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Meet the “nuns” doubling up as medical marijuana activists

Medical marijuana is up against it in Merced, CA, a town bucking the trend in what is otherwise a pot-loving state.

But plans to prohibit the cultivation of medical marijuana have met an unlikely stumbling block – the opposition of a group of cannabis-growing “nuns” or, as Merced better knows them, the “Sisters of the Valley”. The sisters currently cultivate marijuana for use in CBD products, medical marijuana derivatives with no psychoactive effects.

Merced isn’t typical California, a rare conservative outpost in a liberal-leaning state, and its council is facing significant pressure to ban cannabis “gardening” within its confines before new state regulations are enforced, according to a KFSN report. Cities and counties that don’t determine their own cultivation regulations in time will be subject to those imposed by the state of California.

Sister Kate and Sister Darcey have been producing various medical marijuana products for one year, and the latter sounded her displeasure about the upcoming ban. She described cannabis as “God’s gift” and was frustrated that there was still so much negativity expressed about the plant.

Kind of unsurprisingly, the “nun” thing is just a gimmick from the two “sisters”, but it’s a clever approach that has made the duo recognizable and a voice for the voiceless. However, that isn’t to say there’s no spirituality involved in the making of Sister Kate and Sister Darcey’s products. Indeed, Charlotte’s Web and other CBD-dominant strains are grown in synchronization with the moon’s cycles. The sisters share a property in Merced, and use their garage as a grow room for the plants.

Sister Kate spoke of a “prayerful environment” when discussing the cultivation process, before going on to explain how finished products are sold. The emergence of independent online stores has worked wonders, with Kate and Darcey marketing their stock on Etsy, a site designed for independent entrepreneurs to sell – typically handcrafted – products. The sisters sell CBD oil, tinctures and salves on their Etsy store.

CBD oil and its potential to reduce seizures are well-known, but what of the CBD salve? Sister Kate claimed that it can be applied to heal diaper rash, and also used to deal with tooth ache, migraines and hangovers.

The mercurial double-act has also dabbled in music videos, the nun outfits are just begging to go viral. But what would please the sisters above all else is a change of heart from Merced City Council. Fingers crossed.

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