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Fresh Leaf CBD: At the Forefront of the CBD Industry in 2019

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This brand guide will look at Fresh Leaf, an American company selling hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) products all over the country. We’ll discuss the brand’s approach to making CBD products, and the potential benefits of taking the substance. We’ll go into detail on the most popular products from the Fresh Leaf CBD selection. We’ve also got a special discount for you as a thank you for checking out the blog! Let’s get started with this Fresh Leaf CBD review. 

Who is Fresh Leaf CBD?

California is CBD country! Fresh Leaf CBD was set up in 2016 operates out of Orange County, CA, and has an extensive selection of vape juices, gummies and tincture oils, all infused with natural CBD extracts. These products are 100% legal throughout the United States, conforming to federal regulations which put a 0.3% limit on THC levels.

Fresh Leaf CBD puts a high priority on making pure and quality products. Of course, all CBD brands say the same, so how can we tell that Fresh Leaf is living up to its billing? 

On every single Fresh Leaf product, there is a QR code that provides instant access to product information, such as lab reports. These are both batch and lot coded, which suggests products are tested on a regular basis. It’s a shame these results aren’t available for prospective customers. But most importantly, these tests are being carried out, and are accessible to Fresh Leaf users. 

Furthermore, Fresh Leaf uses the renowned supercritical CO2 extraction process. This is key for manufacturing pure products, without toxins, heavy metals and other foreign substances. Fresh Leaf CBD products do not contain THC, as you would expect from a brand that uses CBD-isolate extracts. 

Does Fresh Leaf CBD get you high?

No, Fresh Leaf products will not get you ‘high’. If you’re wondering why, let’s run through some hemp and cannabis science. First of all, the compound responsible for pretty much the entire marijuana high is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This cannabinoid is highly restricted in hemp-based CBD products to prevent recreational use. Not including it all guarantees no psychoactive effects, and provides many users with much-needed assurances on drug tests.

CBD does not produce any psychotropic effects. The cannabinoid has been researched for more than 50 years. Scientists have consistently demonstrated that CBD is non-intoxicating, and it is potentially non-addictive! CBD and THC are from the same family of compounds (cannabinoids), but have much different effects on the body. This is because they work individually to each other – and in an opposite manner – in the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The upshot is you can enjoy Fresh Leaf CBD in any quantity as often as you like, without experiencing any short or long-term memory impairment, hallucinations, or delusions.  

Fresh Leaf CBD Review

CBD’s benefits are mostly speculative at this point, with much research still to be done. A big breakthrough was made in 2018, with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clinical trials ultimately leading to the legalization of a CBD-based drug for some forms of epilepsy. However, in other health areas, we only have smaller studies to draw on, and data from CBD users.

However, this is still really relevant, especially considering CBD is a legal dietary supplement, and used by up to 15% of US adults. And given that CBD is safe with no abuse potential, you can experiment with confidence. 

These studies indicate that CBD has anti-anxiety properties, which may aid with generalized and social anxiety. In addition, CBD products are taken more for chronic pain than any other symptoms – as yet, CBD’s pain-killing properties are still unproven. 

CBD works as an anti-inflammatory, may ease headaches and migraines, boost cognition, improve focus, reduce nausea, vomiting and stress, and act as a neuroprotective. Moreover, regulating the ECS, as CBD does, appears essential to optimizing mental and physical well-being, given the health variables controlled by the system. 

As we get stuck into our review of Fresh Leaf CBD vape juices and other products, bear these potential benefits in mind!

cbd cartridge fresh leafFresh Leaf CBD Cartridges 

CBD cartridges are more efficient for vaping than standalone e-liquids. Not to mention, no maintenance or cleaning is required with cartridges. This is ideal if you lead a busy lifestyle, and want to get a hassle-free dose of CBD while on your break.

With Fresh Leaf CBD cartridges, the vape juice is sealed within the cartridge, and is ready for immediate use. Simply attach the 510-threaded cartridge onto a compatible 510-threaded battery, and you’re away! Premium Fresh Leaf cartridges won’t leak in your pocket, so you can keep them on you or in your pocket without issues.

The Fresh Leaf CBD Cartridges we stock contain 500mg of CBD and are THC-free. These lab-tested products have no impurities and vitally, no vitamin E acetate. Fresh Leaf has added naturally occurring terpene profiles to their cartridges, which embellishes them with extra positive health effects, and a delicious natural flavor, too!

The cartridges

Clementine: Enjoy blasts of pungent citrus with Clementine, a non-psychoactive vape cartridge from Fresh Leaf CBD. The sweet aroma and taste is awesome, but you’re really here for the uplifting and energizing effects of this traditional sativa. Clementine is associated with improving focus and clarity, and is an effective mood-enhancer. The mental and physical boost is best-suited to mornings and early afternoons, especially if seeking a caffeine alternative. 

OG Kush: This is a legendary strain, with a familiar sweet and piney flavor. OG Kush is rich in caryophyllene, myrcene and limonene, three terpenes packed with therapeutic effects. Most users find a hit of OG Kush leaves them feeling happy, relaxed and in a good mood. As a classic indica, you may feel sleepy after a few hits on this vape cartridge. The calming effects may also be good for easing stress and anxiety. 

Blue Dream: This strain is a mixture of Sativa Haze and a blueberry-flavored indica. The result is a delicious, albeit powerfully-tasting vape cartridge, that will leave delightful fruity notes lingering in the mouth. 

Blue Dream is loaded with myrcene, making it great for inflammation and pain. But the other terpenes ensure this cartridge has hybrid-like effects, and is beneficial throughout the day. If you want a balance between sedation and stimulation, you’ll find it in Blue Dream from Fresh Leaf CBD. 

Fresh Leaf CBD Vape Pen

Excited to try Blue Dream, Clementine or OG Kush? What better way to do so than with Fresh Leaf CBD’s vape pen! The Twist Vape Pen is 510-threaded, comes with a USB charger and operates at a variable voltage between 2V and 4V. 

If you’re a novice vaper, this device has everything you need to get up and running with CBD cartridges. More experienced users may want some additional flexibility with the voltage. But if you’re looking for a low-cost option that will provide good hits of CBD vapor on-demand, the Twist Vape Pen is a great pick. 

CBD Gummies

A whopping 50mg of CBD-isolate is packed into each Fresh Leaf CBD gummy worm. These are available in packs of two or six, bringing the total CBD count to 100mg and 300mg respectively. The gummies have a pleasant mix of natural and artificial flavorings, which excellently recreate the taste of your favorite candy brands. The difference is, there’s no need to feel bad about eating these tasty treats! 

What can you expect from a 50mg edible dose? Firstly, remember that no matter how big or small the dose, it takes some time to kick in (around 60 minutes). A 50mg dose is fairly strong, so anticipate a relaxing body buzz, which may be perfect if you’re experiencing sleeping problems. Such a potent Fresh Leaf CBD dosage could also help with chronic pain and anxiety symptoms, while reducing stress. 

CBD Tinctures 

The Fresh Leaf CBD tincture contains a full-spectrum extract, and MCT oil for a higher bioavailability. Adding MCT oil has become a common tactic of CBD companies to essentially increase potency without including more hemp extract. And it certainly works well with tinctures. The CBD extract is combined with hemp seed oil. This product is vegan-friendly and gluten-free. 

Tincture oils offer the speediest CBD relief after smoking and vaping. Of course, there are negative health effects with the latter two, hence why so many prefer the safety of tincture oils, even if the effects are a little slower. Take tinctures via sublingual absorption – apply the oil under the tongue, and hold for around a minute while the mucous membranes in the mouth absorb the cannabinoids into the bloodstream. 

As well as sublingual absorption, tincture oils are also effective when added to food and drink, and even when applied directly onto the skin, or mixed with other topicals. However, please note that CBD tincture oil is not the same as CBD vape oil. Do not vape Fresh Leaf CBD tinctures under any circumstances.

Fresh Leaf CBD Oil is available in 15ml and 30ml bottles. The 15ml bottle contains 250mg CBD (16.1mg/ml), while the 30ml bottles have 500mg (16.1mg/ml) and 1000mg (33.3mg/ml) of extract. Here’s a rough guide as to the effects you’ll experience from these Fresh Leaf CBD dosages.


250mg/500mg: With 16.1mg of CBD per serving, these tinctures fall in the low to mid-strength bracket, and are recommended if you have no past experience with CBD. The smaller dosage will help bring out the stimulating and focus-enhancing effects CBD has. Low doses are great for mental clarity and improved cognition, which may help if you struggle to remain concentrated at work, or are slacking on your studies due to a short attention span. 

Moreover, with this potency, you’ll receive mild pain relief, without the sedation of higher doses. This is nice if you need pain relief during the day, but can’t afford a mental or physical dropoff. 

1000mg: The stronger 33.3mg serving probably isn’t for CBD beginners. Rather, the 1000mg tincture is best for regular CBD users, who know how the higher dosage affects them, and whether they are comfortable with potential sedation and sleepiness. Indeed, the richer CBD quantity may be ideal for getting a better night’s sleep, and tackling pain symptoms and stress.

CBD Lotion

Take better care of your skin with this CBD lotion from Fresh Leaf CBD. Before you ask, yes, CBD really is good for the skin, and hasn’t been included for the sake of it! The endocannabinoid system (ECS) we mentioned earlier is active in the skin, as it consists of cannabinoid receptors. CBD’s effects can help to limit inflammation and combat skin complaints, and also help to reduce pain. Furthermore, CBD is antibacterial and antifungal. Infused topicals may also have anti-aging effects, as CBD is an antioxidant. 

The Fresh Leaf CBD Lotion is organic, non-GMO and vegan-friendly, and was manufactured with no cruelty to animals. A total of 500mg CBD-isolate is packed into this 4oz lotion, in combination with avocado oil, aloe vera liquid, lavender and buckthorn extract. 

Fresh Leaf CBD suggests its lotion helps to soften skin, ease skin complaints, and soothe aches and pains. The beautiful blend of CBD and essential oils does more to achieve this than a basic CBD topical. 

Fresh Leaf CBD coupon code

Thank you for taking the time to check out the blog. We’re building this section of the site, so it becomes your first stop for CBD information. Maybe you want to hear more about a particular brand, or how to use certain products. Or perhaps you’re looking for the latest news about CBD, hemp and the vaping industry. We’ve got it all covered!

Enter save10 during checkout for a 10% discount on Fresh Leaf CBD products, or any others in the collection! Just double check before finalizing your order that the discount has been added on. 

Final thoughts 

Fresh Leaf CBD is an impressive CBD company, and has been making high-quality products for a few years now. Surviving this long in an unregulated industry is a sign they’re doing something right, and we’re proud to stock their CBD vape cartridges! Are you a Fresh Leaf CBD user, or do you have a general point to make about CBD products? We’d love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below!

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