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Exploring Pure CBD Exchange’s world-class isolates

CBD consumers have better choice than ever before, with new companies always emerging onto the market. Pure CBD Exchange is one such brilliant brand, with a lovely range of truly world-class products. Ethically sound, they make the bold, impressive claim that all of their products are pesticide-free, and back it up with comprehensive laboratory testing.

Pure CBD Exchange’s Isoterp Shatter may be the pick of them, with this concentrate not only being immensely powerful, but wonderfully tasty too. The cherry-flavored vapor produced when dabbing this isolate is divine, with lower temperatures accentuating the fruity notes even more so.

The best CBD isolate products always boast more than 95 percent purity, and Pure CBD Exchange’s isolates are firmly in this category. But simply being potent and pure doesn’t necessarily make a great isolate – it’s the flavor and experience that really matters, and Isoterp Shatter performs fantastically in both departments.

They also make great tinctures, based on either hemp seed oil or MCT oil. These are unlike many CBD tinctures on the market, in that they are made with full-spectrum oil, not CBD-isolate oil. Therefore, Pure CBD Exchange tinctures are loaded with other non-psychoactive marijuana compounds to help recreate the “entourage effect,” a multiplier effect theory that suggests CBD is more powerful when interacting with other compounds and not isolated.

For their supreme quality, Pure CBD Exchange products are very well-priced. If you’re keen to start dabbing isolates like crystal or shatter, the like of Isoterp Shatter are perfect to get your feet wet.

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