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Big winners at the 2016 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup

The results of the 2016 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup are in, and this year’s awards has brought our attention to some awesome products from some fantastic companies. It was a great event, but if you couldn’t attend it in person, then fear not, because we’re going to round up all the best bits in this post.

One of the most enjoyable parts of going to a cannabis awards ceremony is that you get to experiment with all the products – the creams, the concentrates, the edibles. Now, you can see which products the judges thought was best and try them for yourselves!

Best cannabis topical

Michigan Organic Rub Extra Relief Vanilla Mint won the award for best cannabis topical. This Herbal Relief product is a cool way to medicate with cannabis, as it doesn’t get you high and takes effect quickly.

Best vape pen cartridge

Skywalker OG from Greenwolf LA won the award for best vape pen cartridge. This strain produces a memorable, flavorsome taste and a wonderful high.

Best high-CBD flower

As CBD continues to grow in its own market, cultivators have put their brains to work to come up with even more potent, therapeutic high-CBD cannabis. The THC levels in these strains are much lower and typically vary from 1 to 5 percent. This means you still get the benefit of the “entourage effect,” while not feeling smoked out. Super Sonic CBD by Radicle Genetics won the 2016 award.

Best non-solvent hash

There was great competition in this category, but Exotic Genetix with The Cuban Grower ultimately won top prize with their Cookies and Cream Cubantech Dry Sift. This hash is extra creamy and crumbles beautifully – no wonder the officials loved it!

Best CBD edible

CBD edibles are perhaps the most popular CBD products after flower and CBD vape oil. CBDee’s Peppermint Lemonade won the ‘best CBD edible’ award at the 2016 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup. This 16 oz product was manufactured by Moss Consulting with LightSky Farms and is not only a refresher, but a pain reliever too.

Best CBD concentrate

Radicle Genetics made another trip to the winner’s enclosure, securing the best CBD concentrate award for their Radicle X Oil.

Best edible

The best edible award went to SweetStone Candy’s Chrondiments Salsa. A tasty, fiery dip, you’ll just want to get a bag of Doritos and tuck into this treat.

Best Indica concentrate

Herbal Solutions picked up a victory in the ‘best indica concentrate’ category with their Purple OG Live Resin. This super-strength product delivers dreamlike sedation.

Best Sativa concentrate

Radicle Genetics showed that they have an entire range of world-class cannabis products by securing a triumph in the concentrate discipline, as Bleeting Goat won best sativa. This is a powerful, energizing concentrate that will get you higher than you thought possible.

Best hybrid concentrate

Herbal Solutions Ypsilanti/Loyal Extracts took home the win in the ‘best hybrid concentrate’ section, with another live resin – this time: Purple Mint Cookie Live Resin.


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