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How to effectively use CBD for anxiety

One of the main benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), according to research and those taking CBD products, is the cannabinoid’s anti-anxiety benefits. Many users report that CBD is effective at reducing anxiety, and that the side effects from this form of treatment are few. Importantly, CBD also seems to be preferable to SSRI drugs and regular medical cannabis, which contains a mixture of CBD and THC, the latter being the psychoactive element in medical marijuana. 

However, there are several forms of anxiety, a debilitating mental health condition that affects quality of life. That’s why it’s important to know about how different CBD products treat anxiety, and what type of CBD is likely to yield the most benefit in various situations. 

In this article, we’ll detail several real-life scenarios that anxiety sufferers have to cope with, and how, through sensible use of CBD, life can become much easier, and crucially, enjoyable once again. We’re going to look at all of this and more:

  • Why CBD is better than other medical cannabis options for anxiety 
  • How to use CBD oil for social anxiety 
  • The best way to take CBD for flying 
  • How to relieve anxiety over public speaking
  • How to manage generalized anxiety with CBD

CBD is the best cannabis or hemp-derived product for anxiety

In many cases, a full-spectrum or whole-plant cannabis product is more effective than a CBD-isolate product. This is because the ‘entourage effect’ enhances the benefits of all the compounds. However, anxiety is somewhat different, since these products all contain a level of THC, which is known to exacerbate anxiety and paranoia symptoms in many patients. 

Because of these adverse psychological effects, anxiety patients may benefit more if they experience CBD in isolate form. Several CBD manufacturers produce hemp oil products with isolate extracts for users who want to keep THC levels in their body firmly at nil. For anxiety disorder, this just helps to maximize the benefits that CBD has to offer. 

That isn’t to say all users endure negative effects on anxiety when using THC. Some actually find the effects of THC to be liberating, and that it helps with relaxation and boosting mood. However, CBD’s effects are much more predictable, and should be the first-choice product for anyone trying to resolve anxiety. And, of course, CBD is legal everywhere in the US and great for general wellness, too. 

Combating social anxiety with CBD 

Social anxiety is perhaps the worst form of anxiety in terms of quality of life. This type of anxiety can make the part of our lives which is supposed to be the most fun, that with our friends, at best a chore, and at worst a nightmare. It also makes advancing through life and meeting new people more difficult than it needs to be. Indeed, those with severe cases of social anxiety may even make poor life decisions because they become so fearful of social situations. Moreover, this anxiety tends to be even more frustrating as it only strikes at certain times. 

The good news for patients, after years of having to put up with subpar remedies, is that there are multiple forms of CBD for social anxiety available. These help anxiety symptoms by working to eliminate the bad thought processes which cause such a problem. And some of the market’s leading brands are even making pharmaceutical-grade products – a sign of just how advanced the CBD industry has become in the past few years. 

The best CBD oil for anxiety is an isolate product. Sublingual oils are excellent for anxiety because the effects take hold swiftly. Essentially, users can enjoy anxiety relief on-demand, taking a dose when they need it. Not having to wait for the effects to kick in makes CBD oil considerably better than SSRI drugs, where it can sometimes be a fortnight before patients see any value from them. CBD tinctures gives back power to the patient over their condition. Knowing that it’s possible to get anxiety relief in minutes ultimately helps to breed confidence that all situations are manageable. 

Easing public speaking anxiety 

Public speaking anxiety isn’t an issue that everybody faces, but for those who do have to get up and talk in front of a crowd, it can be terrifying. People in such a position are told about all kinds of tips and tricks to get through it, such as speaking slowly and clearly. More bizarre advice includes imagining that the entire audience is naked. But while these mental trickery efforts may appeal to some, they aren’t as good as taking CBD gummies for anxiety. 

Helpfully, a study was carried out that specifically looked at the anxiolytic effect CBD could provide for anxiety sufferers in public speaking situations. Researchers investigated the benefits of CBD pills for anxiety, using a large 600mg dose. The positive effects were clear to see, with the 12 people who took CBD finding the build-up to the speech and the act itself much easier than the 12 who had been given a placebo. 

The ideal CBD dosage for anxiety is up for debate, and likely varies from person to person, and depending on symptom severity. In the context of the CBD industry in 2019, a 600mg dose is extremely high. Many of those who are taking CBD to reduce anxiety will be taking daily doses in the 10s of milligrams, rather than the 100s. Not least because a 600mg dose every time would be incredibly expensive to maintain. 

When you need many hours of anxiety relief, gummy bears are perfect. If you want to keep it healthy, then stick to capsules. But the advantage of gummies and other infused candies is the discretion they offer. 

Dealing with generalized anxiety

Generalized anxiety is more persistent and chronic than social anxiety. Some people suffer from both types. But generalized anxiety can cause panic attacks over a range of matters, from financial worries to health concerns. Such anxiety can lead to insomnia and ultimately fatigue, make it more difficult to concentrate, cause irritability, and even physical issues like muscle pain and stomach aches. 

CBD is beneficial as a means for anxiety and stress relief, around-the-clock. Some users prefer convenience, with CBD sprays for anxiety really efficient. These can be kept to hand throughout the day, and it’s possible to deliver a spray every few minutes if necessary to keep symptoms at bay. Those who don’t want their friends or co-workers to know they are using CBD may want to use a CBD lip balm for anxiety. These provide a ready supply of CBD, for whenever it’s needed. And a high-quality CBD lip balm will also suitably moisturize the lips too, making for an awesome two-in-one solution.

It’s also possible to use CBD patches for anxiety. Transdermal patches provide a steady release of CBD into the body throughout the day, and may also have the benefit of reducing aches and chronic pain – a win-win! 

Soothing flying anxiety 

Not every anxious person gets fretful about flying. But for those who do, it can put a downer on the whole trip. Whether flying for work or a holiday, CBD can make being 35,000 feet up in the air just a little bit more bearable. 

First off, it’s important that you only take legal CBD products onto an airplane. Even if you are travelling between two legal states, when in government buildings (airports) and crossing state lines, federal law supersedes state law. So stick to hemp-based CBD with less than 0.3% THC. And to play it safe, a serious-looking CBD product will help. No labels with cannabis leafs, or products that have a stinky cannabis smell. Keep to oils, oral sprays, and edibles and you’ll be fine. 

There are a couple of ways to use CBD for anxiety relief while flying. Some prefer the fast-acting effects of an oil or spray – if that’s you, then dose up just prior to boarding. Others find the whole experience of checking in and going through security stressful enough. If that’s you, then CBD edibles for anxiety are likely to be most beneficial. Take a dose an hour or so beforehand, and then another just before the flight if necessary. The calming effects can work a treat if you want to get a few hours of sleep while flying! 

Tackling various phobias

We all have our phobias. Some people are afraid of clowns. Others find going out at night pretty frightening. And then there are those who get anxious when stuck in confined spaces (claustrophobia). If you have a phobia, the chances are it’s possible to relieve it through CBD treatment. As phobias tend to emerge suddenly and unexpectedly, a product delivering rapid effects is what’s needed. Try CBD oil or, if the situation permits, a potent CBD vape juice. 

Managing Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) with CBD

OCD is a mental health condition that causes obsessions and compulsive behavior in the patient. Anybody can be affected by OCD, and the disorder may strike at any age. Serious OCD can make day-to-day functioning incredibly difficult. Perhaps it’s an unpleasant thought that repeatedly pops up, which then leads to a repetitive behavior that is used to try and banish that thought. But if unchecked, this brain pattern can deepen and become even harder to erase and move on from. 

OCD patients are often recommended cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) drug treatment plan. But a more natural treatment in CBD may provide just as meaningful results. Research has shown that CBD has medicinal potential for OCD, although this hasn’t yet been backed up with clinical evidence. Scientists attribute CBD’s inhibiting effect on anandamide breakdown as a key effect that may help to treat anxiety and depression, and also OCD. CBD’s therapeutic value for OCD could be down to how the cannabinoid interacts with the brain’s limbic system. 

Final thoughts 

Scientists studying cannabinoids and cannabis are really hopeful about what the future may hold for CBD as a remedy for anxiety, but also other illnesses like inflammation and pain. CBD was approved in 2018 as an epilepsy treatment. This was a momentous breakthrough for a drug that researchers knew very little about until the 1990s. 

As for anxiety, the absence of clinical research still prevents doctors from prescribing CBD products for the disorder. But there have been many more smaller studies on CBD for anxiety than for several other conditions. The findings have been encouraging across the board. And these are backed up by questionnaires which show anxiety as one of the most popular reasons for taking CBD. 

What critically works in CBD’s favor is the efficiency of sublingual oils, and even vape juices. Anxiety is at its most notorious when triggered by situations that may be unavoidable, unexpected or both. CBD’s speedy relief of symptoms surely bodes well, and we should get the clinical trials we’ve been waiting for in the next few years.

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