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Family relocating to Colorado for CBD

Dominique Merrow is a child patient whose troubles with seizures are rare but debilitating. He suffers with up to 15 per day, and the two-year-old has experienced more than 400 in total. Dominique’s parents have made the brave decision to relocate to Colorado, so that their child could have access to high-CBD, low-THC cannabis oil, that similar patients have found relief with. Since his cannabis oil treatment began, Dominique’s seizures have nearly disappeared completely.

Dominique suffers from the rare and neurological skin disorder Sturge-Weber disease. Emily, the boy’s mother, said that no traditional medication was successful in treating the seizures and glaucoma that the disease causes. Dominique’s father, Edward, cares for him around the clock, but constantly fears the worst.

“One more seizure can take him away from us,” said Edward, poignantly.

The seizures have stopped Dominique from enjoying a high quality of life and functioning like a fully-fit child. The seizures have prevented him from learning, and he is still getting to grips with walking at the age of two and a half, according to Emily.

Frustratingly, the cannabis oil medication that Dominique needs is illegal in his home state of Missouri – but that hasn’t stopped the Merrow family from experimenting with the treatment anyway. The treatment has reduced Dominique’s seizures from up to 15 a day to just one a week.

The hemp extract products that are available in Missouri are not strong enough to treat the child’s Sturge-Weber disease. Dominique’s parents are aware that what they are doing is illegal and have therefore put plans into place to move to cannabis-friendly Colorado, where they will be able to treat their son without breaking the law.

Edward is fully aware that he could go to prison but says that he would be willing to if it would save his son’s life.

What are your thoughts on medical cannabis? Do you think that all states should enact more thorough legislation so that patients can access stronger and more beneficial products? Do you think that CBD-only legislation is a ruse to stave off more comprehensive reform? Let us know in the comments.

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