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Hemp Flower vs Marijuana Flower 

Hemp flower and marijuana flower might look the same, but the effects couldn’t be more different. The key difference between them is that hemp is loaded with cannabidiol (CBD), while marijuana is teeming with delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The former is non-intoxicating and therapeutic; the latter is intoxicating, can be therapeutic, but is also used for recreational purposes. 

Marijuana – or cannabis – flower is long-established, while CBD hemp flower is the new kid on the block. Hemp-based CBD has emerged in the United States over the past few years. This follows Washington’s decision to legalize hemp-based products with less than 0.3% THC. Industrial hemp has actually been used by various cultures for thousands of years. But only now are growers consciously boosting the levels of CBD in strains, to create high CBD flower

In this post, we’ll weigh up the benefits of CBD hemp buds and marijuana flower, covering: 

  • How to tell the difference between hemp and marijuana flower 
  • Why CBD products are more practical than marijuana 
  • How to use both hemp and marijuana flower
  • Why hemp may be safer than cannabis 
  • How to choose the perfect CBD-rich hemp strain 

Hemp and marijuana: how to tell the difference 

Both hemp and marijuana are part of the Cannabis genus, hence why they have more similarities than differences, overall. There are three cannabis species: sativa, indica and ruderalis. Hemp is part of the sativa family, whereas there are both sativa and indica strains of marijuana. The two smell pretty much the same, too, as hemp and marijuana are laden with terpenes. These compounds have a pungent aroma that’s unforgettable for those acquainted with cannabis. 

Hemp plants grow tall and slender, marijuana plants are stocky and short. Marijuana leaves are broader, giving the plant a bushier overall look. It’s possible for marijuana plants to grow tall, but even then, they will still retain a bushy look. 

Why hemp is a more practical product than marijuana 

Taking cannabis can be great fun in a recreational setting, and for many it works brilliantly as a medicine. But the psychoactive properties of THC are a dealbreaker for a lot of people. 

Some have deeply-held, personal reservations against getting high, even if just medicating. Others are concerned about the long-term, adverse effects THC may have on mental health. And there are plenty who simply find themselves unable to function and go about their day-to-day lives while under THC’s influence. For instance, a THC high can be euphoric, and bring about hunger pangs, or the “munchies”. And the reality-bending effects makes driving or operating machinery a no-no.

In contrast, hemp flower provides many of the health benefits that cannabis does, without these intoxicating downsides. There’s no “high” to worry about, yet users can still enjoy significant pain relief, reduced anxiety, better mood and lower inflammation. CBD doesn’t affect your ability to carry out physical or cognitive tasks. Some experience deep relaxation from large doses of the highest quality CBD flower. However, in the vast majority of cases, you’ll be able to go about your life, business as usual, after taking hemp. The same can’t always be said for marijuana.  

How to enjoy hemp and marijuana flower

When it comes to using either hemp or cannabis, consumption methods are exactly the same. The classic way of consuming marijuana is in a joint. Hemp joints, comprised of CBD and other cannabinoids, are becoming just as popular. Simply grind up your flower, and then pack and roll a joint. Just remember that hemp has the same aroma as cannabis. So be careful when smoking! Bubblers, bongs and pipes are also great for smoking hemp!  

Hemp buds are also ideal for CBD vaping, and perhaps more authentic than vape cartridges. A dry herb vaporizer is required to vape hemp flower. Cooking with hemp and cannabis is also possible. Decarb the flower in the oven. Then follow a guide to make butter, oil, or any other cannabis or hemp-infused ingredient. Butter and coconut oil are great for increasing CBD potency, as both are rich in MCTs. These fatty acids increase CBD’s bioavailability. 

Why hemp could be safer than cannabis 

Scientific research is light on both hemp and cannabis, compared to other fields of medicine. However, experts know more about CBD and THC than they did a few decades ago. Many users experience no issues with marijuana and THC-rich products. But they are dangerous for people predisposed to schizophrenia, psychosis and other mental health conditions. Yet studies on CBD show that the non-psychoactive cannabinoid may be beneficial for these illnesses. 

Have you ever noticed – either with yourself or others – that marijuana users can be really lazy. It’s easy to laugh this off since cannabis use is associated with chilling out. But some research suggests that THC has a negative effect on the section of the brain which regulates motivation. This is a real concern, given that today’s strains have more THC in them than ever before. Again, CBD has the opposite effect on this brain region, known as the hippocampus. This is why some people are now taking CBD as a natural nootropic.

The science is far from settled and more studies are required. But the existing research shouldn’t be ignored. Hemp flower appears to be safer than marijuana flower, especially if taking it in large amounts. 

Choosing the perfect CBD hemp flower for you

Decided to try hemp flower for the first time? Great! Now you have to choose whether an invigorating, sativa strain is what you want, or if a relaxing, indica option is better suited to your needs. Sativas are known to be energizing. This comes down to the unique profile of terpenes and flavonoids in these strains. The physical and mental boost from this type of flower is perfect for tackling fatigue and mental fog. The mood-enhancing, motivation-boosting effects work great in the mornings, when you need to be on top of your game. Perhaps smoke a CBD joint with your next wake-up coffee? 

CBD is really, really popular for pain relief, according to the available surveys and studies. Cannabis has always been used as an analgesic, but non-intoxicating hemp is a more viable solution for many. CBD’s pain-killing effects are enhanced by a splash of indica terpenes. Relaxing compounds such as linalool, a key terpene in lavender, maximize the relaxing effects of a strain. Indicas are awesome for anxiety, stress, inflammation, and sleep problems, too.

Let’s not forget the hybrids. These strains deliver the best of both – an array of sativa and indica effects. Sativa-dominant strains are more energizing than not. Indica-dominant flower is calming, yet keeps your mind active enough to take on cognitive challenges. 

Final thoughts 

We have CBD flower for sale at Our current CBD Genesis selection consists of 16 strains, and a mixture of sativas, indicas and hybrids. Remember, these strains are perfectly legal with less than 0.3% THC, and have also been lab-tested for product quality.

Hemp flower is a superb alternative to marijuana flower, for those who don’t want to or cannot risk getting ‘high’. Many cannabis users who switch to CBD choose flower as they can still get the same smoking experience. Both hemp and cannabis has its advantages. For example, if you want to feel ‘stoned’, hemp is never going to work for you! But if you want a therapeutic option that doesn’t have any adverse effects, hemp flower works a treat.


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  1. Thanks for sharing useful information.

  2. On August 19th I missed the step-down at my house. I broke both my feet. First broken bones in 69 years. I am very active and spend most of my days outside. As you can imagine I can’t do anything but sit on my arse. Anxiety set in. Ok let me try CBD oil. One of my friends has a shop and recommended the GENESIS brand. Once in the morning, again mid day, and at bedtime I squeeze 1/5 dropper of 1000mg. Works wonders. I am too hyper to read but with the oil, I have read 6 books. Would I recommend, must definitely! 3 weeks and I will be walking. Will always carry this CBD oil in my purse. Never know when you need a little peace and quiet of the mind.

  3. Great benefits are being received by those using this product.

  4. Great product 1000 mg genesis, really help with my anxiety, very nice and rejuvenating. It also helped me with my lower back pain

  5. I grew up in the 80’s and was always warned in school of the dangers of marijuana use. The teachers and the D.A.R.E. program compared it with narcotics and associated it with the most heinous of lowlifes and gangs. They taught us it was evil incarnate and it made you stupid to boot. Movies and TV portrayed pot users the same way. But over the years people have fought the good fight and changed the perception of marijuana and hemp. When I turned 40 I was suffering from depression, anxiety, and joint pain. I began to read up on the products and wanted to try it. I was so glad to find My anxiety, depression and pain are at their lowest levels yet. I can function again and look forward to the future. I am so glad more and more people are finding out about hemp flower. Imagine how many people over the years could have been helped by this ‘drug.’ Imagine how far research into this ‘drug’ would be if it was not hindered for so long. I was definitely scared at first but now feel so silly for believing the negativity towards this. If anyone is reading this please do not hesitate to try CBD hemp flower. You will not be disappointed. It is amazing!

  6. I’ve been a cannabis smoker for 20 years and have recently switched from high thc nugs to the cbd hemp nugs. I love them. I get the relaxed feeling I seek, and it helps with my anxiety and sleep issues. I’ve been a returning customer ever since I first tried the Catatonic nugs in May 2019, and I intend on being a continuing customer. Thanks for offering such a great product!

  7. I catatonic made me very relaxed and at times a little euphoric. Keith

  8. I’m 24 years old and I have bad shakes and anxiety the first time I tried cbd isolate slab in 10 mins my shakes were gone thank you guys for cbd slab and concentrates and the vape additave that goes under the toung works wonders for shakes and anxiety good bless yall

  9. I suffer from generalized Anxiety disorder which I feel the term is a misnomer because my anxiety is crippling at times and has affected every area of my life and I was on anxiety medications for over 15 years and they caused my anxiety to get worse.I heard about CBD and I decided to try it and it has been a miracle in my life. I prefer Sativa dominant flower and it works so much better than Xanax and my anxiety is almost non existent. It has truly given me my life back. I am so grateful that our government decided to legalize industrial hemp and I wish everyone who suffers the way I did would be open minded and give this wonderful plant a chance.

  10. cbd has helped me a lot with my neuropathy I am not a child so this is something I never would have tried but I did now it is my go to for my pain
    BTW I am 72 years old

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    Peace and Love

  14. I have to say my best and favorite experience with CBD was the first time I smoked it and it took my chronic pain away for the rest of that day. I felt so relax and not weird like I did taking strong pain meds. The great side effect was learning that it also helped my pain-related nausea clear up!

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  17. Best Wishes!

  18. Growing up with severe-chronic migraines I’ve struggled to find medications to alleviate the symptoms. I learned about cbd. Now with daily use I can keep my illness under control and live my life pain free!

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  20. Cbd is heaven sent. I have suffered back pain for years. I am 68 and wish I had known years ago. Still working on my husband though. He has many pain issues that can be eased, or removed.

  21. This article was very informative. I was unaware of the difference between the two prior to reading the article. I’m a recent user of CBD oil and found the information very helpful.

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  28. Cbd flower helps so much with my fibromyalgia pain. It makes my life actually manageable as I have 4 kids and so many things they depended on my for.

  29. I like using my CBD nugs as a mixture to twist up half marijuana and half hemp flower doobies. It seems to help level out the higher THC contents of the bud in today’s strains. Plus as a bonus it makes the good stuff stretch farther.

  30. I’m a 63 yr. old that enjoys and active lifestyle, but let’s face it, time spares no one.
    I had muscle pain in my legs that sometimes kept me from doing routine activities. I tried glucosamine/chondroitin but did not get beneficial results. I then tried CBD Genesis 1000 MG 2X a day and in less than a week the pain was gone and has not returned. It also calmed my anxiety especially when the in-laws planned their dreaded trip for the weekend. It helped me focus and plan my day, and believe it or not as a musician, it helped me improve my musical skills. WOW.. what a great product!

  31. I’ve been using CBD (mainly oils) for 3+ years now. I’ve had some great and some duds. You really gotta do your research and make sure it’s a reputable product. I tried flower about 5 months ago due to getting a free 8th with a purchase I made. I’ve been purchasing that instead of oil ever since. I feel it works much faster and more effective then oil for me. I sleep so much better then nights I’ve gone without. It helps with My slight anxiety as well. It still amazes me how the THC can be pulled out. Huge fan!

  32. I prefer cbd vs marijuana mainly because marijuana gives me anxiety when my intent is to rid my anxiety, so cbd just makes more sense for me.
    I have noticed that the cbd flower relaxes me with me without having negative effects of an “high”, I am able to concentrate and go along with my day without the worry of anxiety, or paranoia. I definitely recommend trying it

  33. I live with 44 broken and fractured bones that hurt everyday. Once I gave up on all the pain medications and gave CBD a chance, I found that CBD (2000mg vape) does ease the pain. I now live on a CBD regimen daily. I am a firm believer in the many healing effects of CBD and will continue my regimen as long as our government will allow us to safely medicate ourselves.

  34. Hemp flower has helped my anxiety & depression. Immensely. Without having to take the risks of arrest, jail time, or getting hustled out of extra money to get it. It has helped me regain a regular sleep cycle & feel rested in the morning. As well as genuinely feeling happy. I also love that it doesn’t give me the paranoia feeling. That marijuana gives. Or like everyone is against me or like I’m going to get hurt. But a lot of that comes from the fear of doing something wrong & probably get arrested for smoking. So I highly recommend Hemp Flower. Point blank. It has all the positive effects of Marijuana without the negative effects of Marijuana.