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CBD wax is amazing. Here’s why

Dabbing CBD (cannabidiol) is extremely popular with people who want to administer large doses in a short space of time. An incredible compound, CBD is one of the primary cannabidiols found in the cannabis plant, but unlike THC, it’s free of all psychoactive properties. Hence you can get all of the awesome benefits from weed, such as enhanced mood, or reduced mental and physical pain, without having to worry about getting “high”.

Here are three reasons why CBD wax is a fantastic way to take CBD.

1) It’s fast acting

THC has been long considered an alternative treatment for certain complaints, but the psychoactive trait has historically prevented it from being accepted in the mainstream, because of side effects such as anxiety. CBD, however, is the complete opposite – its anxiolytic and antidepressant properties mean CBD is great anxiety medication.

If you need quick relief to deal with sudden bursts of pain, then inhaling CBD wax is the way forward. Using a vaporizer or oil rig enables you to safely inhale CBD into your lungs and subsequently into your bloodstream in a matter of seconds. Once in the bloodstream, the cannabinoids can start binding themselves to the receptors into your body, and deliver that wonderful, calming effect.

2) CBD wax is ideal for all-day use

Some strains of medical marijuana can leave you feeling rather sedated and impact your productivity. While this may be great in the evening when you’re trying to wind down, it reduces medical marijuana’s stock as a daytime treatment. On the other hand, CBD wax provides the uplifting feeling you’re seeking to get through the day without leaving you drowsy.
In fact, CBD wax even helps to improve your focus, making mundane tasks or high-stress daily activities much more manageable – and even enjoyable! Understandably, if your mindset is better, everything else falls into place.
Chronic pain and inflammation patients have been searching for an answer to their problems for a long time. Past medication has usually meant relief comes at the price of fatigue. With CBD wax, those days are over.

3) Getting the dose right is easy

If you’ve smoked or vaped medical marijuana, then you’ll know that it’s easy to take too much or not enough. And because of the THC, there’s always the worry you’ll have one toke too many and be out of action for a couple of hours!

Since CBD wax is sold in clearly specified amounts, it’s a lot easier to perfect the dosage. You’ll rarely need more than a small dollop either. It’s up to you whether you want to dab your wax, or consume it orally by mixing it into a hot drink. For slower, longer-lasting relief, the latter is awesome.

Unlike medical marijuana where the quantities of CBD in each bud naturally vary, CBD wax is more regulated. The concentration of CBD is consistent throughout your wax product, guaranteeing the same effect every time you medicate.

Excited to try revolutionary CBD wax? Get your hands on some today!

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