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Making the most of your CBD crystals

CBD crystals are high-grade CBD isolates that boast purities of 98% and above – you won’t find numbers like that anywhere else. CBD crystals offer the quickest, most efficient and purest dose of any CBD product, but some CBD users are intimidated by the concept of crystals, unsure how to best use them.
In reality, CBD crystals are versatile and easy to use. Here are a few common ways of enjoying CBD isolate.
Combine with carrier oil
Tinctures, either premade or homemade, are a practical way of taking CBD while on the move, and you can empower your oil with CBD crystals. Hemp seed oil is the perfect oil to mix with. A ratio of one-gram to 10ml of crystals and oil will produce a potent combination. Of course, the crystals will need to be dissolved, so place the sealed bottle into a hot water bath and heat to 140 Fahrenheit for 10 to 15 minutes. After this, your tinctures will be immediately ready for medication. To save time, make tinctures in batches instead of one at a time.

Mix it in your e-liquid

Vaping is a very popular way of consuming many forms of CBD, and crystals are another that you can discreetly inhale with your favorite device. It’s impossible for the average person to discern between CBD and standard e-liquid – and if someone did know it’s probably because they’ve done this trick before!
For every 5ml of e-liquid, use around 100mg of CBD crystals for a medium-level dose (adjust accordingly to your preference). Put the crystals in the e-liquid, ideally using a 70/30 PG/VG ratio and heat the e-liquid to 140 degrees Fahrenheit to dissolve the crystals. Shake the cartridge to ensure all of the crystals have dissolved, then start vaping!

Dab your CBD crystals

Seasoned CBD users will probably be familiar with dabbing, a technique used to inhale vapor from CBD concentrates like wax and shatter. You can also dab with CBD crystals by heating them on your nail as you would any other concentrate. Either heat the nail with a blowtorch, or purchase an e-nail to set the nail at an exact temperature.
Concentrates are potent and when dabbing you inhale the vapor directly, so only small doses are required to medicate. First time users are recommended to sit down when dabbing and to only up their dosage when completely comfortable. However, those who have established a high CBD tolerance will thrive with a dab rig, as they administer hard-hitting, pain-relieving doses in seconds. Strong, pure CBD crystals promise the ultimate dabbing session.

Add crystals to your CBD edibles

CBD crystals can greatly strengthen your CBD edibles, and they take little effort to add in while you’re cooking – there’s no extended process as when making cannabutter. Just melt some butter in a pan, add the crystals and stir until dissolved. This infuses the CBD, and you can then make brownies, cookies, cakes or whatever you fancy following your normal recipe.

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