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Identifying the benefits of CBD oil

CBD is one of more than 100 cannabinoids in the marijuana plant and is perhaps the most important of all. CBD’s main benefit from a medical perspective is its lack of psychoactivity, in contrast to the other prominent medicinal cannabis compound, THC. CBD is, therefore, better suited to treating all of the population, including young children and the elderly.

Much of our focus in these articles is on how CBD, the cannabinoid itself, is beneficial users. But in this post, we’re going to consider the specific benefits of medicating with CBD oil and CBD oil-based products. You may just find that CBD could bring relief for you or for somebody you know.

CBD oil: the all-encompassing natural solution

CBD is an effective medication for all types of ailments, whatever age you are. We all experience physical or mental difficulties at some point, and strong painkillers or opioid-based meds aren’t necessarily the answer we’re looking for. Recent research into cannabidiol (CBD) has taught us plenty about what the herb can treat and has given us a better idea of how cannabis compounds work inside the body. Here are a few ailments where CBD is recognized as a working medicine:

For epilepsy – the American Epilepsy Society is supportive of CBD research as a medicine for several seizure disorders. Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome are two common medication-resistant epilepsies that have been treated successfully with CBD oil.

Reducing the number of seizures and the severity of them has been life-changing for the child patients who have access to CBD oil. Fewer seizures allows these children to experience a better quality of life.

For anxiety: around one in 14 people are thought to be affected by anxiety disorders, with that number rising to almost one in five in the United States. A 2011 study that investigated whether CBD could be used to reduce social anxiety in public speaking scenarios produced remarkable results.

Administering CBD, especially to patients who have not used medication for anxiety previously, helped to significantly improve performance in simulated tests. The study identified changes in how the brain functions when CBD is present, and how this helps to manage and process anxiety.

With participants reporting less anxiety, and brain scans showing how CBD influenced blood flow, it’s clear that CBD oil can be a useful and non-aggressive medicine for various anxiety disorders.

For chronic pain: chronic pain is a condition that many people experience at different points, and it can be caused by many factors, including disease and inflammation. Thankfully, CBD is a wonderful natural remedy, and works with cannabinoid receptors to reduce pain perception.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help with conditions such as arthritis, with some studies showing that the compound can repair and restore cartilage around exposed bones. For localized chronic pain, CBD oil can be more effective when infused into a cream and applied topically.

Why CBD is useful

As more studies are conducted, we are finding even more reasons why CBD is helpful – it’s not a stretch to call it a miracle compound. Whether it’s treating children with epileptic conditions, or helping older patients to handle crippling pain, CBD products work and are changing how we medicate.

But there’s also a responsibility for cannabis activists and users to spread the word about CBD and explain the differences between this compound and psychoactive THC to marijuana skeptics. For too long, CBD is linked with THC and medical cannabis is disregarded.

We must battle to end the stigma if the public is to fully benefit from the wondrous properties of CBD. To do that, we must educate and encourage further research.

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