impossible to overdose on CBD, so if you feel that you aren’t getting the relief that you should be, you can take more without putting your body in danger. The worst case scenario is that you have taken so much CBD in one session that it loses its effectiveness and cause a plateau – even then, you won’t start feeling worse. Furthermore, CBD is non-addictive, unlike many of the anti-depressants and other tablets that you may have been prescribed. The only possible problem with CBD is that you develop a mental dependency on it.

3g-1pack-Gold-ApplicatorCBD is capable of treating all sorts of issues, both mental and physical. Perhaps best known for its ability to tackle physical pain, CBD is an ideal medicine for arthritis – osteoarthritis and rheumatoid – and for other chronic pains. Anxiety, depression, insomnia and countless other mental disorders can be totally eliminated or at least drastically eased with CBD. The cannabinoid has also been noted for being able to help with people who suffer with otherwise untreatable epileptic seizures.

The versatility of CBD is another strong asset of the cannabinoid. If you need a quick hit to ease the pain then you can vape, but if you have to be discreet and don’t have the time or means to smoke or vape, then you can eat an edible or apply a topical.


CBD v Whole Plant
Much talk lately has been about the superiority of whole plant medicine as opposed to CBD, but it has tended to disregard the overall advantages of CBD, which go way beyond its quality as a medicine. “Whole plant medicine” is marijuana which remains federally prohibited and illegal in many states, meaning using the plant is immediately much riskier – for example, you could fail a drug test.

However, CBD’s transition into a medicine which is widely accepted by the health community has made it very viable. Legal and available nationwide, CBD is both easy to get hold of and is still mighty powerful in itself. Moreover, as we have already touched on, since it’s separated from the psychoactive THC, there are practically no downsides to taking it.


Why Plus CBD?
You may be wondering what makes Plus CBD better than all of the other CBD companies’ products. After all, it’s the same thing, isn’t it? Not quite. Plus CBD’s methodology and overall package ensures that it’s of a higher quality than some of the more unknown CBD brands out there.

three-box-cta-left-1Plus CBD extracts all of their CBD oil from hemp plant, which is recognized federally for being such a CBD-dominant strain, that there’s no point in it being grouped in with other cannabis plants. The THC content is so low in the plant and Plus CBD’s products, that it’s pretty much impossible to become high when taking it – to be legal, a CBD product must contain no more than 0.3 percent THC.

In addition, Plus CBD is superb for the environment since it uses hemp plant to make products. Hemp plant grows quickly and can be used for many purposes beyond CBD – such as fuel and food. Since nearly all of the hemp plant can be used for some reason or other, it’s one of the most economically-friendly plants in existence.

When growing, hemp plant also puts far less strain on the environment than some other plants do. As a CO2 sequester, hemp helps to mitigate the effects of CO2-induced climate change. Moreover, hemp grows very easily and doesn’t need much assistance – the lack of herbicides needed to grow the plant is great for the surrounding plants and soil.


Plus CBD Products
Plus CBD sells CBD in many different forms, each of which has pros and cons. Let’s quickly go over the benefits of each CBD product, and then apply that knowledge to what’s being sold from Plus CBD.


Vape Liquids
Vaping CBD is one of the preferred methods of getting CBD into your system, since it’s more discreet than smoking (while there is a discernible smell, it is far less pungent) and it takes effect quickly. If you suffer with sharp bursts of pain then vaping CBD should be high on your agenda as the other methods do take longer to have an impact.
Inertia_7mg_12mgPlus CBD stocks three different vape liquid products of varying strengths. The Plus CBD Inertia is sold in two different sizes – there’s a 15ml (7mg/CBD per ml) bottle and a 30 ml (12mg/CBD per ml) bottle. The Inertia is noted for being tangy and sweet, and has been verified by third parties to confirm the authenticity of the hemp plant being used. The CBD Isotope is sold in the same strength flavors but offers a slightly different cleaner and purer flavor, perfect if you find the Inertia flavor a tad off-putting.

Both the Inertia and Isotope products work in exactly the same way and are solvent-free, making an already much-healthier vaping experience even better.

The 12mg/CBD per ml bottles are nearly twice as strong as the weaker bottles, and will only be necessary if you are afflicted with harsh and consistent pain. Otherwise, the 7mg/CBD per ml bottle should suffice, but since CBD is non-addictive it doesn’t matter too much, and if you find unparalleled success with one option then stick with it.


Oils and Tinctures
CBD oils and tinctures are a good substitute if you are unable to vape CBD. You can either drip the drops straight into your mouth or add them into your favorite hot or cold drinks to negate the CBD taste. The CBD Oil Drops sold by Plus CBD come in 250mg and 750mg bottles, with 1oz and 20z bottle sizes and the choice of peppermint flavoring. The CBD is hemp-derived and is absorbed by your body quicker than edibles. A 1oz bottle should contain around 80 servings of Plus CBD oil, while the dropper included ensures that you won’t waste any.

CBD edibles are useful when you don’t have the opportunity to go out and vape – perhaps it’s banned or maybe you haven’t got the time to heat up your device. Or maybe you just want to give your lungs a break altogether, even though vaping is far less strenuous than smoking. Whichever situation you’re in, CBD edibles are likely going to be your best friend. They don’t have that strong smell and you can just eat them and wait for the effects to set in – typically anywhere between 45 minutes and an hour.

Plus CBD sells a couple of different edible capsule products, with varying bottle sizes. You can buy either 10mg or 15mg capsules in tubs of either 30 or 60 capsules. You shouldn’t need more than one capsule at a time for the CBD to work and once the effects have kicked in, they can last anywhere from four to six hours.

Topicals and Balms
Topicals and balms aren’t so commonly used but they definitely have a place as a non-aggressive CBD medication. These work with physical ailments by applying the substance to the affected area, which will spark a prompt alleviation of the pain.

balm_Green_300dpiTwo Plus CBD balms are sold – a regular balm and a super-strength balm. In addition to the CBD, these balms also have Vitamin E and fatty acids that are good for the skin. When you apply to the skin, it should be left feeling revitalized and refreshed and regular application will help to improve the health of your skin generally.

Softgels are similar to the capsules sold by Plus CBD, but with the beauty of working quicker. Encased with extra virgin olive oil, Plus CBD softgels are a healthy and brilliant way of getting CBD rapidly into your body. Each serving contains a hefty 15mg of CBD and each tub has 60 servings (60 softgels).

CBD Oil Sprays work similarly to the aforementioned tinctures, but instead of having to squeeze drops into your mouth, with Plus CBD sprays, you can simply spray the CBD straight into your mouth, which tends to be quicker and less messy. The powerful sprays can be purchased in 100mg, 200mg and 500mg servings in 1oz and 2oz bottles. After spraying, swirl the CBD around in your mouth for 30 seconds to a minute before swallowing. You can buy unflavored, peppermint and vanilla sprays, with the option of having extra virgin olive oil included too.


Should the traditional CBD products not be enough for you, then concentrates could be the way to go. These are much stronger than other CBD medicine, so you won’t need to take anywhere near as much to get results. The Plus CBD Oil Concentrate contains 38mg of CBD per serving and is taken orally. These jars of concentrated CBD are sold in three sizes: 1g, 3g and 10g jars.

Concentrates are the purest way that you can consume CBD. All of the Plus CBD products have been extensively tested to ensure that only the highest grade decarboxylated hemp oil is being used – Plus CBD’s hemp is tracked from “seed to shelf” – as an inferior plant would really show up in a concentrated product.

The oil is distilled after it has been extracted from the plant and is done so without using solvents, which helps to keep the CBD pure, fresh and ultra-safe for consumption. And if you needed even more reassurance, know that Plus CBD’s concentrates are tested by both Plus CBD and independent verifiers.


pluscbd logo
As you can see, there really is a Plus CBD product for everybody. Unrivalled care and attention has gone into producing the best CBD options at affordable prices, while only the highest quality hemp plant is used. And on top of that, the information on where the plant used for each bottle was sourced delivers an unprecedented level of transparency, helping to make Plus CBD a brand that you can rely on for tip-top CBD.

We really are in a CBD boom phase with oils, edibles and topicals springing up everywhere. Additional products can often lead to a dilution in quality, which is why it’s even more important with CBD that you know what you’re buying than it usually is. You know that anything you buy from Plus CBD will be consistently good, delivering the results to the extent you’d expect and as speedily as you’d hope for.

If you haven’t previously considered marijuana or CBD medicines to treat your ailments, then seriously think about doing so. With a company like Plus CBD, you can pretty much guarantee your first CBD experience will be a pleasant one.

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