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How CBD treatment is changing lives

Epileptic patients all over the world are opening their eyes to medical cannabis and the power of the plant’s most useful non-psychoactive compound CBD.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of more than 100 cannabinoids in marijuana. Cannabinoids are incredibly rare therapeutic chemicals that are found in abundance in cannabis, but in hardly any of the near-400,000 unique plants that scientists have identified. Historians have uncovered that civilizations from all corners of the globe have utilized cannabis as a form of alternative medicine.

Yet after decades of prohibition, the Western world is only just coming to terms with the fact that cannabis is much more than a narcotic nuisance. In recent times, scientists have studied the chemical makeup of various strains and how compounds interact with the body in a level of depth that has never previously been possible. This detailed research has taught us all about the key cannabinoids in cannabis, and in particular the CBD molecule that has become a savior for patients with treatment-resistant epilepsy. In this article, we’ll outline a few benefits of CBD, and give a real-world example of its use by telling the story of Aiden, a child patient with epilepsy.

The medicinal benefits of CBD

Few plants have graced the earth longer than cannabis has, although as our understanding of the chemical composition of the herb has improved, the variety of strains has increased. The high-THC recreational strains and high-CBD medical strains found in dispensaries today are nothing like the strains that have grown in the wild for thousands of years. In fact, much of the cannabis that our ancestors used would have born more resemblance to industrial hemp than modern medical marijuana.

The high concentrations of THC found in strains nowadays is the result of careful cultivation and crossbreeding over many generations of plants. THC is the psychoactive chemical responsible for the unique “high” that cannabis provides and is renowned for. High-THC cannabis is the opposite to hemp, in that it’s low in THC and high in non-intoxicating CBD.

CBD is put into the non-psychoactive column, although that may not be strictly true. Studies show that cannabidiol does improve mood and make the user more easy and comfortable in themselves – these could be considered psychoactive effects. Crucially, however, CBD doesn’t induce a high that temporarily impairs memory or reduces cognitive function.

CBD has anticonvulsant properties which help with epilepsy, anti-inflammatory traits that can ease arthritis pain. The compound’s general analgesic qualities make it effective for all types of chronic pain. The antioxidant and anti-bacterial effects are best harnessed when CBD is infused into a topical. Studies have found that anxiety patients may also benefit from a dose of cannabidiol.

With such far-reaching effects, the CBD is now being considered as a replacement for harsh pharmaceutical drugs. A particular area of interest is pediatric epilepsy. Just recently, research has shown again that CBD can successfully halt seizures more effectively than a placebo.

Aiden’s story

The federal government is yet to approve any cannabis or CBD medication as a working treatment for epilepsy, however that hasn’t stopped many patients and parents from going to great lengths to use it. With hemp-based CBD products available in all 50 states and cannabis-derived oils legalized in many cannabis-progressive states, the positive anecdotes are mounting up.

Aiden, who developed epilepsy when just 18 months old, is one child patient who has found a level of relief with medical cannabis that pharmaceutical medication simply didn’t deliver. His mother explained that doctors initially administered Keppra to Aiden, and that they told her he would soon be back to full health and that his seizures would clear up. However, in reality, it wasn’t that simple and the Keppra failed to work.

It wasn’t long before Aiden’s seizures had a seriously detrimental effect on his quality of life – the severity and disruptive nature of them stopped him from going to school. Eventually, Aiden’s parents became aware of a company called Green Roads World, a specialist in hemp-derived CBD products. They soon realized that it could be a safe and effective form of treatment.

The results of Green Roads treatments came almost instantly, to the amazement of Aiden’s parents. The proof of just how helpful the CBD could be coming the first time that it was administered to him. Aiden experienced one seizure but was back on his feet and active almost immediately after.

Aiden’s youthful energy and positive attitude to life are two of the most notable attributes that have come back to him since taking Green Roads World’s CBD. Their products are manufactured by people who have used CBD extracts and know exactly what patients are looking for. Their oil is pure, free of toxins and metals, and just generally more effective than many prescription drugs.

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