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Make sure that you’re using pure, potent CBD oil

The immense popularity of CBD has been excellent news for consumers, who now have more choice than ever, although some savviness is required to ensure you’re only buying quality, pure, potent CBD oil. A poor-quality product may be at best ineffective, and not delivering the therapeutic effects promised, or at worst, dangerous.

Americans are searching for healthy, side-effect free alternatives to prescription meds, and CBD – thanks in part to the positive media coverage – has emerged as perhaps the best all-encompassing natural option.

However, finding that quality natural option isn’t always easy, with many products sold online not containing enough CBD to be therapeutically effective, if they even have any CBD in them at all. Here at, you’ll find only high-quality products, but it’s still worth knowing how to differentiate between good and bad CBD products.

Unfortunately, some companies try to get away with selling “hemp” products that contain no THC whatsoever. While industrial hemp is indeed a legitimate source of CBD, some companies are deceptive about how much CBD is present in their products – an issue brought to light by the FDA a few years ago. For some CBD users, this is merely disappointing, however, for those reliant on CBD medication (for chronic pain, epilepsy, MS or whatever), being misled about the amount of CBD present can result in under-dosing.

About Green Roads CBD

Green Roads CBD is one of the leading CBD brands in America and has an increasing global presence. Green Roads CBD is sold at Laura Fuentes, the company’s compounding pharmacist has more than two decades’ worth of experience and is dedicated to ensuring that her products are as pure and potent as possible.

The need for safe medication became apparent to Fuentes after seeing the dramatic rise in patients with various drug addictions. Teaming up with Green Roads proved a wise decision, providing the business with unparalleled expertise and enhancing the quality of CBD products. Fuentes has found that CBD-only medication plans can be wildly successful from her time working with Green Roads, and overseeing several cases.

Greenroads and Fuentes use an ISO6 cleanroom to manufacture their CBD products, eliminating any dust, microbes or particles from sneaking in. This ground-breaking approach has enabled Green Roads to inch ahead of many of its competitors.

Furthermore, Green Roads has all of its products lab tested by third parties to offer complete transparency, a step which some companies refuse to take. Allowing consumers to see the full contents and concentrations of a CBD product naturally gives them more confidence when making a purchase.

Buy from a trusted brand

Green Roads CBD sets the gold standard, but any company that employs similar methods should also be worthy of your trust. As the CBD industry has grown, companies such as Green Roads, Koi CBD and Veedverks have emerged at the top, catering for a wide range of CBD requirements.

With patients seeking natural, non-addictive alternatives to prescribed and over-the-counter meds, it’s even more important that CBD products are subjected to rigorous testing and that companies are transparent in order to build up trust with consumers in an area where they have consistently been deceived.

Keeping CBD products natural and free of additives and pharmaceutical ingredients is the best way of guaranteeing purity and potency. The intense research and development that goes on at Green Roads has enabled them to achieve these goals.

Buy Green Roads CBD at

At you can buy a selection of Green Roads products, including CBD oil, edibles, syrup, shatter, wax and cream. Check them out today!

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