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Getting to Know Rick Simpson and Rick Simpson Oil

downloadA long-time advocate of marijuana, Rick Simpson is one of the most-trusted and recognized names in the industry, making people aware about the phenomenal possibilities of marijuana, cannabis oils and similar products. Rick has made it his mission to share the amazing potential of this alternative medication, after he successfully self-treated metastatic skin cancer in the early 2000s.

While Rick’s methods and message on hemp oil and more has been criticized by the usual suspects for the past decade – government agencies, big pharma – he has diligently pursued, bringing his knowledge of marijuana medicine to the people. In spite of the pushback, Rick continues to claim that all illnesses and diseases can be medicated, while he himself says that more than 5,000 patients have been cured for free, simply thanks to his advice.

Simpson hasn’t just been noted for treating the small stuff, but the worst diseases too. Among the illnesses that he says cannabis medication can be used to treat include arthritis, tumors, osteoporosis, asthma, psoriasis, leukemia and chronic pain. Rick has been complimentary about the marijuana plant as a whole in treating various forms of cancer, but is most keen on concentrated cannabis oils which increase the amount of medicine being taken by the patient.

Rick is a proponent of eating or applying cannabis oil, instead of vaping or smoking it. His product, Rick Simpson Oil, is concentrated cannabis oil designed to tackle the aforementioned afflictions.


What’s the Right Dosage?
You need to be careful when taking concentrated cannabis oil for the simple reason that it is very strong. Your best bet is to start off with small doses, building up gradually with small incremental increases only when you are ready. The overall goal is to take the full 60 grams of cannabis oil over a 90-day period.

3When you first start with Rick Simpson Oil, take a dosage about the same size as half a grain of rice. Double your dosage after a week before upping it to around 1 gram per day after you have been taking the oil for a month. The cannabis oil isn’t the most pleasant tasting medicine – it’s quite bitter – but you do get used to it over time.

When on the half-grain of rice dosage, you should aim to take a dosage of that size three times a day at eight hour intervals. Take one when you get up, another in the middle of the day, and a third and final dose just before you go to bed. Be aware that you aren’t going to feel the effects of the oil for around an hour after taking the medicine – so don’t worry that it hasn’t worked and take more, otherwise you could end up consuming too much.

Once your body has built up a tolerance to Rick Simpson Oil, it becomes possible to up the dosage by doubling it every few days. This is a popular way to take concentrated cannabis oils as by steadily increasing your tolerance, you aren’t going to be subject to any of the “high” feelings that would perhaps result from the oil otherwise. Your tolerance level is not predefined and will vary from person to person, and if you have previously used marijuana then there’s a fair chance that it will be higher than if you have not. Providing you do what’s best for you and take what you are comfortable with, you will likely be happy with the results.

If you do begin to feel a bit “high” after taking Rick Simpson Oil, this shouldn’t be of any concern. The oil is well-made and sourced from the best plants, so barring feeling a bit strange for a while your body will suffer no negative consequences.

It may take you a month, perhaps longer, before you feel comfortable taking the maximum 1 gram dosage of oil – but you may find that you get to that level sooner, or that it takes you longer. If you plan on giving this product to your children, you should be able to give them an adult dosage, although check with your doctor beforehand to confirm.

Making Rick Simpson Oil
Before starting, get an ounce of the herb that you plan on concentrating down – this is enough to make around 4 grams of oil, which gives you an idea of why the cannabis oil is as strong as it is. Depending on the strain of cannabis that you choose to use, you may produce more or less oil.

REMEMBER: Cannabis extraction can be dangerous and should only be carried out by an expert. If you are attempting to carry out the process then ensure that you take the necessary care as the process of boiling off solvents is flammable. Also make sure that there are no naked flames or smokes around when you are extracting the cannabis, and do it in a well-aired location.

Starting Out
Begin by putting all of the strain that you are going to use into a clean bucket and slightly moisten it with your chosen solvent. Butane, ethanol and alcohol have proven to be some of the best solvents. If extracting THC from one ounce of plant, 500ml of solvent should suffice. Mash up the bud after you have dampened it.

Extracting THC from the Plant
CEuCMgTVIAAu2Z_Continue crushing up your plant to expose as much surface area as possible, as this will make it easier to extract more THC. As you crush, add more solvent to ensure that all of the plant is saturated, before stirring for three or four minutes. Once satisfied that your plant has been soaked and stirred, drain the plant, pouring the solvent into another container. After the first wash, around three quarters of the THC in the plant will have been extracted. Repeat the process to extract of it.

Combine the solvent oil from the second wash to the first, before disposing of the plant which has no further use. Filter the solvent oil into another container, before preparing to boil it off – the most difficult part of the process.

Boiling off the Solvent Oil
Paramount when boiling off solvent oil is safety, which is why we recommend using a rice cooker, as it’s big enough to hold plenty of solvent mixture in a safe way. We advise against stove-tops.

 Heat the solvent on the highest setting. This will create plenty of fumes so ensure that you are in a ventilated area and have a fan ready to help blow them away effortlessly. Gradually add more of the solvent, which evaporates as you heat it, until you have put all of it into the rice cooker. Just before you have finishing heating all of the solvent, drip in a couple of drops of water so that the oil doesn’t overheat.

The solvent will be extremely hot, but once you have a mixture which is about one-inch deep, you can pick up the rice cooker (with some oven gloves on), swirling the mixture around to boil off the remaining mixture. Once completed, bring down the temperature considerably and ensure that the oil never goes above 290F again.

The oil will take a while to cool, so keep your oven gloves on and transfer it into another clean, steel container. Your next step is to dehydrate the oil, to relieve it of water and unwanted terpenes. A coffee warmer should do the job perfectly, although the process will take several hours – perhaps leave it overnight. You’ll know when your oil is ready as it will look stagnant, with no activity on the surface.

Once satisfied, then move the oil somewhere it will be easily accessible (such as a tincture). Suck it up via a syringe, place it into the tincture, where it will then be ready to use. The best way of judging whether you have made the cannabis oil correctly is to assess whether the oil is viscous and greasy.

Is Rick Simpson Oil Better Than CBD Oil?
Picture-33_5CBD Oil is a similar and much better known product than Rick Simpson Oil, although it must be noted that they are not the same – Rick Simpson Oil contains THC and other cannabinoids found in cannabis, making it more of a whole-plant marijuana form of medication. CBD oil is free from any potential psychoactive effects; however, the benefits of whole-plant medicine seem to outstrip any of the downsides. The theory is that all of the properties in the plant (CBD, THC, terpenes) work together in a multiplier effect to deliver better results for the patient. That’s why Rick Simpson Oil is theoretically better than normal CBD oil.

A Word of Caution
There are many retailers out there who claim to be producing Rick Simpson Oil but aren’t – yet they’ll still charge you the high prices. If you want to use Rick Simpson Oil and be sure that you have the best stuff, then you should really look at making it yourself – then you will know exactly what’s in it, giving you that mental peace of mind too (you’ll know you have a working medication).

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