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Why CBD water may be the next big success for the CBD industry

We know that CBD can help to tackle chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, psychosis and much more, but think of how much better the overall effects for the user could be if combined with our most important life source: H2O.

It’s hardly a novel concept to want to enhance water with vital vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, but the potentials of CBD water make it more exciting than most amped-up water products. With scientists and medical experts more certain than ever about the medicinal qualities of CBD, it’s hardly surprising that CBD water is now on the medical marijuana menu.

Why CBD water is so promising

The marijuana industry has developed a number of innovative products for both medical and recreational users in recent times. We have seen complex ideas such as concentrates come to life, as well as quirky edibles like frozen pizzas.

But the unique selling point of CBD water is perhaps its simplicity – CBD water is just CBD and water. For users who want a discreet and healthy way to medicate with CBD, this is the perfect product.

Firstly, CBD water users can easily administer doses – at any regularity desired – throughout the day, to tackle chronic physical and mental conditions. However, while some methods of CBD administration can leave a user physically sedated (i.e. smoking high-CBD cannabis), CBD water is hydrating and energizing. Athletes and those with busy physical schedules may find CBD water a great way of medicating and staying fresh.

What about homemade CBD water?

But why would you need to buy a specific CBD water product? Surely you could just mix CBD oils into a bottle of water and be good to go? These are valid points and stirring in CBD oil to your water would undoubtedly be beneficial. Although if you want to make “CBD water” yourself, mixing in CBD crystals may be a better option, since these are more soluble than oil.

But CBD water products are much more than merely mixing in an existing CBD product into water. They utilize revolutionary nanotechnology, which looks to break down CBD molecules, making them easier for the body to absorb, hence increasing their bioavailability and medicating efficiency.

The CBD water market is still in its infancy and will no doubt develop in the coming months and years, but here are a few products on sale right now.

Canna Nanno Water

Canna Nanno Water filters out any impurities in their water with the “evaporation, condensation, precipitation” process. Then the newly-purified water is infused with “premium CBD”. The company says that this makes their CBD water environmentally friendly.

Kind Water

Kind Water offers something a little different with terpene-infused water. This gives the water a cannabis scent, which probably isn’t ideal if you’re looking for discretion, but great for those seeking an authentic experience. Furthermore, terpenes also have their own therapeutic qualities – take limonene for example, an anti-fungal and antibacterial compound.

CBD Living Water

CBD Living Water makes use of nanotechnology to promote maximum CBD absorption. According to their website, the nanotechnology breaks down the CBD molecules and nutrients present to one-millionth of their original size. These are then infused into a hydrating water with an ideal 7.4 pH level.

CBD Fusion Water & Hemp Springs

CBD Fusion Water & Hemp Springs claims to offer customers a more hydrating and purified water that also utilizes nanotechnology. The CBD and nutrients are broken down to deliver a product with CBD in its “most bioavailable form available.”

This company prioritizes “nutrient delivery,” and promises that its CBD water is suitable for all ages.

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