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How CBD Can Effectively Combat Mental Health

In a society dominated by aggressive fear and tension over our work, politics, and life in general, we often compress and compact our stress upon our bodies – resulting in both physical and mental disorders. While we may not be able to fully solve the perils of modern society, we can have more control over both our mental and physical health with the help of CBD infused products. Let us focus on how CBD can relieve even the most debilitative mental conditions such as

Cannabidiol Calms the Central Systems

Currently on the American landscape, anxiety and stress levels (often early catalysts and indicators of both mental stress and disorder) are at an all time high in our country.  According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, they approximate that 1 in 5 adults in America are suffering from mental illness. That is roughly 43.8 million people in the United States every year that are living with bothersome and rough mental perceptions.

CBD products like CBD oil or CBD gummies relieve the pressure of these numbers; CBD itself is a dynamic medicinal treatment that can combat a variety of mental conditions.

By tapping into our endocannabinoid system, CBD interacts with receptors that induce the mental systems to calmly focus on clarity and reduce inflammation within the blood flow – all without the intoxication and/or addictive effects of certain pharmaceutical prescriptions. Unlike these prescriptions, CBD is absorbed and distributed throughout the bodily system without leaving any debilitative effects.

Reducing Mental Disturbances with CBD

As there are a variety of mental disturbances in our society, CBD answers with a robust list of symptoms and conditions it can fight against. With mental conditions, most patients are looking to long term (if not life treatment) – which CBD products such as CBD oil can ensure that long-term treatment doesn’t have to be addicting or toxic in of itself.

Even severe conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be treated with CBD treatment, instead of the addictive prescriptions of such as Zoloft.

By tapping into the endocannabinoid system, a CBD prescription can induce rest (both on a cellular and mental level) alongside reducing the chances of hypervigilance – a state of heightened and stressed awareness. By being too long in this state, paranoia and anxiety takes its toll on the perception of the PTSD patient – warping and confusing the perception of reality to the user.

CBD does not add any additional anxiety or chemical burdens onto the individual – instead, offering pure and natural relief of both mind and body.

Quieting the Tics and Seizures with CBD

Another two mental conditions that effect the body in spurts of uncontrollable fits can be relieved and regulated with the use of CBD. Both epilepsy and many conditions of Tourette’s Syndrome such as tics and seizures can be lessened with the use of CBD products and CBD prescriptions. In some studies, the seizures and fits are outright prevented from occurring at all!

By tapping into the body’s own natural healing cycle, the brain can benefit from the detoxified and deoxidated healing capabilities of CBD.

And what makes CBD an even more effective mental health booster is the fact that CBD can be safely ingested and digested by anybody of any age- from late in life to as early as a new born. So even debilitative and degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s or childhood epilepsy may be treated with CBD products such as CBD candy or CBD food.  The vast potential of CBD make’s it a no-brainer when it comes to helping with your mental health.

Addiction of the Mind Relieved by CBD

While we have been focused primarily on CBD treating conditions that have both mental and physical responses and conditions, we haven’t focused on how CBD can treat mental symptoms that are wholly in the realm of the mind. These will include fears and phobias, alongside disproportionate representations of reality such as body dysmorphia or paranoia.

In a hectic society dominated by constantly stereotyped and unrealistic advertising, many individuals are finding themselves falling deeper and deeper into negative mental spaces.

CBD looks to relieve the perils of modern society by enabling the patient to be more relaxed and calmer by reducing inflammation in the body. By doing this, CBD allows cleaner blood flow throughout the body which reduces swelling and stress. If body dysmorphia came from an advertised Victoria’s Secret pop-up, CBD enables the user to appreciate and enjoy the body that is most natural to them – without the guilt-shame and mental stress.

By tapping into our blood flow and relaxing us from the unrealistic demands of the external world, CBD enables individuals to make a living of enjoying themselves FOR themselves.

Concluding with CBD Calm

While the medical landscape will be filled with false promises and hefty prescription costs, you may take a breather with knowing that CBD does not add to your stresses. Every day that passes introduces more CBD products into the markets ensuring a multitude of new ways to ingest this miraculous chemical compound. Wholly safe for both the young and old alongside alleviating both our bodies and minds, CBD products are a no-brainer for our holistic health.


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