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Ease your pet’s anxiety and stress with CBD

Dogs often get stressed out by loud fireworks, and unfortunately, they seem to grace plenty of occasions nowadays. Humans have benefitted from the anti-anxiety traits of cannabis for years, and there’s no reason why your pets cannot enjoy them too. Dogs also have endocannabinoid systems, and the cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive anxiety-relieving compound, links with receptors to do just that.

What is the endocannabinoid system?

The endocannabinoid system is found in both humans and pets and controls many physical and mental functions. The network in charge of regulating functions in the immune system, too. Non-intoxicating CBD is found in industrial hemp and more regular strains of cannabis sativa. The compound has several therapeutic qualities, of both a physical and psychological nature.

The Limbic System is responsible for increasing your dog’s stress levels. This system regulates fear, anxiety and emotions. A dose of CBD helps to calm spontaneous anxiety caused by innate fears and ease traumatic stress-linked, or contextual anxiety. CBD also helps dogs to reduce obsessive-compulsive behavior.

CBD works with the nerve cells in the brain, changing the signalling to calm down the body’s responses and reduce overactivity among neurons.

Dogs tend to get really stressed out with fireworks. Since these are common on the Fourth of July, at New Year and an increasing number of significant days, fireworks are a growing issue for pet owners, whether they’re coming from a distance or as close as next door. It’s important that your dog has the necessary treatment during such times so that they don’t become overwhelmed with anxiety. Hemp-based CBD products that are THC-free are an ideal tonic.

How CBD calms your pet down

While THC helps to distract the brain from anxiety-provoking thoughts, the psychoactive compound is notorious for inducing it too, especially when taken in high amounts. However, CBD is able to offer comparable anxiety relief without the side effects. CBD is soothing and relaxing – it doesn’t get you high, but it does mellow you out nicely.

Therabis is a company that specializes in hemp-derived products for pets. Their new calming aid, Calm & Quiet helps to reduce stress and panic in dogs, reassuring them during the loud fireworks. The product combines sedating CBD with L-Theanine to double up the comforting sensations.

The hemp-derived CBD used in Therabis products works its anxiety-busting magic in dogs’ brains, according to Dr Steven Katz. He added that CBD and other cannabinoids relax dogs by reducing neuron hyperactivity in the Limbic System.

While cannabis-based products can be beneficial to dogs and other pets, its recommended that you stay away from those with more than trace levels of THC. The federal THC limit is 0.3 percent, however legalized states sell products with higher concentrations which could be dangerous to your pet – this is because their bodies are not built to withstand the psychoactive effects. The Calm & Quiet aid from Therabis is a totally non-psychoactive product. If you are uncertain about treating your pet’s anxiety with CBD, consult your veterinarian.

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