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Everything you need to know about CBD crumble

CBD crumble maybe hasn’t garnered the publicity that wax and shatter has, but this CBD concentrate is yet another which offers consumers a potent, clean and simplistic CBD medicating experience.
Non-psychoactive but remarkably effective, CBD crumble is extremely therapeutic, safe and non-addictive. You cannot get high from CBD crumble thanks to the negligible quantities of THC, but you can medicate your physical or mental ailments, without having to worry about overdosing.
Let’s get to know more about CBD crumble by addressing some common questions.

How can I get the most out of CBD crumble?

Vaping or dabbing is widely accepted as the best way to ingest CBD crumble. Since crumble is a dry substance, it’s not messy at all and hardly any cleaning is required after use. You’ll need a vape pen specifically designed for concentrates if you wish to vape your crumble.
Opt for dabbing and you have a couple of options. You can either go ahead with a quartz or titanium nail and heat it with a blowtorch, or invest in an e-nail which will do the heating up for you. Electronic nails definitely simplify the process and ensure you’re dabbing at the right temperatures, but they aren’t a necessity.
If you’d like to strengthen your e-liquid, you could dissolve in your CBD crumble. We recommend adding 200mg of crumble into every 5ml of PG or VG, but there are no strict guidelines. Just remember that CBD crumble is very potent so you only really need small quantities – add too much and you’ll make medicating unnecessarily expensive!

Why is CBD crumble more expensive than CBD e-liquid?

There are two reasons for this. The first is that the process of making CBD crumble is more complex, as it requires additional refinement and checks to ensure appropriate consistency.

But the main reason is that CBD concentrates in general, as the name gives away, contain much higher quantities of CBD than you’d find in typical vape oil. Therefore, CBD crumble is more expensive, but it lasts a lot longer as the dosages you need are much smaller. So when you take that into account, the price difference is nowhere near as drastic and concentrates are still good value for money.

Should I inhale my CBD or ingest it orally?

The simple answer is that you can do both – each method has advantages over the other. Inhalation is probably more popular thanks to the harder hits and quick response time. Instead of the CBD first having to travel to your stomach before reaching your bloodstream, when inhaling, CBD starts to act within seconds.
However, if you’re ailment is better treated with a steady release over time (maybe you have an ever-present pain) then edibles, either in the form of tasty treats or mundane capsules, would likely be more worthwhile.

From an aesthetics perspective though, dabbing is pretty cool. There’s some awesome equipment out there from which to dab your CBD crumble, and it makes the whole medicating journey that little bit more fun.

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