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How hemp is being used in the cosmetic industry

Hemp oil cosmetics are a rare gem that people are using to improve the quality of their skin. These products extract oil from cannabis sativa seeds, pulling out the crucial skin-aiding fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. As well as aiding skin complaints like acne, hemp oil has anti-aging properties and helps to keep the skin moisturized.

Lipids are vital in keeping moisture levels in the skin well balanced, and it’s the fatty acids in hemp which help to keep these in good condition. Consistent application of hemp oil promotes smooth and soft skin, that’s never too dry or too greasy. In addition, the high levels of vitamin D found in hemp oil makes it easier for the body to absorb calcium – this also helps to leave your skin looking and feeling great.

Acne is a skin condition that can be extremely difficult to treat; hence those with it often struggle to find appropriate medication. But there’s some indication that hemp oil can help to reduce blemishes and swelling, because the plant is an anti-inflammatory. Big pores are prone to becoming clogged, a common cause of skin complaints. However, hemp oil keeps these pores smaller and your skin’s natural oils thinner so they can be more easily excreted.

Skin becomes weaker with age, making hemp oil a great choice to help protect it in a healthy, non-aggressive manner. Regular hemp oil use will also limit unavoidable but thankfully controllable wrinkles, leaving you looking younger, fresher and more vibrant.

Hemp oil cosmetics are niche, but are due a surge in interest as the public becomes better informed about cannabis-based products. From skin-improving creams to flashy lipsticks, if you enjoy using lotions and potions, there’s sure to be a hemp oil cosmetic for you.

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