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Infant’s septo-optic dysplasia treated with CBD

It’s hard to keep cannabidiol (CBD) out of the news, with scientists regularly discovering new uses for the versatile cannabis compound. Families with children who have untreatable types of intractable epilepsy are finding relief for the first time with CBD, and many others are choosing to self-medicate with the substance to treat tons of ailments. Despite this, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is still yet to accept that CBD has medicinal value.

CBD has no intoxicating properties, which is helping to expand the appeal of medical cannabis products. Companies like Green Roads World are succeeding in the CBD market, manufacturing pure, high-quality CBD oil which has proven a miracle medication in several cases.

A CBD success story

Emma is a baby who suffers with septo-optic dysplasia, an unusual ailment which prevents the optic nerve from developing as it should. Total blindness is one symptom of septo-optic dysplasia, but baby Emma’s condition worsened severely when she started to experience numerous seizures on a daily basis.

Emma’s parents and close family initially tried to treat her with conventional medicine, however these were ineffective and littered with harmful side effects that were making life even more difficult for Emma. Unfortunately, many pediatric epilepsy patients are unable to find working medication.

The most popular pharmaceutical epilepsy drugs have such a sedative effect that it can cause the children taking them to lose their personality, becoming too distant to meaningfully interact with their family members. Tracey, Emma’s grandmother, had an inkling that the traditional medicines Emma was being given were causing her discomfort.

Tracey refused to settle with the medical options that the mainstream route had afforded Emma and went in search of other solutions. Her journey took her to Green Roads World, a company which stocks some of the world’s highest quality non-psychoactive high-CBD, low-THC cannabis oil.

CBD, the primary ingredient in Green Roads’ oils, is non-psychoactive and therefore cannot cause hallucinogenic side effects in the user. This gave Tracey some confidence about treating Emma with CBD, although she was still hesitant. The grandmother said she was already aware that “cannabis was beneficial,” but that she didn’t research the herb thoroughly until realizing the extent of Emma’s condition.

Tracey experimented with CBD oil for herself first, and after determining that it was safe for her to use, she decided it would be safe to administer it to Emma as well.

Improvements first started to show soon after Emma’s CBD medication plan begun. Her seizures have ceased entirely since beginning treatment at the start of 2017. Tracey explained that Emma is given a 350mg dosage of CBD, and that her seizures stopped just a fortnight after they started using the cannabinoid. Emma could have experienced further brain damage, which would have damaged her cognitive functioning had a treatment to stop the seizures not been found.

About Green Roads World CBD

Green Roads World is certainly offering many patients a safer and more successful alternative to prescription medication, and without the horrible side effects these drugs carry with them – even some over-the-counter medicines can be harmful with regular use. Green Roads World sells CBD in many forms, such as tinctures, CBD vape oils, creams and edibles. An extensive range of products means that first-timers and long-term CBD users can find something with the appropriate dosage.

Tracey continues to sing the praises of Green Roads World, adding that she sticks with this brand over all the other CBD products on the market because she has researched them and trusts them. And with the effect it’s had on baby Emma, that makes perfect sense.

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