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“Medical cannabis refugees” descend on Colorado

Medical cannabis refugees are real, and they are gravitating toward Colorado, a cannabis-progressive state where patients can freely access treatments that are forbidden in their home states. Individuals and families with severe ailments that could be treated with cannabis are moving thousands of miles for life-changing medication.

And some of the stories emerging from the Centennial State really are miracles – take Boy Scout Coltyn Turner for example, cannabis has enabled this once wheelchair-bound child to stand on his own two feet once again.

Illinois to Colorado

Coltyn Turner, from Illinois, was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2011, and had to put up with unsuccessful conventional medication for several years. When Coltyn was desperately in need of radical cannabinoid therapy, he and his family were forced to relocate, because Illinois was without a medical cannabis program.

Coltyn began life as an energetic and inquisitive child who became a Boy Scout. When Crohn’s struck, and he was left in a wheelchair, Coltyn put his time to good use and read up on stories of other kids in a similar situation to him. During his reading, he kept coming across tales of patients who had used cannabis oil to manage illnesses that were either life-threatening or had left them disabled.

A feisty Coltyn quickly declared that he’d “rather be illegally alive than legally dead,” an astute judgment and confirmation that he too wished to try cannabis treatment. The Turners gave Coltyn their full support and took the huge life decision to move to Colorado where he could get hold of the necessary cannabis oil.

Trawl and the internet and you’ll find thousands of stories about patients benefitting from medical marijuana – with all the new research, they’re coming thick and fast. States that have been reluctant to bring in medical marijuana laws are being left behind and are failing their residents who have only ineffective or side effect-riddled drugs to deal with debilitating disorders.

Coltyn is one of hundreds of children who have had their lives transformed after seeking out medical cannabis medication in Colorado. And there are thousands of others across America who would love to make the trip for life-changing treatment, but simply don’t have the funds.

Following in the legacy of Charlotte Figi

The most famous child patient to be treated with medical cannabis oil has to be Charlotte Figi, a young girl with a rare intractable epilepsy known as Dravet’s syndrome. Charlotte has been afflicted with epilepsy since she was two years old, suffered from many seizures a week prior to treatment, some of which would last for many hours. Initially, a specialist thought that dietary changes could improve Charlotte’s condition, and while this did provide benefits for a couple of years, she still had a weak immune system and low bone density to contend with.

Charlotte’s optimized diet was unable to keep the seizures at bay forever, and in the worst times, she would experience more than 300 seizures every week. The Figis felt hopeless, and in dire need of a working medication, they looked at cannabis oil. They decided to try out this experimental treatment, a new high-CBD, low-THC oil developed by the Stanley Brothers. The cannabis oil, which would eventually bear Charlotte’s name, successfully treated her epileptic seizures, and she now only experiences them very occasionally.

Charlotte, now aged six, can be a normal child again, who can communicate with others, walk unaided and learn.

Final thoughts

The modern cannabis industry is not just set up for the weed smoker, but for those who want to take care of their health while using marijuana. Vape oils and tinctures provide a healthier experience, while topicals (creams, salves, gels) have a knack of clearing up skin complaints and quelling localized pain. Evidence shows cannabis to manage symptoms for some conditions and act as a full cure for others. The neuroprotective and potential neurogenesis properties of cannabinoids such as CBD and CBC are perhaps the most exciting area in medical marijuana research.

Cannabinoids acids have also been realized for their therapeutic effects and are being consumed by some users in the form of raw cannabis juice. And with THCa being non-psychoactive, patients get to enjoy the properties of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) with no concerns of getting stoned.

With a mountain of research into the medicinal benefits of cannabis freely available on the internet, the international vilification of the herb is no longer justifiable. Keeping cannabis restricted from researchers and general citizens is proving detrimental to public health, with many patients battling on with ineffective or dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. But people are awaking up to the never-ending misery of strong painkillers and other addictive pharmaceuticals and are trending towards natural – even ancient – remedies. Cannabis has been utilized for thousands of years and will continue to be for thousands more.

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