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Exploring CBD effects with different products

Cannabidiol (CBD) really is a unique substance. It’s derived from hemp and cannabis, and is classified as a cannabinoid. But CBD is not like other cannabinoids found in these plants, as it regulates the endocannabinoid system (ECS), rather than having direct influence like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

Users are finding that CBD hemp oil has an astonishing array of health benefits. Furthermore, the effects that one can expect to receive vary from product to product. For instance, CBD vape juice effects are a world away from CBD cream effects. The impact of CBD also differs wildly from low to high doses. However, in many ways, this is great news. It means that savvy CBD users can cleverly harness the compound so that it works in a way which suits them.  

In this post, we will explore how different CBD products are used to relieve pain and inflammation, multiple sclerosis, anxiety disorders and forms of epilepsy. Hemp is used to make the CBD that is legal all over America, and while it’s officially a cannabis plant, it has little in common with even medical marijuana. That’s because CBD products have no THC. 

Read on to learn much more about: 

  • How to manage anxiety with CBD vape juice
  • Why CBD edibles work great for chronic pain
  • The effects of CBD creams on different skin conditions
  • The science behind nanotechnology and CBD water 
  • Which conditions respond well to CBD concentrate treatment 

CBD edibles effects

The unique selling point of CBD edibles is not really that they taste amazing (although they do), but because the CBD becomes active in the body gradually, rather than all at once. This works a treat for people with chronic symptoms, who want an efficient and economical CBD-infused product. 

A single dose of a CBD edible can provide effects that last for several hours. Moreover, unlike THC-rich edibles made from the marijuana plant, these hemp-based edibles don’t produce a psychoactive response. Therefore, users can trial higher dosages, without having to be concerned about uncomfortable side effects. 

CBD edibles are often used as a natural chronic pain remedy. Conditions like fibromyalgia and sciatica are made worse for patients by the fact that the pain rarely subsides. Therefore, any treatment needs to deliver benefits that are sustained. Not everyone is able to top up their dose every couple of hours, as would be needed with e-liquids and tincture oils. Edibles solve this problem. Not having to re-dose also makes them great for enhancing sleep quality. Research is showing that sleep is not just crucial for reducing fatigue, but for protecting brain health by preventing the accumulation of amyloid plaques which can cause Alzheimer’s and dementia. 

CBD oil effects

Tincture oils are the CBD product that were to thank for CBD’s emergence into America’s mainstream. Interest in CBD was stimulated after stories about how non-intoxicating oils made with the cannabis derivative could be therapeutic for epileptic children. The beauty of CBD oil is that it speedily takes effect, at a rate comparable to vaping e-liquid or smoking flower. This is essential when trying to tackle seizures, anxiety, stress, nerve pain and nausea, due to the intensity of these symptoms. 

CBD oil works more quickly than edibles, because most of the CBD is absorbed by blood vessels situated under the tongue. The CBD is passed through these, and can start having an effect almost immediately, reaching the bloodstream within seconds. CBD oil poses no major health risks. Users don’t need to heat the oil or inhale it.

CBD vape juice effects  

CBD vape oil is popular because it’s even faster than tincture oils. Furthermore, users can buy CBD vaping products to use separately or in combination with other e-liquids. Vapers love versatility, whether it’s with the equipment they are using or the e-juices they are vaping. 

Nobody is arguing that vaping is entirely safe, hence why non-vapers are hesitant to take their CBD in this manner. Vaping CBD may help those trying to quit smoking. Intriguingly, some studies suggest that CBD has anti-addictive properties which could be valuable to those attempting to quit smoking, and rid themselves from a nicotine addiction. 

CBD vape juice is popular for the same reason that tincture oils are, in terms of the conditions it can be used to treat. The instant blast of CBD is ideal for getting relief from anxiety and stress. Vaping is also appropriate for dealing with neuropathic pain. Vapers can choose between CBD-isolate e-liquids, and full-spectrum products which produce the ‘entourage effect’. Those vaping CBD as a substitute for anti-anxiety medication should perhaps stick to isolate e-liquids, as the effects of other cannabinoids on the mental disorder are less understood. 

CBD hemp flower effects

Smokers – both cannabis and tobacco – may feel comfortable lighting up a CBD joint made with hemp flower. CBD-rich bud is now available in the same way that THC-rich flower is for recreational users. And the best bid is that CBD flower is 100% legal and contains less than 0.3% THC! 

The great aspect of CBD flower is that there is so much variety in the terpenes, just as with regular marijuana. Sativas are good for an energizing, mental lift, while indicas are absolutely perfect for enhanced stress, anxiety and pain relief. Hybrids are there for those who want the best of both worlds. The effects of CBD are just like those expected from vaping – rapid, potent and good for around three hours. 

CBD cream effects 

Improve skin quality and manage pain by using CBD creams.  Creams are unlike any other product in the CBD industry. The CBD is absorbed via the skin, as opposed to via the mouth, in the form of inhalation, sublingual absorption or oral consumption. CBD applied in a cream stays in the skin. CBD is transported around the body with oils and e-liquids. But there are plenty of cannabinoid receptors from the ECS in the external organ to interact with and produce therapeutic effects. 

Essential oils and other ingredients can supercharge a CBD cream. Menthol, for instance, can be infused into pain creams. The ingredient provides mental and physical benefits through its cooling or ‘freezing’ effect. Creams are also effective as anti-inflammatories, calming the irritation that comes with acne, psoriasis and more. These natural topicals also tighten and revitalize the skin. This suggests a bright future for CBD in the anti-aging industry. 

Less explored but equally exciting is the potential of using two CBD products to combat the ailment. Take rheumatoid arthritis, for example, an autoimmune disease. Regulating the immune system is seemingly key to tackling the symptoms of this condition. While a CBD edible could be used to work with cannabinoid receptors throughout the body and the gut in particular, a CBD cream could be administered to the most painful areas. Combining a cream with an ingested CBD product is a great trick to activate cannabinoid receptors in the body’s internal networks, as well as the skin.  

CBD water effects

CBD water has sprung up recently as a healthy way of taking CBD. But it’s also unique. CBD water is the only product being made right now with nanotechnology. This process breaks down the CBD molecules so that the body can absorb them more easily. Nanotechnology perhaps doesn’t get the credit it deserves, as it promises to transform the market. While many consider CBD to really effective and beneficial because they’re getting great results from it, the reality is that only a small percentage of the active ingredients in a CBD product ever make it to the bloodstream.

This refers to the low bioavailability of CBD, which nanotechnology corrects by making the molecules smaller. In terms of effects, this means that the same dosage of CBD goes much further than if nanotechnology isn’t applied. CBD water is, therefore, a trailblazer for the industry. Products typically have very low doses of CBD, but are still more potent than normal. We must now wait to see if manufacturers are able to incorporate nanotechnology into other CBD products. Some companies are now making water-soluble CBD, which boosts bioavailability.  

CBD capsules effects 

CBD capsules have much in common with edibles, except it’s even easier to get the dosage right, and there’s no aroma to speak of. These products contain more than just CBD. Capsules can easily hold a wealth of extracts for additional health benefits. CBD capsules have a relatively slow absorption rate, however. The CBD takes even longer to be activated, as the cannabinoids can’t get into the bloodstream until the capsule itself has been broken down first. 

However, as with edibles, this slower absorption rate promotes long-lasting effects. With CBD in a capsule, the user knows the precise dose they are getting. This can be key with illnesses like schizophrenia and depression. It makes medicating with CBD a hassle-free experience. 

CBD gummies effects

Looking for a CBD edible product that is discreet, tastes awesome, but doesn’t shirk on the effects? CBD gummies may just fit the bill. Product packaging always states the amount of CBD in each gummy. Companies make fairly weak and really strong gummies to help with a range of health issues, from poor concentration to sleep disorders.

CBD chocolate effects and CBD candy effects

Pure cacao CBD chocolate is another delicious way of consuming CBD, with servings usually split up into squares. Manufacturers may mix the chocolate with additional beneficial ingredients. This makes them even better for general wellness. CBD hard candies are yet another popular edible. With these, it’s not necessary to take the whole dose, as it’s easy to just suck half and save the rest for later. 

CBD crystals effects 

CBD crystals are a type of concentrate which offer the most potent CBD experience of all, bar none. That includes CBD e-liquids. Most crystals are made with isolated CBD, although it’s possible to purchase concentrates created with full-spectrum extracts. 

However, isolated crystals are awesome as they can consist almost entirely of CBD – 99%+ CBD is standard for this market. That works wonders when treating the worst of symptoms, where a strong dose delivered in one or two hits is the only way to get relief. Vaping and dabbing are the primary intake methods for crystals. But the CBD is already in its active state, so will work as an edible. Crystals are also effective vape additives, and will dissolve into a vape tank to make it much stronger. 

Final thoughts 

We hope this guide to CBD products and their effects will give you more confidence about using CBD. We also hope it’s made you more comfortable about trialling edibles, concentrates, vape juices and more. If you have a secret or trick for getting more from your CBD product, we welcome you to share it with us in the comments. 


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