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How to make CBD chocolate

CBD edibles are supposed to be fun and there are now so many options available, from brownies, to lollipops to gummies. In this post, we’re going to keep it simple and look at CBD chocolate. With these you can get your sweet treats and medication in one hit!

CBD chocolate is handy as it can either be enjoyed soon after you make it, or frozen down and stored for a later date – hence, you can make up one big batch, and have it last for weeks or even months. To make CBD chocolate, you will first off have to infuse a CBD-dominant cannabis strain such as industrial hemp into butter. This will activate the CBD, and then the butter can be used to make chocolate as you normally would.

Making cannabutter
Mix in one cup of water into a pound of unsalted butter and slow cook. Then grind up one ounce hemp and add it to the mix – an ounce will make potent cannabutter, although you can always strengthen or weaken it by adding hemp or taking it away. Slow cook the butter and hemp for around eight hours (or longer if you wish – the longer you do leave it, the more the cannabinoids will be infused into the butter).

Strain out the hemp using cheesecloth, and then squeeze the hemp to get every last bit out. Decant the CBD-infused butter into a container and place it into a refrigerator, until it has hardened. This process will also see the butter separate from the water, allowing you to lift the butter out once it’s hardened. Then you’ll have your cannabutter and be ready to make CBD chocolate.


Making the chocolate
Fill a pot with water and bring it to the boil. Mix together cocoa powder and your cannabutter until it mashes into a paste. Keep mashing it up until all of the lumps have gone. Then add the paste into the boiled water and stir it.

After it has been fully stirred, pour the mixture into a bowl, sift in sugar and then stir that into the mixture as well. It may be quite lumpy, so add milk to help make the texture smoother.

Decide whether you want to make the chocolate as one big bar or as smaller pieces and choose the appropriate mold. Place the chocolate into the mold and then put in the fridge so it can harden overnight. Your CBD chocolate will then be all ready to enjoy!

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  1. These CBD chocolates are simply heaven in your mouth, the way they melt in your mouth is simply amazing and since CBD is the perfect cure for anxiety, depression and inflammation this really makes these chocolates the perfect package of health and deliciousness.

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