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Different Types of CBD Products

We all know about the rise in CBD oil, which has gone from being an alternative method of pain relief, to one that’s making waves with millions of people across the country, thanks to the tremendous results delivered, with minimal to no side effects.

But CBD now looks to be going even further, with a variety of new CBD products hitting the shelves. Included is CBD shatter, CBD wax (also known as CBD dab and CBD concentrate) and CBD crystal. These are renowned for their extremely powerful effects, although all of these products are available in various potencies.

Let’s look closer at all of these exciting CBD options and find out why they could be your new go-to choice when you’re looking for some CBD relief.

CBD Shatter

CBD shatter is a hardened form of CBD, which is generally of a much higher concentrate to regular CBD products. Hence, it’s popular with those who like to get high dosages of CBD into their system, but don’t want to have to spend much time doing it. In addition, CBD shatter is just as good as other forms of CBD product when it comes to consistency. In fact, CBD shatter is especially known for bringing the same sort of effects to the user every time they take it – whereas other products may perhaps be a little less consistent.


CBD that is used for CBD wax is extracted by a superior carbon dioxide method which ensures that the CBD is of a very high quality, and is very pure. Sometimes when CBD is extracted from industrial hemp plant, toxins, metals and other nasties can be extracted along with the CBD, which is very unhealthy. When extracting via carbon dioxide, not only are these eliminated, but chlorophyll and oil is also separated out.

Most CBD is extracted from industrial hemp because it’s subject to far fewer legal restrictions than typical cannabis sativa plants. Industrial hemp is a CBD-dominant strain of cannabis – you’ll find little to no psychoactive THC here. Hence, industrial hemp tends to be much cheaper and is solely used for medical purposes.

When marijuana is grown, the intention of the cultivators is to ensure that it flowers as much as possible, as this is where the THC is present – which is what recreational marijuana users are looking for. However, the growing method of industrial hemp is to cut off the flowers, and go for maximum height – the stalks contain all of the rich CBD which is used in a CBD dab.

CBD concentrate is best for people who need instant hits of CBD, and can’t wait 20 or 30 minutes for it to kick in. Those experiencing chronic pain or sharp bursts of it would dab CBD wax.

CBD wax is ideal because, although it’s potent, you don’t have to take many precautions while using it. Industrial hemp products can be used with no caution at all, but just be wary about how much you’re taking at first, as the higher potency could catch you unawares. You’d probably want to avoid treating children with CBD wax as well. Moreover, pregnant women should consult their physician for advice, or stay away if they’re unsure. Meanwhile, as you have to heat CBD wax before you take it, just ensure that you give the process you’re full attention.

CBD Crystals

CBD crystals are the best form of CBD isolates that are currently on the market, boasting upwards of 98 percent purity. However, knowledge isn’t great on this fantastic CBD product, with many being unsure what to do with them once they’ve bought some. Let’s get you on the right track.

Mixing with E-Liquids

Many choose to mix in their CBD crystals with their favorite e-liquids, so that they can vape them. This is a brilliant way of taking CBD as vaping is very discreet and doesn’t leave a smell. Furthermore, most of the best portable vaporizers that are sold nowadays are specifically designed not to stand out, so providing you’re sensible, you should be able to vape pretty much anywhere without there being a problem. With every 10ml of e-liquid, mix in around 200mg of crystal (you can up or lower the dose to suit your preference) Then heat the crystal solution with PG and VG (aim for a 2:1 ratio) to about 60 Celsius. The crystals should just dissolve, but if they don’t give them a quick shake. Then you’re all set to vape.

Make Your Own Oil Tinctures

One of the more efficient ways to enjoy CBD crystals is to make your own oil tinctures with them. This is a good method as it’s comparatively quick and cheap to do. Choose your favorite oil (likely hemp seed, autoflower seeds, coconut or olive) and mix one gram of crystal into 10ml of that oil – again, there’s no strict guidelines so pick the best ratio for you. Seal off your oil tincture mixture and place in a hot water bath for about 15 minutes, setting the temperature to 60 Celsius. To save time, make up a big batch in one go, as the tinctures won’t go off and then you’ll be able to take them at a moment’s notice.

Baking with Crystals for Edibles

You can even bake your CBD crystals into your favorite cannabis edibles! As with making any CBD edible, the trick is to infuse the CBD into butter, and once you know how, it’s a simple process. Melt the butter at the lowest temperature you can and then add your crystals. A few minutes of stirring should dissolve them nicely, and that’s job done. Then just add your newly-infused butter into any cakes or other treats that you love to make.


These amped up CBD products probably aren’t for everyone, but they do offer a much more intense CBD experience that many people like from their marijuana medication. Massive pain relief, improved mentality and general relaxation are three key benefits you can get from CBD, and dabs, shatters, crystals and concentrates will help deliver those for you.

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