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Charlotte’s Web CBD: A True Leader in CBD Medication

CW-Hemp-200-mg-full-pictureWith people from all corners of the globe becoming aware of the tremendous power of CBD, it’s no surprise that many companies are deciding to get in on the act with their own CBD products. A versatile substance, CBD can be consumed via many different methods – from smoking and vaping, to edibles and even topical creams.

The beauty of CBD is that it’s impossible to overdose on the substance, giving patients real peace of mind and the confidence to self-medicate, adjusting the amount they take according to their preference. If you do take too much CBD, then instead of feeling worse, you’ll get all of the benefits that are possible, before reaching a plateau.

While marijuana is still subject to a federal ban, with only a few states deciding to legalize the plant for medical and recreational purposes, the laws surrounding CBD are more relaxed, if not totally clear. The cannabinoid is accessible in many more states and it could soon be decriminalized completely should a bill successfully pass. Thankfully, Charlotte’s Web is sold in and is shipped to all 50 states and D.C.

CBD is obtained from two primary sources – marijuana and industrial hemp. Marijuana is often the preferred way of getting hold of CBD, as it’s much richer with it, hence a more cost-effective method. However, due to the prohibitions of marijuana, the CBD that you will invariably purchase online and in stores (unless you are in a legalized state) will have been derived from industrial hemp. As there’s only a minute amount of THC in industrial hemp, the plant is not subject to the same restrictions as marijuana, although it’s not as rich in CBD – therefore much more hemp plant has to be used to get the same amount of CBD than it would take to get it from marijuana.

The traditional thought has been that marijuana works better as a whole-plant medication over pure CBD, due to the supposed “entourage effect” that marijuana offers, which apparently multiplies the effects of the cannabinoids and terpenes inside the plant. However, Charlotte’s Web CBD perhaps bucks the trend in that it’s a strong CBD treatment which boasts excellent results. With some of the Charlotte’s Web strains used to extract CBD being so laden with CBD yet only small traces of THC, the CBD is not only purer but more economical to extract.

What is Charlotte’s Web CBD?
Charlotte’s Web CBD is one of the biggest names on the CBD market with their CBD oil a top seller. Charlotte’s Web is a strain of cannabis that is CBD-dominant, with very high levels of the cannabinoid, as opposed to very low levels of the psychoactive CBD cannabinoid. This makeup ensures that Charlotte’s Web CBD is perfect for medication. Being CBD rich, there’s plenty to deliver pain relief even in extreme circumstances, while the near-total absence of THC means that, even in high dosages, you aren’t going to feel any nasty side effects when taking it – and you definitely won’t feel high either.




The origins of the name are crucial in understanding just why the Charlotte’s Web strain has become so widely-used and has received such universal appraisal. A young girl called Charlotte Figi who experiences epileptic seizures due to Dravet Syndrome has been using medical marijuana to help treat her condition with remarkable success. Born in 2006, Figi has been using medical marijuana since the age of five, and her story garnered national attention when she appeared in the 2013 CNN documentary ‘Weed’, an investigation into medical marijuana across the United States.

The results that Charlotte has had with CBD have sparked a big interest for the Stanley Brothers, who have worked together with her in order to enhance the knowledge of cannabis and CBD.

The Stanley Brothers from Colorado are behind Charlotte’s Web oil and have laid out a few ground rules to ensure that patients can depend on their products in the years ahead. A commitment to keep the THC content of their CBD oils below 0.3 percent is fantastic news, not only because of the effectiveness of the product, but because meeting those specifications makes it much easier for people to purchase it.

Charlotte’s Web cannabis oil products are made with hemp-derived CBD and decades in the business ensures that only the best hemp plants are used and only perfect products make it onto the shelves. What’s more, Charlotte’s Web really can give customers the additional guarantee, since they carry out all of the work in making the product – from planting the first seeds to bottling it up when ready to sell.


What Makes Charlotte’s Web CBD Better?
With there being many different CBD oils and edibles out there, what makes Charlotte’s Web CBD better than the rest? The neuroprotectants and antioxidants go a fair way to explaining why. Without the right blood flow, your brain can struggle to function correctly and complete tasks. However, neuroprotectants can help to boost your cognitive functions and restore your body’s balance, and Charlotte’s Web CBD is rich with these.

Achieving homeostasis is vital for the body and the antioxidants locked inside Charlotte’s Web CBD oil will help to prevent your body’s cells from oxidizing, reducing the effects of premature ageing. The antioxidants released into your body through Charlotte’s Web CBD are handy in keeping the homeostasis balance that your body demands.


Charlotte’s Web Products
Now you know more about the origins of Charlotte’s Web and the type of products they are involved with making, let’s delve deeper and put the microscope on the most popular Charlotte’s Web products. From oils to edibles and even hemp-infused coffee, we have you covered.


Everyday Hemp Oil
The Everyday Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil brand is the flagship Charlotte’s Web product and is sold in three different strengths – 10mg/ml (CW 200), 25mg/ml (CW 500) and 85mg/ml (CW 5000). The CW 200 product is best if you are just using CBD to take the edge off things – perhaps you have some low-level pain or are brought down with the occasional bout of depression. While you could take more CBD, you probably aren’t going to need it and this option allows you to boost up your CBD dose in the future should you need to.

In contrast, the CW 5000 bottle is astonishingly strong and can help to quell even the sharpest and most chronic of pains. People with severe cases of arthritis will likely need this super-strong CBD product, while those afflicted with more long-term mental disorders should think about this one to keep their symptoms under control.

In addition to having the crucial CBD, Charlotte’s Web Everyday Hemp Oil products also contain plenty of other vital ingredients to boost your health, such as neuroprotectants and antioxidants.

There are no exact rules though with CBD and you can switch around between the different strengths until you find the perfect dosage for you. We would advise that you start off with a smaller dose, in the knowledge that you can up it in the future and that you aren’t going to have a bad experience by taking a lot on your first go.

The great news with Charlotte’s Web products is the huge range of choice that you have with them. As well as being available in multiple flavors – including mint chocolate and olive oil – the bottles are also sold in a few different sizes, becoming better value the more you opt to buy.

Charlotte’s Web Simply Hemp Capsules
Not everybody likes to use CBD oils to get their CBD, nor does everyone want to vape it, with concerns on the potential effects it may have on the lungs. If you’re in that boat as well then your best move is to buy Charlotte’s Web Simply Hemp capsules, which contain all the CBD you’ll need to feel relief – it might take a bit longer for the effects to be felt, but they should be felt for longer.

charlottes-web-simply-hemp-30capsBut it’s not just down to preference why some opt for edibles over vaping – it can also be a lot more convenient. Consider that there are still many places which ban vaping and that it may not be appropriate to do so in certain locations, even if it isn’t technically prohibited. Moreover, while vaping is a fairly quick process, it still takes a bit of time, whereas with a capsule you can simply eat in and go about your business. The flavor is strong and may be unpleasant if you aren’t used to it, but providing you mix it with another strong-flavored product like fruit juice, you should be fine.

There’s a total of 15mg CBD in each capsule, and while one at a time should be enough, you are able to take more. The capsules are sold in tubs of 30 and 60. A stronger alternative with 35mg Charlotte’s Web capsules is also sold.


Charlotte’s Web Hemp-Infused Coffee
Hemp-infused coffee is a unique and clever development as it eliminates any of the suspicion caused by the unpleasant tasting CBD capsules, with a coffee drink that you’d usually consume, which has integrated CBD oil. As well as being a pleasant blend of coffee beans that you would enjoy drinking normally, the 5280 Coffee from Charlotte’s Web has infused the CBD extract in coconut oil for the best effects.

Charlotte’s Web Topical Hemp Oil Pen
The ability of CBD as an application medication is more of a recent one, but the Charlotte’s Web CBD topical gel pen does a lot to highlight their potential, as an effective treater of physical pain. To utilize the gel pen, apply the cream to affected areas. The CBD will begin to work quickly and leaves a pleasant fragrance after use.

As well as pain, CBD gel pens are also recommended for people who are stressed and suffer with muscle tightness. The gel can help to alleviate the worst of the pain to make you more comfortable.

Realm of Caring
There are reported to be some Charlotte’s Web strains around now that contain less than the 0.3 percent of THC threshold which would directly classify as hemp. The more of these that can be uncovered and grown, the cheaper we can assume that Charlotte’s Web products will be in the future. The Realm of Caring charity was founded by the Stanley Brothers and is focussed on delivering more cannabis solutions to help patients like Charlotte Figi.

Recent United Kingdom Legalization
Despite still facing many obstacles, CBD is making solid progress in becoming noticed as a brilliant medicine that works wonders and the big pharma establishment is finally having to admit – nowhere was this better illustrated than recently in the United Kingdom. With doctors and the government left with no choice but to admit that CBD had medical properties, Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil could finally go on sale, bringing new hope to thousands of patients across the nation. If CBD could be used to relieve the epileptic seizures of a five-year-old girl, then it stands to reason that there are many other peculiar illnesses and disorders which CBD, and in particular Charlotte’s Web CBD, could successfully treat.


The emergence of CBD as a medication for so many hard-to-treat conditions has seen the industry boom astronomically over the past few years. But with so many products now being sold, it’s not easy to work out which ones are good and which ones are bad.

cw-hemp-darkHowever, CBD extracted from the Charlotte’s Web has shown itself to be a winner, thanks primarily to the superb CBD-THC ratio. Being a massively CBD-dominant strain, Charlotte’s Web CBD oil is rich, effective and ideal for CBD medication.

The Everyday Hemp Oil and Simply Hemp Capsules are both very good choices and ensure vapers and edible fans are covered. The topical hemp pen and the coffee are quirkier buys but work well too.

Overall, we highly recommend Charlotte’s Web CBD products as one of the best and most reliable in CBD medication. Don’t delay, purchase some Charlotte’s Web CBD today!

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