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Finding the Right CBD E-Liquid Product for You

The vast benefits of CBD E-Liquids are clear for all to see, but without the right advice, it’s possible that you may not be getting the most out of your products. Everybody metabolizes CBD at different rates, so it’s important to have a few tips and tricks to find the best dosages for you, which help deliver the best results.

Advice for First-Timers


If you have never vaped before, then you may wish to start off with a product which has a low CBD dosage. You can then take a few puffs and work out the feelings that you’re getting, and from there establish whether you need more or less. It’s better to start off low and build up gradually, because if you start too strong then you may have a bad experience, which could put you off vaping in the future. However, you should always remember that thanks to the natural properties in CBD E-Juices, you can never overdose while vaping, and nor will it make you feel “high” either.

Picking the Perfect E-Juice and Dosage

cbddrip-gold_largeDepending on the ailment you are trying to relieve, you may need a higher dose of CBD. For example, small panic attacks and waves of anxiety are not going to require as much CBD as chronic back or joint pain will. If your symptoms are minor, then pick a CBD E-Juice with less concentrated CBD, as you will be able to vape more and more often. Another reason why you may choose to stick to a low dose is if you have nothing specific that you’re looking to treat, but are keen to stop other pains from emerging – the CBD Drip Gold could be particularly useful if that’s your situation.

Regular users of CBD Drip have found that the Platinum and Onyx varieties tend to be the most effective, thanks to the higher amounts of CBD present. The Platinum contains 58mg of CBD, while the Onyx boasts 140mg, ensuring a strong hit that can deal with even the most chronic pain quickly. Cannabidiol is renowned for giving instant relief and lasting for long periods, so just a few vapes of a strong dosage should allow you to relax immediately.

If you aren’t overly keen on the flavors present in your vape, you could consider buying a flavored E-Liquid which is more to your liking, and mixing it in with your favorite CBD Drip product. The great news with CBD Drip’s vape juices is that there are no artificial flavors or colorings, so you’re getting a completely pure and clean vape. Vaping should be a comfortable and relaxing experience, so experimenting to find the perfect blend is very worthwhile.



As there are no physical risks associated with vaping, don’t fret when it comes to trying new things. Once you become a regular user of CBD E-Juices, your body will become better at reacting to them. When it comes to CBD Drip, as soon as a first-timer vaper gets to grips with the Gold, they’ll be ready to move onto the Platinum and, if they want more still, the Onyx.

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