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Introducing 6 superb high-wattage tanks

High-wattage vaping has become all the rage in recent times, with sub-ohm tanks seemingly dominating the market. The new vape mods available are more powerful than ever, and the tanks are responding in kind. It’s now common to hear of the average vaper using 100-watt setting and above.

Out of all the great high-wattage vapes that have hit the shelves of late, SMOK is the company leading the way, with the TFV8 breaking all records. Exceeding 200 watts with the TFV8 is commonplace, and new developments mean that we could even 400 watts breached in the new future. It’s unprecedented, but soon to become a reality.

For those who want to take their vaping experience to the next level, investing in vaporizers with high wattage tanks is the way forward. Get this right bit and your all set to experience delicious, viscous hot vapor on a regular basis.

1) Horizontech Arctic v12

We can almost guarantee that you’ve never come across a vaporizer with more coils in one coil head than the Horizontech Arctic v12, which boasts a remarkable 24. Arctic tanks are renowned for producing thick, tasty vapor and this model is no exception.

The Arctic v12 caters for two types of users: those who like a calm, moderate experience and those who want intense vape sessions. The former can set the coils to 0.3 ohms, but those who want maximum power can use 0.1-ohm coils that can power to nigh on 300 watts.

2) REVOLVR from Sigelei

Sigelei’s REVOLVR is an excellent sub-ohm tank, although it doesn’t quite reach the wattage heights of some of its competitors. However, this is an impressive piece of equipment that can be used in multiple ways. Made from borosilicate glass, this is a sturdy tank that should easily withstand the stresses of portable use. Up to 4ml of e-liquid can be stored in the tank. The REVOLVR can be used with either three or four coils and comes with impressive customization: the airflow can be adjusted in addition to the coils. The device can be powered up to a maximum of 140 watts.

The multi-coil experiment has paid off with the REVOLVR, a tank that helps produce stunning flavor and consistently excellent vapor.


You’ve heard of the TFV8, now SMOK has come out with the TFV12 Cloud Beast King, a phenomenal super-tank with duodenary coil heads that can nudge 300 watts. An impressive 6ml of e-liquid can be held in the TFV12, a device that looks certain to become popular among the vaping community if SMOK’s previous successes are anything to go by.

The TFV12 has been designed to be as easy-to-use as possible, as evident by the top-fill system that allows for quick, clean refills.


OBS has come up with some fantastic vaping products over the past few years, and heads into 2018 with a phenomenal new sub-ohm tank: the OBS V OCC. This marks OBS’ first genuine foray into the industry of super-powerful sub-ohm tanks, and they’ve certainly made a mark.

The OBS V OCC can be set up with a variety of coil formation, and each has its own subtle differences when it comes to flavor and vapor. The great news for high-wattage vapers is that all the OCC cores can reach 100 watts and above.

However, this sub-ohm tank leaves much bigger impacts with the V8 and V4 OCC cores. These are as powerful as the name suggests, with 180 and 260 watts manageable. Furthermore, these coils are very durable and maintain excellent performance long-term. This piece has a sliding top-fill and comes with four airflow slots.

5) Wismec Reux

The Wismec Reux is 25mm in diameter and can hold 6ml of e-liquid. This device is intended to be used as a rebuildable tank atomizer, and it fits a variety of coils. These include 0.15-ohm coils that can push 250 watts and a 0.5-ohm coil made of ceramic.

The Wismec Reux is an excellent tank that works great with many vaporizers. It doesn’t come with a flip-top but comes with an adjustable airflow.

6) Sense Blazer 200

The Sense Blazer 200 has a mighty tank that measures 26mm in diameter. As much as 6ml of vape juice can be contained in this tank, that comes with coils which can fire up to 200 watts. You have the option to use coil heads made by Sense, but coil heads from other companies will normally work as well.

The Sense Blazer 200 has a handy flip-top system and uses a top fill mechanism. The purchase comes with a 0.2-ohm coil head, in addition to a 0.6-ohm coil head made from ceramic.

Final thought

All six of these sub-ohm tanks can produce wattages that wouldn’t have seemed possible just a decade ago.

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