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Family get creative to raise money for CBD treatment

D’Marus and Domini’Q were, for the first week of their lives, two normal twin brothers with no medical concerns. However, D’Marus suffered from a severe stroke just a week after birth which lumbered him with an array of mental and physical disabilities that have threatened to destroy his quality of life. After contracting a rare and life-threatening form of epilepsy, doctors warned that D’Marus could have a premature end to life.

D’Marus has experienced these seizures for 12 years, and they have prevented him from being self-sufficient. He is unable to eat, walk or talk unaided. Despite the efforts of doctors and his doting mother Tesa, no effective treatments for D’Marus’ condition have emerged until now.

The doctors had all but given up. His mother said, “There’s nothing that they can do for him at all.”

A CBD miracle

But a morsel of hope remained, and after Tesa caught wind of CW Botanicals, a cannabis company operating in Colorado, a miracle happened. She researched the company and their flagship product Charlotte’s Web – a potent non-psychoactive cannabis oil. The main ingredient in Charlotte’s Web is CBD, a cannabis compound with anti-seizure effects and no hallucinogenic properties.

After reading the stories of how child epilepsy patients had found relief through Charlotte’s Web and CBD, Tesa decided to try administering it to D’Marus. The products weren’t cheap, costing almost $500 a month, but this was a small price to pay if it meant her son could be saved.

The Brice family was never going to let money come in the way of saving D’Marus, so they came up with an innovative idea to help fundraise his treatment. D’Marus’ twin brother Domini’Q made his way to Denver’s 16th street mall and attempted to raise money through the power of dancing. Domini’Q has been dancing at the mall on a weekly basis since April, his mother and brother set up a boombox and then started to raise awareness about the plight of D’Marus.

Domini’Q gave a simple explanation for his efforts. “Basically, I’m just dancing for my brother,” he said, explaining that if he wasn’t dancing, he would most likely be playing video games.

The Brice story first received attention back in November courtesy of a FOX31 report. At this stage, the GoFundMe campaign and dancing had failed to raise enough money to purchase the CBD oil from Charlotte’s Web that D’Marus needed. However, the FOX31 report brought the story’s attention to CW Botanicals themselves, who gave the family a three-month supply of the necessary CBD oil for free. Funding from FOX31 viewers ultimately gave the Brices enough for a year’s supply of the product.

A genuine miracle

Improvements to D’Marus’ health are clear to see less than two months after starting Charlotte’s Web CBD oil treatment. His mother said that the positive changes began three weeks in, as D’Marus started to become more vocal and adopt a more upbeat attitude. The hard work from the Brice family to find a working medication for D’Marus, a son and brother, is paying off. While CBD oil may not be a complete cure for D’Marus, it sure has reduced them dramatically and improved his quality of life immeasurably.

Indeed, his mother has called the treatment nothing short of a “miracle.”

As amazing as D’Marus’ story is, it isn’t the first miracle attributed to CBD and Charlotte’s Web. The Realm of Caring, a non-profit foundation run by Charlotte’s Web, has helped thousands upon thousands of Americans afflicted with life-threatening diseases and debilitating disabilities. Perhaps you know someone who is suffering from a similar condition – it definitely wouldn’t hurt to bring CBD oil to their attention. The evidence is there, and studies are pouring in backing up the medicinal properties of cannabidiol (CBD).

Do you have a miracle-like story to share about CBD? Why not share it with us in the comment section.

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