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All about Genesis Farms CBD products


About Genesis Pharms

Genesis Pharms is a great company known for creating quality Rick Simpson oil. They offer a wide variety of CBD oil products known for their healing properties.

Genesis Pharms are always available to help and serve customers in need. They handle everything with care and make sure to keep their customers happy. On their website at there is a catalog of testimonials describing the reduction in pain that customers have experienced by using their CBD products and shows the power of the plant.

Many people don’t know about the benefits of cannabis on humans and Genesis Pharms seeks to educate the community and show that CBD, unlike THC, is not harmful and actually provides many great things. Apart from just getting people high, Cannabis can be used for medical purposes and CBD, which is derived from cannabis, does just that. They therefore, give information about cannabis growing and product production among other information.

They provide the products that are used by the end consumer and give top priority to the community. Genesis reaches out to people in the community to share ideas, information and resources.

Apart from selling products, they share information. This is done through a few different ways. One is through videos. They believe in the fact that ‘seeing is believing’. These videos give the viewer a look into their gardens. They show and teach on organic growing, how to roll a joint and why cannabis is useful as a medicine.

They also offer classes. You just have to ask yourself whatever you want to learn about Cannabis and why it is used as a medicine. They also teach on outside cooperative growing. If you take a class with Genesis you are assured of learning everything about cannabis and all of its importance. Finally, they offer indoor and outdoor consultation gardens. They provide live troubleshooting, help with growing problems, RSO processing and many more.

The products they sell

Of all other companies selling cannabis products, Genesis Pharms is believed to have the best quality cannabis in Oregon. This can be seen by the different testimonials given by people on the website.

It should be noted that they cannot ship to all locations because of the risks involved and taxes incurred for transport and permits for certain regions.

The following are the products that you are likely to find on the Genesis Pharm website:

  • Cannabis strains

They include; Blackberry Kush, Cannatonic, Northern Berry, and Shishkaberry. These types produce the best overpowering tastes and aromas. It sets the mark for connoisseur grade cannabis flowers.

  • CBD and THC edibles

Such products related to this are; caramel, cooking oils, hard candies, honey sticks, and chocolates. These products are considered to be very sweet and sedative. The caramel for instance, helps with heavy pain. These particular products are very sweet and people can be tempted to take more than they are supposed to. Therefore, users should follow guidelines when consuming edibles.

  • Personal care products

These products may include; pain balm, massage oil and personal lubricant. These products are deeply absorbed into the skin when used and can relieve pain in skin.

  • CBD and RSO tinctures.

Many manufacturer’s tinctures have elements of alcohol, however the best tincture that is alcohol free can be found here at Genesis Pharms where they use liquid coconut oil to make tinctures. For use, they can be added to food or drinks. When absorbed under the tongue, a few drops is needed to expect the desired benefit CBD contains. This type of product does not cause psychoactive effect on the human brain when used in this manner, however when ingested in the body without being added to food or drink it can cause psychoactive effects.

  • Wearables, gifts and Vape pens.

These products are mainly for our customers for the purpose of advertising and marketing for Genesis Pharms CBD products.


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  1. I am a truck drive and just purchased cbd genesis 550. Does it have thc, would hate to fail a drug screen.

  2. im from quebec, canada and i used to buy cbd genesis vape 1500mg and realy liked your product but now i am unable to buy it. do you have a canadian distributor or something where i can get that cbd concentrate. maybe you have a seller not too far from the border? thank you, eric
    you can answer by email if need to be

    1. Thank you Eric for being a great customer. I apologize about the shipping to Canada issues. We hope to find a solution soon. We will let you know.

  3. Do you ship to Chicago and I’m looking for something to help with my anxiety attacks and pain also something with an a euphoric a factor would be nice someone suggested your product

    1. Yes we ship to entire U.S. 🙂